Suh trade remains highly unlikely

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With neither Ndamukong Suh nor the Lions talking about the status of contract talks, others have been suggesting that Suh eventually could be traded.

Still, a trade remains highly unlikely.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no discussions or negotiations aimed at a possible trade have occurred.  And the talks would involve more than the Lions and Suh’s new team; a contract extension would be required to justify the investment of pick(s) and/or player(s), which means that Suh would have to be involved at some point in the process.

It doesn’t mean a trade is impossible.  Even though Suh carries a cap number in excess of $22 million with the Lions, a new team would absorb only (only?) his $12.55 million base salary.  The more important question nevertheless will be how much he will be paid as part of a new deal that the Lions have yet to be able to finalize with the second overall pick in the 2010 draft.

At this point, that hasn’t happened.  It’s likewise not expected to happen.  And it’s unknown whether Suh will get a new contract or play out the final year of his deal and hit the open market, since it would take more than $26 million to keep him around under the franchise tag.

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  1. There are only 2 elite players on this entire team. One is on offense and the other on defense.

    I find it hilarious that a turnover prone, choke-artist of a QB with a “big” arm gets paid the kitchen sink and the anchor of the defense is fodder for trade rumors.

    It’s a bad system when average QB’s get a king’s ransom – yes, I am looking at your Romo, Stafford, Bradford (awful rookie deal), Ryan, Kaep, and Cutler and their teammates can’t get market value.

    Last time I checked, Drew Brees isn’t throwing and catching the ball.

    Why don’t they just have a separate cap for the rest of the team. Pay all the QB’s $100M and cap the rest at $10M. Trust me when I say, you would really get the “best” players at the QB position if that ever happened. No more statues who can’t avoid a pass rush to save their lives.

    If that ever happens you would never see another dough-boy like Tom Brady or the Mannings on the field again, unless they could kick.

  2. he would be the #1 3-4 DE in the league.

    there might be 4-5 tackles that would be able to hang with SUH for a full game.
    dudes a beast

  3. Anyone who thinks Suh will be signing with the Seahawks in FA if he were to get there is smoking some of the legalized mary jane. Take a look at the salary cap and the contracts that are coming due. Mainly Russel Wilson. Put down the pipe.

  4. The turnover choke artist also set records for numbers of attempts in a season inflating those stats buddy.

  5. All the Suh bashes are complete idiots. He’s the BEST at what he does, DISRUPTION. If you don’t see it, you don’t know what you’re looking at. All this locker room cancer crap is absurd. Live SHEEP who simply regurgitate crap a severely retarded Heath Evans spews on a regular basis. He was a terrible football player, now he’s an AWFUL commentator. Keep sounding stupid, idiots.

  6. As a Jaguars fan, he sure would give us something to talk about besides the backup cornerback what’s-his-name or stadium upgrades….

  7. He’s a disruptive force beyond a doubt. Not worth the money he’s costing though and creates distractions IMO that costs his team.

  8. A lot of the crap Suh gets is self-inflicted, but let’s stop pretending he isn’t a beast on the field. I am guessing 98.9% of the people that routinely call this guy overrated would cream their pants if “their” team got him.

    This is the one league where elite players essentially never get dealt, so I find it highly unlikely.

  9. Suh will probably not be traded. No team would or could absorb his salary. Perhaps the Raiders still have some cap space to do it but few other teams can. Any team who signs him will have to pay him big money for an extension. If he enters the free agent market, however, few teams can afford the asking price either. So he could end up being paid less next year than this year.

  10. The Lions can maintain the status quo and allow him to walk after the 2014 season. They will get a compensatory pick in the draft and also free up cap space for other moves. Suh is a great player but he may be too much of a hit on the salary cap for the Lions.

  11. He’s not going anywhere. He will be signed to a long term extension that will make him one of the highest paid DTs in the league. BTW, the reason he has $23 mil coming this year is due to the previous restructures he did to help the team. Sooner or later, you gotta pay the man his money.

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