Report: Texans, Vikings visit with Will Yeatman

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A pair of clubs have reportedly taken a look at a former Dolphins offensive tackle.

Will Yeatman, who was not tendered by Miami as a restricted free agent, has met with the Texans and Vikings this week, Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reported Friday.

The 26-year-old Yeatman suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in November. However, according to Wilson, it’s anticipated Yeatman will be available for the start of training camps, which commence next month.

Yeatman played eight games for Miami in 2013, all as a reserve. He was listed as the Dolphins’ backup left tackle. Miami moved him to tackle from tight end in 2012.

Yeatman played collegiately at Notre Dame and Maryland, suiting up at tight end for both schools. He also played lacrosse for the Terrapins. Yeatman (6-6, 315) has made two NFL starts — one at tight end and one at wide receiver, per the league’s game statistics.

16 responses to “Report: Texans, Vikings visit with Will Yeatman

  1. Sounds like an athlete to me …. could be a good pick up…..Anything better than D. Newton

  2. Surprised no one wanted to keep him as a TE…he is very athletic. Hated to see him forced out at ND. Best of luck to him.

  3. Does he know the Vikings don’t play lacrosse? They play football in the NFL, almost as well as a college lacrosse team would play football in the NFL…

  4. Too bad the dolphins didn’t tender him. another project they put time into for years and then let walk. Good guy. Good tackle? Who knows, he never did much while in Miami. (again he was a project moving from Tight End to Tackle, but the few preseason games I saw him in wasn’t good)

  5. Spieladope cant draft so he has to resort to picking through trash to round out his roster.

  6. How do the Packers have a roster of garbage every year and STILL MANAGE TO OWN THE VIKINGS? ???? Someone please explain.

  7. The Viking need to start scouting the 2015 draft, since they drafted Akili Smith 2.0. Can’t throw unless wearing gloves what is he michael Jackson. Poor Vikings zero Super Bowl wins. Can’t wait for Brady to destroy your secondary

  8. Let’s see if we have this straight, he is a former college TE who never started at tackle, recently had a significant knee injury, and just got cut by a NFL team with a terrible offensive line.

    What could possibly go wrong with signing him to play tackle? Sad is this is, he represents an upgrade for the Vikings. You can’t finish in last place in 3 out of the last four years without making boneheaded personnel decisions and in that regard, Spielman will not disappoint.

  9. 13 comments, 10 from packer fans showing again how green and yellow is the color of vomit. the routine minnesota-inferiority complex is shinning strong today! ha! pack! ha! do they really forget detroit mopping the floor with them on thanksgiving or needing to face the two worst league defenses just to get to a tie and one victory without rodgers? that is one of the worst teams in the league minus aaron rodgers. ted thompson should be ashamed of the roster he has assembled and retire in embarrasment.

  10. The Packers own the Vikings. In fact…..they own the North Division. Facts are facts and you know I’m right. Stop with the nonsense insults. It only makes you look desperate and out of touch.

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