Richardson lobbies for Wilkerson deal

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A high-impact first-round pick of the Jets has openly lobbied for another high-impact first-round pick of the Jets to get a new contract.

Go figure.

Via Brian Costello of the New York Post, 2013 first-round defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson has gone public with his desire that 2011 first-round defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson get a new contract.

“Hopefully, they do the right thing and pay the man,” Richardson said of Wilkerson, per Costello.  “That’s coming from me.  That’s somebody I want around.  But it’s just business.  You have no control over it.

“He’s due for a paycheck, though. Believe that, he’s due for a paycheck.”

That’s coming from a guy who, after two more NFL seasons, also will be due for a paycheck.  And what the Jets do (or don’t do) for Wilkerson could go a long way toward determining what they do (or don’t do) for Richardson.

Unfortunately for first-round picks under the 2011 CBA, teams can exercise a fifth-year option, holding their rights one season more than the rights of any other drafted player.

For Wilkerson’s part, he hasn’t lobbied for a deal or threatened to withhold services.  Instead, he’s pragmatic.”When it happens, it happens,” Wilkerson said last month.Still, when it happens for Wilkerson will go a long way toward determining when it happens for Richardson.

18 responses to “Richardson lobbies for Wilkerson deal

  1. Wilkerson is from Linden NJ, 30min outside of NYC. So he’s practically already at home. But if the Jets don’t offer what he wants, I’m sure he can infuriate the hell out the Jets by signing with the crosstown rival Giants.

  2. If you have no control over it, then why add pressure to the team by saying if they don’t do what you want them to do then you have a problem with them doing it because it’s the wrong thing and it’s likely to make you less happy. That’s doing the opposite of making the team want you more and it could cost him money or make the team slightly more likely to trade him in the future if they aren’t on the same page with how he feels about Wilkerson.

  3. Stop lobbying for another player to get paid, especially a neophyte, one-year player like yourslef

    A quid pro quo. I cover your back and you do the same for me when my contract is coming up. He sounds like a Jr High schooler

  4. It’s almost three years really. This season, optoin season, and then they could slap him with the tag. The Jets would be wise to give him one at the end of the option year and pro rate the deal accordingly, based on what the franchise tag would be. Either way he’s due for a pay day, a solid player with a very high ceiling.

  5. Sheldon Richardson is a complete beast. That DL scares me. People love to rag on the Jets, but it wouldn’t surprise me if their D just mauled people this year.

  6. Easy there rook. You’re not even into your second season yet. Keep your opinion to your self and your mouth shut… Focus on the YOU and your job.

    Comments like this are unnecessary…

  7. Wilkerson is going to get a huge contract. Off the top of my head he’s the 2nd best 3-4 end after jj watt.

  8. If the best player on that D, and probably the whole team, can’t get paid, then my favorite team is way more dysfunctional than everyone makes them out to be. Mo and Sheldon will get theirs, Coples not so much, unless he steps his game up.

  9. 4 years almost$ 7 million and “he deserves a paycheck”? I’m pretty sure he is getting one. That’s much better than 90% of Americans. Along with all the perks. Free gym membership. Free food during work hours, free healthcare. The list could go on and on.

  10. Did I miss something in the news about the players NOT voting for this collective bargaining agreement?

    It effects every team including my favorite so not picking on Wilkerson here but why all the whining and threatened holdouts because of existing contracts?

    And this statement, “And what the Jets do (or don’t do) for Wilkerson could go a long way toward determining what they do (or don’t do) for Richardson.” suggests you feel players under existing contacts negotiated by their agents aren’t paid.

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