Colts add safety Mike Adams


Safety Mike Adams said he’d walk to his home in Paterson, New Jersey in full uniform if the Broncos had won the Super Bowl.  They didn’t, and for a while it appeared that Denver’s uniform could be the last he’d ever wear.

Only days after expressing anxiety about his linger status as a free agent, Adams has a new home.  In Indianapolis.

The Colts have announced that Adams has agreed to terms.  Before two years with the Broncos, Adams spent five with the Browns and three with the 49ers.

His career began as an undrafted free agent 10 years ago.  It now continues with the Colts, who had a need at the position after placing Corey Lynch on IR a day ago.

5 responses to “Colts add safety Mike Adams

  1. Good for Mike! I remember him on the Browns and he was playing great as a free safety, that is when we had no front 7 too. He also played in the nickel very nicely. I think he will do well or at least be very serviceable. Good luck to you Mike!

  2. Adams is a solid, versatile player. I always liked how he went about his business in Cleveland. I’m glad that the Colts picked him up.

  3. Solid player, good dude. Glad to see him find a home. Check out his INT v. San Diego for one of the best plays last year.

  4. Mike was a “C” player for the Broncos which translates to a “B-” or better player for the Colts. Good luck to Mike – play well except for whenever you play Denver.

  5. Yes and Jerry Jones wants to go with the guy who pushes carts at a nearby supermarket. Who did he get to play safety this year? Ahmad Dixon who lasted to the 6th round? lol Yea Jerry…. head to the church and pray for a miracle! Once again Dallas in free agency is like being late for dinner and getting the burnt french fries while watching the parade go by. Over and over they fail to take steps to get better? As long as the suites are filled, Jerry is happy.

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