Raiders say Derek Carr is better than they thought he’d be


The Raiders liked quarterback Derek Carr enough to draft him in the second round, but they’ve found even more to like about him since he started practicing with the team this spring.

Coach Dennis Allen said that the team has seen “significant improvement” from Carr over his brief time with the team, while offensive coordinator Greg Olson says that the young quarterback is “better than we thought he would be.”

“I really, really like him,” Olson said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “Everybody knew he was accurate, but he is more accurate than we thought. … We’ll have to wait and see how he does against a live rush, but so far his intelligence, accuracy and quickness in getting the ball out has been excellent.”

The plan in Oakland has been for Matt Schaub to start in 2014 with Carr learning from a backup role before taking over the job. Olson isn’t veering off that track, but says that Carr may not need to “redshirt” as a rookie. Whether that means he’s an option to start in Week One is something that will have to be answered once Carr has dealt with a live rush, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a presumed veteran starter make way to a younger player originally slated for a lesser role.

Oakland did it just last season with Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor, although you’d imagine they hope things play out differently if they go that route this year.

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  1. I’m starting to think Matt Schaub may be the new Alex Smith–only in reverse. His league-wide respect came first and now he’s getting screwed at each turn?

  2. Sure would be nice if the Raiders drafted a good QB for a change. Kenny Stabler might be the last good QB the Raiders have drafted, and probably the only one.

  3. I’m a Chiefs fan, and am predicting Carr will be better than Manziel and Bortles both. The Browns and Jags will wish they had taken him.

    Of Course, the Chiefs D will pound him twice a year, EVERY YEAR. lol

  4. Mack and Carr are arguably the best player in the draft and the best at their position in the draft and possibly the best 2 overall players in the entire draft. Oakland is back.

  5. I don’t think anyone is doubting his his arm strength. One of his problems in college was his system, he had a ton on throws that were screens. Another was reading defenses and footwork within the pocket. Also his accuracy was a little inconsistent, but that is probably is the easiest to fix. He does need to sit for a year or two before he starts, but if he improves on everything, he could be the best QB out of the class and thats coming from a Vikings fan with his own rookie QB.

  6. .

    The AFC West, with divisional opponents Denver, Kansas City, and San Diego, is not a good place to rush a QB.


  7. His biggest issue was handling pressure. Watch the film from the bowl game from USC as a prime example. He spazzed out under pressure and missed open targets on numerous occasions. On one hand, the Raiders O-line should be better than Fresno States’ (key word: should) but on the other hand, their opponents will bring more pressure than he faced in college.

  8. To put this in perspective, Kyle Orton was one of the best QBs I ever saw in OTAs and mini camps. Then real football started.

  9. The thing that always worried me about Carr was the happy feet under pressure. That seems to be a hard thing to get a quarterback to stop doing.

    Otherwise, he’s got a cannon of an arm. Not incredibly accurate with his deep ball though.

    My prediction is feast or famine..

  10. Lemme tell uguys something , da kids is da best QB N that whole class.. Da teams that needed QBs, r going 2 be piss 4 looking over him.. I would like 4 him 2 sit 4 about a year r 2… RAIDERS 4 LIFE, my NATION brothers N sisters I think we’ve found r QB..

  11. Carr wasn’t a first round pick, so he’s not doomed to fail like the last dozen or so flops the Raiders have taken in the first.

  12. I think Carr could be the “Andy Dalton” of this draft class. The 2nd round QB that no one talks about, but winds up being a Pro Bowl QB and the best of the class.

  13. Everyone brings the usc game up when talking about Carr. Usc is and was leaps and bounds better than Carr.a pass rush will ruin a lot of game plans, Especially when playing a timing type of offense like Fresno. Let Carr sit and learn and soak up as much info as he can while schaub does his thing.with our pass rush , I feel bad for the rest of the afc/nfc west QBs this year! #RAIDERNATION

  14. As a Fresno State Alum, I want Carr to do well. Unfortunately, the franchise he’s playing for will not going to surround him with enough players to allow him to be successful. I’m afraid he’ll end up with the same reputatiion his brother David had.

  15. Wow a bunch a negative couchj football players. I believe Schaub is going to surprize a lot of people. The chance he has now is probably his last and he is not stupid, so he will work just as hard to prove he is up and ready to be the starter. So lets just give him that chance. Carr will probably be great but noone knows what is going to happen. Let Carr learn from Schaub, and get his ducks in a row for the future of the Raiders. Schaub is confident and a leader. Let him lead the Raiders to a playoff.

  16. Let’s see how Carr does when the bullets are live flying by — instead of just blanks.

    Schaub had a rough patch in 2013, his only year he experienced anything like it — and had WR/TE/RB injuries (mainly Foster, Tate and Daniels), plus a rook WR who had a LOT of problems (Hopkins).

    Schaub has competed in multiple Pro Bowls (his last as recently as 2012), is only 32 (generally bad for an RB, but not bad for a QB) and has thrown for 4,000 yards plus multiple times. Give Schaub a fair shot, Oaktown — he is the best player you guys have had behind center since Rich Gannon balled out all those years ago.

  17. davefromwork says: Jun 13, 2014 9:04 AM

    Sure would be nice if the Raiders drafted a good QB for a change. Kenny Stabler might be the last good QB the Raiders have drafted, and probably the only one.
    Come on, now. What about Eldridge Dickey, David Humm, Jeb Blount, Rusty Hilger, Marc Wilson, Steve Beuerlein, Todd Marinovich, Billy Joe Hobert, Marques Tuiasosopo, Andrew Walter, JaMarcus Russell, Terrelle Pryor, and Tyler Wilson? Carr is going to have to be stellar to climb that mountain of quality quarterbacks.

  18. I think Carr could be the “Andy Dalton” of this draft class. The 2nd round QB that no one talks about, but winds up being a Pro Bowl QB and the best of the class.

    Come on now, Dalton is NOT the best QB of the 2011 class. Sure, he is better than Locker, Ponder, and Gabbert, but Kaepernick and Newton are better. How does Dalton have only 1 TD and 6 INT in 3 playoff games with an 0-3 record, with a QBR hovering around 20 despite playing with AJ Green and an outstanding defense? And the San Diego defense was one of the worst in DVOA last year!

    Kaepernick has a positive TD/INT differential in the playoffs, has a career playoff QBR over 80, and has multiple comeback victories in the playoffs. Obviously, the NFC Championship in Seattle showed that he needs some polish and work on his decision making, but who doesn’t after 28 starts? The ceiling is pretty high. The stats and the eyes don’t lie on the Kaepernick/ Dalton debate. And if Dalton wants to get paid, he needs to stop crapping his pants in the wildcard round.

  19. jeez here we go,just let it play out and see what happens,couldnt tell ya the time ive wasted wondering who our next great qb will be for the last 10 years.does no good to sit and moan about what they do 3 months before season,give em a chance to sort it out then bitch when the season starts-dont kill yourself over it yet.ha-andrew walter that was a good one,waited three years for that “diamond in the rough”just to turn into a turd nugget

  20. I’ve been a raider fan forever and I pray they don’t rush Carr in too soon. I’ve seen the raiders make mistakes year after year and this is the first time in years they actually might have a team that can make some noise. Reggie and Allen have a plan and I hope they stick with it which will be bringing Carr along slowly.

  21. that’s odd usually teams draft a guy and sez he stinks and are disappointed in him already a month latter. Good to see the Raiders break from the norm.

  22. It all comes down to the O line protecting and opening the holes for a run game, the coaching correctly analyzing the weaknesses of the defense and the players executing.

  23. Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter, Kerry Collins, Rick Mirer, RIch Gannon, Todd Marinovich, Steve Beuerlein, Billy Joe Hobert; Bobby Hoying; Wade Wilson, Marc Wilson, Vince Evans, David Klinger, Rusty Hilger, Donald Hollis, Tui, Jeff George, Jim Plunkett, Dan Pastorini, Rusty Hilger, Jay Schroeder, Donald Hollis, Jbust, Duante Culpepper, Josh McCown, Hoss, Grosskowsi, Charlie Fried, Campbell, Boller, Palmer, Flynn, McGroin, Pryor……………….sigh.

    Maybe some century you’ll get it right!

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