Matt Kalil tries to recover from season plagued by knee problems

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Vikings left tackle Matt Kalil played well enough as a rookie in 2012 to become  a Pro Bowler.  His second season didn’t go quite as well.

As explained by Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a knee injury limited Kalil’s performance in 2013.

“It was some problems with my knee swelling up, becoming inflamed,” Kalil said.  “And that affected the way I move and stuff like that.  But that’s football.  It happens.  You got to play through it, so I’ll be all right.”

Kalil, the fourth overall pick two years ago, doesn’t want to use the knee as an excuse.  But he had surgery on the knee in April, after the situation bothered him for the final two months of the season.

“It’s kind of a progressive injury over a long period of time,” Kalil said. “It’s not just one specific thing that caused it. . . .  I started feeling it toward the end of the season, over the last five or six games.”

Kalil looks forward to a strong third season.

“I think it’s going to be a different story [in 2014].  I had an awesome offseason working out.  I did everything I need to do.”

The Vikings need to do plenty for the team to perform this year like it did when Kalil was a rookie.  If Kalil is healthy and effective, it will go a long way toward helping the team achieve its goals.

47 responses to “Matt Kalil tries to recover from season plagued by knee problems

  1. The knee is not made for football. Retire now Matt. The Vikings dynasty will roll on without you.

  2. Kalil might not want to use his knee as an excuse but that doesn’t stop the Viking fans from doing exactly that. His play in the 2nd year really dropped off but it wasn’t as noticeable because of the hot mess at the Qb position.

    When Ponder is floating wounded ducks down field or Josh Freeman is looking completely overwhelmed, the fact that your left tackle is doing is best impersonation of a human turnstile is lost in shuffle.

    But in true Viking tradition, Kalil has pronounced himself ready to go and that’s all you need as a Viking fan to claim yet another paper championship, an annual event in Mpls.

  3. The Vikings dynasty will roll on without you.


    Dynasty of last place you mean?

  4. Strange how all these draft picks the vikings are given never turn out very well.

    This player was 4th overall.
    Ponder was 12th overall.
    Harvin 22nd overall.
    Cook was 34th overall.
    Johnson 43rd overall.
    Rudolph 43rd overall.
    Rice 44th overall.
    Gerhart was 51st overall.
    Loadholt 54th overall.

    Well, 4 of those are still with the team after 5 years if you can call that success.

    I hope the vikings give Rick Spielman a 10 year contract extension.

  5. Kalil’s play didn’t just decline in the last 5 or 6 games. He was bad from the preseason on.

  6. I wondered why he had a subpar year, and this answers that question. Sure better than an OT having the arms of a T-Rex.

    Interesting when cheesers trash Spielman, a guy that’s drafted more pro bowlers on fewer picks over the same number of years as TT has done from his mom’s basement. The one significant difference is TT lucking out on Rodgers (which is luck if you look at his other QB picks), but you gotta give him credit for that.

  7. Bobnelsonjr, you sure don’t know what you’re talking about do you? Most of those picks, including Ponder and Cook, were made before Spielman was given the job of GM. Kalil and Loadholt are two of the best at their positions. Not the best but still very good. Gerhart was a good pick and played well for us and signed on with Jax to be their main back. Harvin was an insane weapon and anyone who thinks he is a bust is crazy. Why don’t you focus on the picks Rick the GM has made? Such as Kalil, Harrison Smith, Patterson, Blair Walsh, Xavier Rhodes (who he got from trading Harvin), Shariff Fliyd, Anthiny Barrr, Teddy Bridgewater, and Jarius Wright among others. Not to mention the hiring of Zimmer and Turner. The Vikings have a bright future largely in part to Spielman.

  8. Matt kalil is now a bust? Okay firestarter he went to the probowl his rookie year but hes a bust now that makes a lot of sense. And teddy b was once considered a first overall pick but if he didnt have a bad pro day he would have easily went in the first half of the first round.And im rly curios about this “dynasty” and championship on paper talk. You guys talk about that more than anyone im wonderong what viking fans (excluding pftpoet and vikesarethebest) have mentioned us going to the superbowl or anything like that so keep making stuff up. I think the only fans that talk dynasty are hawk fans because I apparently when you win your first superbowl you are considered a dynasty and superior to everyother franchise.. or thats how the fans act anyway.

  9. Some comments above mine about Matt’s recovery reminds me of what immature children seeking attention is like. Good luck on the recovery Matt and others who post can spare me the comments of baseless drama…..

  10. He doesn’t want to use the knee as an excuse but does exactly that. Do the excuses ever stop coming from Minnihaha?

    Not to mention hearing about all these supposed pro bowl draft picks. Really if all these guys are so good and TT picks are so bad why do the Vikings finish in last while the Packers even without Rodgers out for over half the season finish in first? How about Thompsons draft picks making the playoffs 5 straight years and a Super Bowl as well? How about Spieladopes record against Thompson 1-7-1 and finishing last 3 out of 4 years. Should I go on because I could. I could even give you a hard time and say the Packers even had a better running game than the Vikings . I believe you get the point and you guys are sounding very jealous.

  11. If he had the injuries and played great we never would have heard about it. Instead because he played awful, we did hear about it.

    Doesn’t matter though, he’ll get dominated by Matthews and/or Peppers next season anyway!

  12. Amazing how the same few packer trolls comment on every little vikings article. Its summer, get out of your moms basements and go outside kids.

  13. Ok kamthechancellor we will “get rid of” pft poet before we complain about anyone else. You dont think we wouldve done that by now if it was in vikings fans control? He is delusional, but yor complaining about poet and comment on a fair share of vikings articles yourself.. just saying.

  14. Good luck having to go up against Robert Quinn in your first regular season game.

  15. Viking fans like Valhalla have not been on here long if you are going to say Packer or seahawk posters comment about Viking articles. Many of the purple posters are getting their just desserts after all the smack the last place trolls have been spewing. Who really gives a Super Bowl winner or a division rival who has flat out owned you a hard time other than an extremely jealous person? You might want to look your own direction first.

  16. This is why the great TT didn’t even consider trading up for him.

    He couldn’t make the packers practice squad anyway. Have you seen what TT has done to the OL depth on the packers? LOL, sorry Matt you and your knees won’t be wearing the G on the side of your head any time soon.

    Did you see the squad when arod went done? pack didn’t even miss him at all, stacked top to bottom!!!

    Another good job TT more lombardis to come!!!!

    go pack go!!!!

  17. We’re getting our just desserts? I’ve seen far more Packer fans in Vikings articles than vice versa. If you think we’re as bad as you are, then you are more delusional than you could ever claim us to be. By the way, what’s with Packer fans always claiming that we always say we’ll win a championship? Outside of PFTPoet and vikesarebest (both noted trolls and probably not even Vikings fans), I’ve seen almost no one claim we’ll win a championship. You know what I do see a lot? More Packer fans than Vikings fans commenting on an article about the Vikings with comments that are either totally untrue(Vikings fans claiming championships) or comments that are totally our of line (I-35 W Bridge collapse, Kory Stringer’s death). I’m naïve enough to think Vikings fans do the same thing from time to time, but with Packer fans it’s almost every article. I’m almost glad the Vikings don’t have the history of the Packers, if it means we wont turn into the epitome of fan arrogance and classlessness.

  18. These guys wait until April so they can avoid training camp. It’s only practice. Why didn’t he have surgery in February?

  19. admiralgeneralaladeen says: Jun 14, 2014 9:20 PM

    We’re getting our just desserts? I’ve seen far more Packer fans in Vikings articles than vice versa. If you think we’re as bad as you are, then you are more delusional than you could ever claim us to be

    Ha. No. Whenever you go into a Packers story, 10 of the first 20 comments are from Vikings trolls. Pftpoet, adriani, Genxjay, InTeddyWeTrust, purpleone, and countless others. On Every. Single. Story.

    Not to mention those guys talking about the Packers on stories that have nothing to do with Green Bay….and often times, nothing to do with the Vikings. Any story about a player released by another team, you’ll see Vikings fans racing in to be the first to say “DERP! He would be the best player on the Packers! DERP!”

  20. Here is the bottom line; Packer fans kick the teeth of Viking fans because Viking fans refuse to show any respect. They act like they’re on the same level respect-wise…..and they’re not. It’s that simple. They wish they were, they want to be, they hope for it, they imagine it, and they act like they already have it…..but they don’t.

    They will receive mutual respect when they earn it….like the Packers and their fans have. The team and the fans are joined at the hip, otherwise sites like this would not exist.

    Figure it out already.

  21. …..”They will receive mutual respect when they earn it….like the Packers and their fans have”.

    What’s pathetic is you and others actually believe that crap. Get a life!

  22. The funny thing is that all true NFC North, and prior to that, NFC Central fans, know that the greatest division rivalry is Packers-Bears. I think the Viking fans who know this to be true are somehow hurt by that fact. Moving into a dome might have been the right thing to do for the city on a financial basis but it took the bite out of a franchise that dominated the 70’s. That is undeniable.

  23. Maybe they could earn respect by having the most division wins or playoff births. That would make sense when discussing division rivalries…

  24. I love going to Bears/Packers games. Both groups of fans have enjoyed the history of their teams and the successes of getting to the top of the mountain. It was all earned and the fans benefit from the association with their respective teams. We always have a good time. The Bears fans acknowledge the current pecking order starts with Green Bay, and they also know they have the talent to soon catch and overtake the Packers. As fans, we know this to be true as well. It makes for great sport.

    On the other hand, the Viking fans want a taste of it so badly they cannot control their anger, resentment, and jealousies. All they have is anonymous insults, childish at that….along the lines of fat and stupid, as though they look at themselves differently. Have you ever been to the Minnesota State Fair or Mall of America? I rest my case.

    But again…..that’s the only ammunition they have. Desperate people resort to desperate measures.

    Let them wallow in their own miserableness. Stay above it.

  25. Talk is cheap.
    So this won’t cost me one dime……..
    Vikings WILL sweep the Packers in 14′
    It’s Zimmer time…………..PERIOD.

  26. It’s awesome how packer fans act like they have some profound roll in the teams current success. Hate to break it to you geeks, but you watch the games, you don’t play them. Lol@packer fans and all the “respect” they get. A more delusional group there is not.

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