Vikings sign Josh Cooper


The Vikings waived Lestar Jean on Thursday and replaced him with another wideout on Friday.

The agent for wide receiver Josh Cooper announced on Twitter that his client has agreed to terms on a deal with Minnesota. Cooper was let go by the Browns last month.

Cooper made the Browns as an undrafted free agent in 2012, allowing him to continue a partnership with quarterback Brandon Weeden that began when both men were at Oklahoma State. Cooper had 17 catches for 166 yards in 11 games for the Browns over the last two years, which wasn’t enough to keep him on the roster after Weeden shuffled off to Dallas this offseason.

The Vikings have Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, Jerome Simpson and Jarius Wright back from last year and Cooper will drop into the mix with six other wideouts for any jobs that might be available beyond the top four on the Minnesota depth chart.

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  1. Vikings have solid WR depth for Teddy to step in and start his career as a franchise qb. I won’t go as far as thepftpoet but Vikings are moving in the right direction with letting Zim rebuild the terrible defense they had last year. The offense was above average last year and with Teddy as the qb is going to improve.

  2. Minnesota has quietly filled their current 80-man roster with zero 1st stringers. In fact, 90% of their team are unproven 3rd stringers or less on any other team. When an over-the-hill AP is your best player, you know your franchise is in deep deep trouble.

  3. Anybody would feel sorry for Josh Cooper, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse than playing for the Cleveland Browns, now you have to pack your bags as you get flushed down the sewer to the last level and end up in Minnesota.

    He does have one thing going in his favor, he already knows what its like to finish in last place, repeatedly.

  4. In the seven games Matt Cassel played most of the time, Jennings had 41 receptions for 491 yards and 4 touchdowns. Over the course of a full season, that translates to 94-1,122-9. Pretty good.

    Cordarrelle Patterson scored 7 receiving or rushing touchdowns in the second half of the season. He will make a big jump from being a raw rookie to a second-year player, especially with Norv Turner designing plays for him.

    Jarius Wright made Richard Sherman look like Wasswa Serwanga last year, scoring two touchdowns on him.

    I think the Vikings look pretty good at WR right now.

  5. I’ve heard that Cordarelle Patterson is looking lights-out in their OTAs. If he starts putting things together, the NFC North could be a DB’s nightmare this year.

  6. Easily the best WR core in the horrible nfc north. Then again we are compared vs a team that has to fleece the unstable fan base with fake stock to update an old outdated outhouse!

  7. Look at all these delusional Vikes fans…and you wonder why you get flack from Pack fans and everyone else. On paper they have improved..ON PAPER. You always predict them to be a playoff team and it never materializes. How about you just be humble with minimal expectations and if for some reason they do have a good year then you can gloat. Sound good?

  8. To bad they don’t have a quarterback to throw him the ball. Jimmy garoppolo is better then teddy bustwater aka Akili Smith 2.0. Minnesota Vikings still no Superbowls since well never

  9. Can you imagine how few Green Bay fans would have been on a chat board back from 1973 to 1991?

    The Packers only had 1 winning season through those years.

    The Vikings were in the playoffs 2 years ago and then 3 years before that. And quite few more times. But GB fans only live in the past when it benefits them. Hmmmmmmm

  10. I hope he doesn’t make the team just to avoid those lame “Coooooper” chants we’d likely hear when he caught a pass. I think sometimes that’s the only reason Packer fans wanted the team to keep Kuhn, so they’d have something they could remember to say at a game other than “hey beer guy, another PBR”.

  11. Just another player that is going to look like a superstar with some good coaching. SKOL!

  12. During the few times Cooper saw the field, he performed well. Too bad the ball was often thrown behind him or was otherwise uncatchable.

    Give him a chance Viking fans. He’ll get open on short routes. He’s got good hands. Hopefully, Bridgewater gets the ball to him. I like this kid.

  13. Cooper knows he will stay healthy – in the land of 0 rings. Since he knows that “Baby hands” Bridgewater will never get him the ball!

  14. He may no longer be good enough to be Brown but he is in the middle of the depth chart for the vikings.

    None of the QB’s for the vikings can make a WR look good so I don’t know how he can get another contract.

    At least he will get paid this season and not get hit much.

    I feel sorry for him. Not part of the Johnny Football era he will be chasing footballs from Matt Cassel who couldn’t start at USC but can start for the vikings.

  15. Well, he’s no Myles White or Chris Harper, but I guess he will have to do…..

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