Mike McCarthy: No doors are closed on Jermichael Finley, Johnny Jolly or Ryan Pickett


The Packers have maintained all offseason that they are open to a return from tight end Jermichael Finley if they think his neck is sound after last year’s injury and subsequent surgery and nothing has changed on that front.

Head coach Mike McCarthy said on Friday that the team hasn’t moved on from Finley for good, although he offered no indication about the feelings of the medical staff about Finley’s recovery. At least one doctor has given Finley the green light to resume his career, but no one has taken the bait yet.

McCarthy also said that the team has left the door open to returns from defensive linemen Johnny Jolly and Ryan Pickett as well, calling all three veterans “great guys” that fit well in the team.

“No doors are closed yet, and we’ll see what happens,” McCarthy said on The Bill Michaels Show. “It’s always something that I think you have to be realistic about in the National Football League. I would love to work with all three of those guys again.”

There hasn’t been much reported interest in either of the defensive linemen and the Packers’ decision will likely come down to their level of confidence in the players currently on hand when the offseason program comes to a close. Jolly is also coming off neck surgery, so he’d need to get the same clearance as Finley before Green Bay would welcome him back into the fold.

27 responses to “Mike McCarthy: No doors are closed on Jermichael Finley, Johnny Jolly or Ryan Pickett

  1. Well, if there’s no room for them on the Packers’ roster, we can rest assured they’ll be starting for the Vikings this year.

  2. Finley is the only one who could get signed based on talent. Jolly and Pickett would only be signed as replacements for injured players.

  3. The fact that they’re not on the roster is an indication that they’re comfortable moving on without them.

  4. As a Vikes Fan I really hope Finley re-signs. He loves to be overpaid and has some real nice stone-hands. I would avoid running accross the middle against Harrison Smith if I was Jermichael with that weak back.

  5. The Packers will win the division (again) with or without any of them. Minnesota is pretty much a lock to finish last (again). The Bears and the Lions fighting for second and third could be quite a battle this year.

  6. Jolly’s surgery is at a lesser risk area of the neck so there is always a chance he might make it back, Pickett is too old and will only come in in someone blows a knee in the first two weeks of training camp. Finley is done, there is no way the Packer doctors clear him for contact. He is such damaged goods that even the Viking’s won’t touch him and that says a lot about his future when you consider the first thing Spielman does every morning is scan the Packer’s waiver wire.

  7. Jolly will likely be brought back in once he’s fully healed and cleared to play. His neck injury was more like Sean Richardson’s – not as severe as Fin’s. His surgery was fairly recent so it could take awhile. Fin is likely done. For his sake I kinda hope so. TAKE THE MONEY!

  8. Cause: “We enjoy sending out childish insults and put-downs of the Packers that have no bearing on pro football whatsoever.”

    Effect: “It’s the only ammunition we have!”

  9. Pickett and Jolly are probably in the Mark Tauscher 09 role.

    Chill in Free Agency, stay in shape (somewhat) and keep your phone on.

    In case We’ve accidentally replaced you with Allen Barbre or our guys get injured.

  10. This team sure likes to scrape the bottom of the barrel! When you defense is that bad every year beggars can’t be choosers!


  11. How can the Packers be barrel bottom scrapers and still own the Vikings? What does that make them? Explanation please.

  12. You’d be worn out too of you were the only playmaker on that Bears D. Being surrounded by better talent will yield better results.

  13. As a Packers Fan, in my view, I see the Lions are the real threat to the Pack this season, depending which Stafford shows up each game. They have the offensive weapons and a very good defense, and now that Swartz is gone, things will be different in Detroit. The Bears have taken a step backwards, looking at the MD Jennings signing, tells me they are desperate for DB help, Jennings was the wrong direction. Cutler, well, another inconsistent player…The “Queens”? They have done nothing all off-season of any real significance.
    Green Bay 13-3 DIV 5-1
    Detroit 10-6 DIV 4-2
    Chicago 8-8 DIV 3-3
    Minnesota 4-12 DIV 0-6

  14. TT knows what he is doing don’t worry have you seen what he has done with the squad?

    aronda to rodgers will put up montana to rice like numbers so no worries.

    And because they have TT, green and gold and kinds of love…. this doesn’t matter Jolly is a great guy
    “Prison and rehab behind him, Johnny Jolly returns to the field”

    Ryan he is future hall of famer!!!!

    TT is the man, more lombardis to come!!!!

    go pack go!!!

  15. Unbiasednflfan,

    just like a vikings fan to sound off on Finleys stone hands.

    VS the vikings he has been targets 29 times. he has 25 catches for 340 yards and two TD’s.

    Enjoy your SuperBowl memories.

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