Lions sign Eric Ebron


The Lions and Ndamukong Suh aren’t talking about the status a possible extension for the defensive tackle, but no such mystery is needed when it comes to first-round pick Eric Ebron.

The Lions announced Friday that Ebron has signed a four-year deal with a team option for a fifth year. Ebron is the final member of the Lions’ 2014 draft class to agree to a contract.

Detroit made Ebron the 10th overall selection last month after he completed his North Carolina career with 112 catches for 1,805 yards and eight touchdowns. Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi said that the Lions will use Ebron in a similar manner to the way the Saints use Jimmy Graham.

“There are some things that we did with Jimmy in New Orleans that we will be able to do with Eric and maybe some things we can do with Eric that we didn’t do with Jimmy,” Lombardi said, via the team’s website. “They are both unique but [Ebron] is going to have a pretty big role in what we plan on doing.”

Ebron and wide receiver Golden Tate are the most notable additions to the Lions offense and Detroit will be looking for both to help them avoid the kind of offensive slump that contributed to a rough second half in 2013.


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  1. Solid O-Line, Check. Solid Running Game, Check, Upgraded Talent and Depth at WR/TE, Check. Well regarded OC w/High Octane Scheme, Check.

    Mr. Stafford: The excuses are gone and the excuse makers have been fired. If you can’t put it together now, you never will.

  2. How did they get him signed? They were under a million in cap space, so someone must have restructured. Or Suh re-signed, which seems doubtful.

  3. Lions fans want to resign Suh. We love Suh and are glad he is on our team. Not sure if the feeling is mutual at this point but it’s hard to place blame on him for not renegotiating his contract because he already has in the past. That’s why he has such an enormous cap number this year.

  4. hyzers says:
    Jun 13, 2014 3:29 PM
    He was terrible last year. Addition by subtraction. The cap hit sucks, but the Lions will be better in the long run. Time for Slay to step up.

    Yea you’re right…you know what else was terrible, last year the Lions swept the 2nd and 3rd string defense that the Bears had by a combined margin of a whopping 10 points and then acting like they won the SB….in fact the pathetic Lions couldn’t even win the division let alone finish ahead of the team they swept…..

    2008 0-16 >>>>>>>>>Lions Dream Team Season!

  5. Damn Lions! New coach (way better coach, too), Tate, Megatron, Ebron, a healthy Reggie Bush, killer defense (need a corner or two)…..count 2 Minnesota wins, 1 GB win, 1 Bears win, and your division winner is here!

    Not a Lions fan, either!

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