Former teammate: Marshawn Lynch wants “small token”


So far, and to no surprise, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch hasn’t said much about whether or when he’ll show up to work.

But a former teammate is saying what seems apparent‚ that Lynch would like a little extra something in his check every week.

NFL Network analyst Jordan Babineaux said he spoke with Lynch this week and that Lynch was looking for a “small token of appreciation” from the team.

“This year is more [important] than the last year of the deal,” Babineaux said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “It’s this year.”

Babineaux also said Lynch was working out as if he’d play this year, but said you can’t rule out retirement (no matter how bad of an idea that would be).

“I don’t want to rule out the fact that there could still be a possibility, because of Marshawn’s personality, that retirement could just be something that he’s okay settling for,” Babineaux said.

Lynch is scheduled to make $5 million this year, and he’s already near the top of the running back pay list, which makes you wonder how small of a token the Seahawks would have to come up with to make him happy.

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  1. maybe they can just throw in a lifetime supply of Ecto-Cooler to wash down all of those Skittles ..matches the unis & everything

  2. marshawn knows seattle’s offense wouldn’t be the same without him….. while everyone thinks any running back(s) can get the job done nowadays

  3. Next think you know, the next guy who feels slighted will want a “small token,” then the next guy and on and on and on. Such is the life of a me-first team.


  4. Whats funny about this is when the news came out about Vernon Davis wanting a new contract with the Niners all the hawks fans couldn’t shut up about how the Niners were imploding, heading back to mediocrity, yada yada. Now you hear no such talk from them about their team now that they have a player demanding a raise. Funny how that works. Whats even funnier is i’ve actually seen several comments from “loyal” hawk fans on here saying “get rid of him, he’s replaceable, Christine Michael is the future” when before this hawk fans acted like beast mode was a modern day Barry Sanders.

  5. Love watching you dude but I think the $17 mil signing bonus qualifies as a token of appreciation.

  6. Settle down everybody knows Marshawn don’t do “offseason”.

    He’s worth every dime and then some, but there’s nothing to see here. I would bet everybody on that team wants a little more and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I’ll believe it’s wrong the first time the league tells the networks, they’ll take less than last contract, in negotiations. Or when you do at your annual review.

    Beastmode is like every player and can be replaced. He knows it’s a matter of time before the team moves on. Any player thinking otherwise hasn’t been paying attention.

  7. luz56 says:
    Jun 14, 2014 1:13 PM
    Signed contract…. End of story…
    Have you ever said that to the team when a player is cut?

  8. I like Lynch on the field. He fights for every inch. He signed a contract. He needs to finish his contract. He needs to honor what he ageed to.

  9. luz56 says:
    Jun 14, 2014 1:13 PM
    Signed contract…. End of story…


    And if he wasn’t performing up to his contract the Seahawks would cut him in a heartbeat. I’m not saying he deserves more money but if you’re going to play the contract card, both sides should have to hold up their end.

  10. This is easy to figure out. You just make your best honest offer and say hey this is what we came up with that we think is fair for the situation and we are very hopeful that you will find this to be a strong and pleasing affirmation of respect. Enjoy!

  11. This is what happens when they start handing out huge contracts to team mates. In his mind he might think he had a lot to do with them winning the Super Bowl as much as some of his team mates that got really big contracts recently.

  12. The Seahawks still have the best Defense in the NFL but if Marshawn walks away or isn’t 100% for whatever reason their chances of repeating will be greatly diminished. Unless Christine Michael becomes the next Adrian Peterson the Seahawks will not be able replace Lynch’s touches last year which included 301 carries & 36 catches in the regular season. That’s a workhorse.

    And for those of you Seahawk fans thinking Robert Turbin can pick up the slack…Bear in mind you’re talking about a backup RB who had 77 carries for 264 yards last yr for an average of 3.4 YPC.

  13. So players underperform and teams don’t honor the contract and nobody bats an eye. A guy outperforms his deal and wants a little thank you and people trash him? Throw the guy a million bucks and move on and be thankful he goes hard on every play unlike a lot of guys out there. Lynch knows there’s nothing waiting for him at the end of this contract, if not sooner, and I applaud him for recognizing that and making a cash grab now.

  14. Well marshawn did have ALOT to do with them winning the Super Bowl and even getting there. Why pay harvin twice what marshawn makes to have him play for 2 games? That’s pretty much spitting in marshawns face saying we r gana pay this guy twice what we pay you and he only has to play 2 games. It should be the other way around marshawn should make twice what harvin makes. I don’t care if your the fastest best player n the planit if your not healthy the punter does more for the team then a hert harvin .

  15. I think Marshawn should hold out until they up his salary. He is the guy that makes that offense click, as a runner, receiver and blocker. He carried them on offense and seeing all these dudes getting PAID! has to be pretty frustrating, making him feel underappreciated considering what he has done for his team.

  16. Obviously Seahwawk fans don’t want to hear it but is it REALLY out of bounds for a 28 year old RB to want a raise after carrying that offense on his back???

  17. I want a little extra in my checks as well. I think I just won’t go to work until I get it.

  18. He is scheduled to make 5.5 million in 14 and 7.5 mil in 15, maybe they can move 1 mil from 15 to 14.

  19. For Seattle it would set a dangerous precedent to renegotiate knowing he has a further 2 years on his contract. Other top players and their agents are observing closely.
    However, Marshawn is a special player who knows that he will probably get cut in a year’s time.

  20. Abninf, if you are indispensable to your employer the way Lynch is to the Seahawks, you will probably get that raise, if not, a pink slip.

    The reality is that Seattle without Lynch is not nearly the same team on offense and could as easily finish last in the NFC West as they could finish first.

  21. A contract is your token. You are paid way more than any American ever will be. If you set your money up, you never have to worry again. So, play and after the Contract is over, then get a new one. I would imagine he will be gone after this year anyways.

  22. I like how all of you are bashing him, but ask for a bonus every year at work when you think your hard work has gone unappreciated.

  23. I guess some down understand the workings if an NFL contract… He’s been paid alot of upfront money in a signing bonus and front loaded years… Now that the back end isn’t as lucrative he wants his cake and eat it too… I should have been more specific earlier.. Sorry!!

  24. I don’t know what the fines total that they could impose upon him if they wanted to…

    but let’s just say it’s like $80,000 or so…

    Add $80,000 to his yearly salary and then fine him what they are able to fine him…

    Hey, it IS still a small token as the team would be paying his fine FOR him instead of him…

    There, small token taken care of…

  25. Trade him to Jacksonville. He wasn’t THE REASON the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.

    Of course, maybe having an ego the size of an elephant goes with the athletic ability. He can’t help it.

  26. He’s making more in 2015 then he is in 2014 and prob knows he could be a cap causality and cut after this season. So what if they swap his 2014 salary with his 2015? Still the same contract, hawks come out okay and so does Beast.

    BTW, not to be “that guy” but “alot” is two words…..a lot. Making America smarter one day at a time.

  27. Everyone talking about what he’ll be paid in ’15 is pointless. No matter what he gets this year unless he takes a decrease next year he’ll be cut. He needs to get every penny he can this year. There are too many big contracts coming in ’15 & they have a lotta money left under thus year’s cap so pay him now.

  28. See while a lynch fan thats the problem with sports now.. Players wanna get paid and they do.. Then when they have a good season or two they want alittle more.. It works opposite for the owners but both parties need to learn how to stick to a contract.. On that note what happen to the days when an owner will send a player over a benz or lambo as a bonus of sorts for being a key contributor.. Its obvious that doesnt happen anymore hence comments like a lil token.. I bet if paul allen had sent him over aston martin aftrr the superbowl and was still paying him his salary all would be cool

  29. I am 68 years old. I can remember the original Seahawks when it was more than difficult to win any NFL game. This Seahawk team is The Team of a Lifetime, it could be yet another lifetime before we see a team like this again. Indeed, everyone needs to fully understand and appreciate what it takes to notch the barrell on any given Sunday. Pay the man.

  30. thereisfootballwestofjersey says: Jun 14, 2014 12:51 PM

    Next think you know, the next guy who feels slighted will want a “small token,” then the next guy and on and on and on. Such is the life of a me-first team.

    Don’t you hash tag twits already have a place to go?

  31. Lynch’s 14 TDs last year was great, but he is 28 or 29, which means he could have two decent years left in him or five, its hard to tell with RBs. His problem is there are other RBs available that could come in and replace him and the Seahawks will **probably** win just as many games.

    Lynch is good, but lets put his play last year in perspective to another player with similar numbers, Ryan Matthews (Chargers). Matthews had approx. 1450 yards from scrimmage to Lynch’s approx. 155o yards. Lynch is a pro-bowler, Ryan isn’t. The only difference being Ryan had half (7) the number of TDs to Lynch. All I’m saying here is Lynch should play his contact out, otherwise he may be looking for another team.

  32. t500000t says:
    Jun 14, 2014 5:45 PM
    I forgot to add, Matthews probably made a measly 1.5M last year, and Lynch made what??
    Since you clearly are incapable of embarrassment, I’m embarrassed for you, after you wrote Ryan Matthews and Marshawn Lynch in the same sentence.

    I’ll never begrudge any employee from trying to get a raise. I don’t care what business he is in. So many of you seem really disturbed about an issue that doesn’t effect you, one way or the other.

    Why should you be angry, when it’s not your money? Ryan Matthews … really?

  33. Stories keep mentioning he’ll make $5m in 2014, but that’s his base salary. If you include 1/4 of the signing bonus each of the 4 years of his contract, and a $500k roster bonus, he’s making $7 million… that’s a lot of money for a RB.

    Putting aside the money, he gets special treatment that no other player on their roster gets (no media, rarely practices, no OTAs), and he didn’t offer a “small token” to Paul Allen when he got a DUI within weeks of signing the deal.

  34. Why should you be angry, when it’s not your money? Ryan Matthews … really?
    Who says I’m angry? BTW, check their numbers for last year. Ryan Matthews had similar numbers to Lynch, *except* for TDs where Ryan had 7 and Lynch had 14 but don’t believe me just because I wrote it. Check for yourself.
    As to whether or not its my money, I pay for these players, either by my Sunday Ticket expense or in some cases taxes, or if I go to the games or whatever.

  35. Giving my comment a down arrow doesn’t really say anything. Let’s have it, where do you disagree?

  36. For whatever reason the powers that be deleted my last post, I will try my best to put it in Kindergarten terms. To the 68 yr old 12th man, I am a 48 yr old 12th man. You have more yrs on this planet than myself,all the respect in the world to you. But you havent been a fan of this team a nano second longer than I have. He is not larger then the team or the quest. Take your football and go home if all of this is true. And Mr. Christian, say hello to your new locker. Wow, was that better?

  37. These articles and the responses crack me up…

    Lynch is gonna hold out and screw the Hawks…

    Harvin will be hurt all season…

    What you all are really saying is “Our only hope to beat the Hawks is a bunch of hold outs or injuries…”

    I have ZERO worries about either.

    Hawks will show him love and Lynch will show.

    And the speed depth is going to create nightmares for teams they didn’t face last year.

  38. Here’s a small token- if Seattle cut him today no other team would pay him $5 million. Could he act like a grown up and stop having his mommy and friends talk for him?

  39. He was fine when he was the only player on the team being talked about. Then LOB happened, along with Russell, Tate, and the rest. Coach Carrall needs to pull a Sheriff Buford T. Justice and put a size 14 in the left shank and tell him ‘That’s an attention getter’. Then enter Christian Michael with a pair of oversized goofy looking headphones and ask him, ‘You mad Bro?’

  40. I can’t believe someone tried to compare Ryan Matthews to Lynch. You oughta be embarrassed. There’s a lot more to the rb position than statistics. You obviously had Matthews on your fantasy team last year & that’s your justification for the comparison. If you think Matthews has the same value as Lynch then you’re just delusional or don’t understand the game. Stats mean nothing. Btw, how many seasons has Matthews played all 16 regular season games? How does he perform in pass protection. How much physicality does he bring to your chargers? I’ve read some nonsensical comments in the past but that one’s at the top. Ryan Matthews? Smh

  41. Teams that win Super Bowls are filled with players who are young, fast and hungry.

    Not filled with players who are me-first distractions.

    The Shehawks will not repeat. No chance.

  42. It’s not about money, a small token?

    He has Five Million token reasons to show up, because that is what this guy is all about, money.

    Retirement, give me a break.

  43. He is pissed because they paid Harvin so much $ and Beastmode won them the Superbowl. This is music to my ears, without Beastmode(or w/bitter Beastmode), Seahawks are one year wonders.

  44. I get why he’s trying to get as much as he can now. He knows that it’s not long before Christine Michael takes over as the starter. Lynch is an injury away from losing his starting spot forever. Plus he’ll likely get cut after this year anyway and he knows it.

  45. To those of you saying “what about when a player underperforms and gets cut?” THAT IS PART OF THE CONTRACT!


    The team IS holding up their end of the bargain because the contract states they can cut the player.

    What the contract DOES NOT SAY is that the team needs to give him more money because he asked for it.

    Sorry folks, there is no two ways around it, Marshawn signed the contract and he has to live up to HIS SIDE of the deal just like the team has to live up to THEIR SIDE (pay him if he shows up for the job).

  46. The Seahawks repeating is the surest bet since Germany vs Poland in 1939, with or without Lynch.

  47. Everyone seems to forget he got a large signing bonus with that contract. He signed a 4-year, $30-million contract, which is way above the going rate for RBs. He got $6 million up front and $11 million in guaranteed salary the past two years. So that was $17 million for two years on this deal, or $8.5 million per season. Look it up on if you don’t believe me.

    And now he wants MORE??? This IS clearly about all the other guys getting paid. He probably wants to keep making $8.5 million a year. His contract “drops” to $5 million in salary and $500k in roster bonus this year. The last year (2015) is $5.5 million in salary and $2 million in roster bonus.

    He recognizes he will almost certainly be released next year but figures they still need him this year, so he is pushing his case now. However, the Seahawks have planned for this by drafting Turbin and Michael. And if he retires he owes the Seahawks $3 million in a signing bonus refund.

    The only leverage Lynch has is that he thinks the Seahawks need him this year to try and repeat. All of you armchair GMs saying “pay the man” = how much MORE are they supposed to pay him? And how are they supposed to manage the salary cap if they extend him? As PFT says, he has $8.5 million reasons to show up…his $5.5 million in salary and roster bonus and the $3 million he would have to repay.

    The Seahawks showed him the love before the 2012 season. They should absolutely stand their ground and go with Turbin and Michael if he decides to hold out – which he won’t.

  48. Pay the man you cheapskates.

    He carried your team offensively and was a huge part of your championship run.

    This is what happens when a team finds success. The players who mattered most want and deserve to be compensated for their efforts.

    Marshawn should be in the $8 million per year range at least with a $10 million signing bonus.

  49. Extend him to three years at the same pay scale with a 3 Million Signing bonus…..Small on the big scale, but it would be a token of appreciation and give the team his potential service for another productive year during the transition year to another RB. Extending beyond another year just would be something that they should not do. Paying him more than 1 M (bonus) more a year is also a bad idea given cap considerations.

    I would be shocked if he just up and retired. I also don’t see a trade this year. Cutting him makes little sense this year as well. If he holds out and/or doesn’t perform well this season due to his dissatisfaction, the team has to move on. What ever happens, they need to get this taken care of soon and not let it fester.

    Go Hawks!

  50. To all those guys who complain that “management” is screwing the poor players, the players know what the deal is when they sign. They get as much guaranteed money as they can. Lynch had his first two years guaranteed, and he played for those. He’s trying to keep his average salary at $8.5 million, probably in the form of another signing bonus.

    But how are the Seahawks “cheap”? They signed him to a 4-year, $30-million dollar contract in 2012 and gave him a check for $6 million when he signed it – two years ago. They stepped up.

    The issue is simple – he knows he can be cut with a minimum of pain next year. He figures the Seahawks will do that. He’s trying to make sure that doesn’t happen by making it more difficult for the Seahawks to cut him next year by getting more guaranteed money on the table, therefore making it harder for him to be cut.

    All of you calling the Seahawks “cheapskates” are getting played by Lynch and his buddies. He is a great back. He signed a deal. Now he realizes – after getting $17 million the past two years – that he probably has one year left with the team. He’s trying to stop that. This “small token” stuff is designed to fool people who don’t take the time to find out what the real situation is. Everyone saying how the Seahawks are “cheapskates” is just gullible.

  51. And people wonder why Buffalo traded him? He’s still one of, if not my favorite player. He’s just a punk sometimes.

    But who can blame him? You can’t play this game forever, and you might as well stack your money as high as you can while you’re still at the top of your game and starting to establish yourself as the best.

    He deserves to get paid as the #1 RB.

  52. I love how all the haters suddenly jump on Lynch just because he plays on the team that beat your team into submission. This is not about Seattle or Lynch. This is the way the NFL works, its the way it has been set up. Players on every team do the exact same thing Lynch is doing now, and they have never even won a SB, or even been to Playoffs. But we don’t hear about them because its not news worthy. Get a grip, this will play out just like every other contract demand plays out. Bottom line, Lynch will be there when it matters, whether its with a small token or not. So be afraid, be very, very afraid!!…………………GO HAWKS!!

  53. t500000t says: Jun 14, 2014 6:59 PM

    Giving my comment a down arrow doesn’t really say anything. Let’s have it, where do you disagree?
    You’re arguing for Ryan Mathews. 4800 career yards. 21 TDs, 14 fumbles. Lynch has 8900 career yards. 63 TDs, 23 fumbles. Mathews has two 1,00 yard seasons. Lynch has five. In the past three seasons Lynch has 4051 yards and 35 TDs. Mathews has 3053 yards and 13 TDs. Mathews has 38 starts in the past three seasons. Lynch has 46. Lynch has a ring. Mathews had a good season last year, but is known for being brittle. That’s where I disagree.

  54. Like I stated earlier, if it proves to be true, that this is what he wants, Coach Carroll needs to meet with him in a McDonalds parking lot, toss him a Happy Meal and say heres your token. Lynch will mumble something along the lines of ‘Hubba neeba dubba wubba?’ But simply respond ‘Next man up’.

  55. goldbloodedindfw: you sound as if you’re jealous or envious? Why? It always gets me?! Why can’t fans just say. Hey, you want to know what? The Sea Hawks were just a better team? I’m not even a Seattle fan. But the Sea Hawks are just better!!

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