Source: “Nothing going on” between Broncos, Demaryius Thomas


Friday brought multiple reports that the Broncos have made a five-year offer to receiver Demaryius Thomas.  A source with direct knowledge of the situation has provided a more sobering assessment.

“Nothing going on,” the source said.

The source also explains that an offer has not been made to Thomas, on a five-year deal or any other terms.

It’s possible that discussions have centered on structure or concepts or whatever, and that different interpretations can be applied to whether an actual offer was extended.  Regardless, to the extent that the reports of a five-year offer suggest that a deal could be coming, there’s still a very, very long way to go.

G.M. John Elway has said he’d like to extend the contracts of Demaryius Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas.  Each key pieces in the team’s pass-happy offense, both are eligible for unrestrcted free agency in 2015.

5 responses to “Source: “Nothing going on” between Broncos, Demaryius Thomas

  1. Better lock up Peyton’s Binky’s.

    God forbid he’s have to throw to guys like Kenbrell Thompkins and Michael Hoomanawanui, then he might have a pedestrian year statistically and not be thought of as the GOAT by his rumpswabs

    Oh, the horror

  2. Should be the 2nd highest paid WR after Calvin. Elite size and speed, in his prime, durable, stays out of trouble and monster production regardless the QB. Kills the Chargers every game. Nobody on the team can cover him.

    If Elway doesn’t open the vault, another GM surely will

  3. Lock him up, DT is gonna go down as the broncos best WR ever and I don’t want to see him in another teams jersey. It was fine letting decker go but we can’t let Thomas hit the market, pay him and pay him good. He was the only WR productive in the SB, everybody else dissappeared. I’m not knocking on decker but the one thing he lacked was getting seperation when getting jammed by the corners and he always looked for the penalty instead of just making a play.

  4. Great guy, love to see us wrap him up. My only fear is, to those calling on Elway to “open up the vault,” that a huge DT deal could come at the expense of Julius Thomas. We need to offer up two nice deals that allow us to keep both. (I know, easier said than done).

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