Vince Young says he’s retired, ready to move on


Apparently, getting cut after two weeks in May with the Browns was a sign.

Former No. 3 overall pick Vince Young told Brent Carney of KXAN that he was retiring, and ready to take a job with the University of Texas.

It’s definitely official I think in my book,” Young said. “Unless we get a great opportunity, something guaranteed, . . . other than that I’ve started moving forward in some things.

“I love the NFL, will love the game always but I’m kind of moving forward and moving on right now.”

Young saw every end of the football spectrum, earning a pair of Pro Bowl berths with the Titans, but later bouncing through stints as a backup or camp arm with the Eagles, Bills, Packers and Browns.

He said he thought his early spat with Titans coach Jeff Fisher hurt his reputation in later years.

“I had my ups and downs,” he said. “I made the mistake of getting in to it with my coach and that kind of hurt me a whole lot. When you go to different teams, they already have a bad perception of you. When that’s out there, there’s nothing you can do.”

Well, playing well might have been an option, since other players with baggage have gotten multiple chances.

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  1. Based on his ability to read a defense and make the throws, he got more out of the game than many with a similar level of talent.

  2. He could have kept playing if it weren’t for his episode outside of titans’ stadium where he was threatening suicide. He had a better playing career than Matt leinart!

  3. I wonder what kind of job Vince Young is going to take with the university of Texas, because he isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. The average Wonderlic score for QBs entering the NFL is 24, and Vince Young happened to score a whopping….6. Hopefully whatever job opportunity he takes on will not require him to actually use his brain.

  4. I am going to follow VYs lead and today hereby retire from the NFL.

    Is it really retiring if no team will sign you anyway?

  5. Saw Vince at Packer camp last summer–hit more tackling dummies than receivers in the drills. Too bad because he sure could escape the rush and hurt you with his legs.

  6. Umm…it was ALOT more than 1 episode Vince. From getting into it multiple times with your coaches, getting mad and throwing your pads into the stands, threatening to kill yourself, being lazy, and most importantly unable to grasp advanced offenses and to read defenses. Who says low Wonderlic scores don’t matter ?? Vince is lucky that his career lasted as long as it did and the guy made millions playing football. I’d say he should be thankful.

  7. As a Browns fan, I’m surprised that I didn’t see the following message yet. I will just beat you haters to the punch.

    “Getting cut by the Browns is the final sign you’re gone from the NFL.”

    Blah blah

  8. Vince Young had no business being anywhere near the Pro Bowl. He defined “Not a NFL QB” before anyone thought to say that about Tim Tebow. The fact that he was picked 3rd overall is the biggest joke since Michael Vick was picked 1st overall.

  9. At least UT will always be around to give him handouts. It would really suck to actually have to work.
    Yeah and you know that because what?

  10. Hopefully he’s able to move on and be happy with whatever he does next. Don’t forget: football has basically been everything in his life up until now. It’s NOT easy to accept retirement and move on.

  11. Vince lost control of his ego when he was with the Titans. He was young then, but it proved to be a crucial mistake. At least he’s grown enough to admit it publicly.

    The ridiculous and careless way he handled his money was another unfortunate lesson.

    Those are couple of bitter, regret laden pills to swallow. I wish him well in his retirement and future at UT.

  12. Hey Vince, you of the 3 on the wonderlic, we’ve known this for years. Like most thoughts you have, late on this one, too.

  13. Watched him in Packer’s camp last pre season and he was just god awful. Threw over the WR’s, threw behind the WR’s and threw to the Defensive backs. His inaccuracy was so bad that I wonder why the Packers even let him into the Pre Season games.

    He was so bad that when the Packers did cut him, even the Vikings passed him over and the Vikings rarely do that when a Packer hits the waiver wire.

  14. The NFL personnel people decided on his retirement, not Young. Young and DRussell are the poster children for not giving high 1rst rnd draft pks so much guaranteed money. I only wish it wasn’t too much to keep them regretting that they blew it and didn’t work hard enough, while so many undrafted guys would run thru a brick wall just to get a chance.

  15. He owns one of the most successful steakhouses in Austin,Texas, the next time any of you should go there you should stop by…

  16. I think the NFL said that Vince Young was retired long before Vince Young said that Vince Young was retired.

  17. I’ve never been so disappointed by any of my other favorite athletes. My disappointment in Ralph Sampson’s pro career wasn’t even close to this. I mean, Vince Young quit on his team–much like Kerry Collins did in Carolina. But Kerry came back and took the Giants to the Super Bowl and the Titans to the playoffs. Vince? He had to wait a year for his second shot and then a season after becoming the starter again, he has a locker room meltdown and throws his pads into the stands. I mean, what?

    Then he gets yet another shot with the Eagles … Fail.
    Then Bills … Fail.
    Then Packers … Fail.
    Then Browns … Fail.

  18. Easy to mock this guy now but I’ll always this is one of the worst cases of squandered talent we’ve seen. I think if he worked hard and cared and was a good guy he coulda made it. I still think he’s better than a lot of backups in the league Oh well cya VY

  19. Such a waste of talent. At least you played and won in the best college game I have ever seen in my life. Time to move on now Vince…..your washed up!

  20. You guys are punks..
    why do “fans” ALWAYS pile on with “insights”?
    Are any of you in any way qualified to pass judgements on these players?
    How smart/mature/hardworking wete YOU at 20 years old.
    How well would YOUR life hold up to the same public scrutiny that players are held to?
    shut up and enjoy the games.

  21. The problem for Young seemed to be that he wasn’t bright enough to grasp the NFL playbook, which kind of dooms you once you’re not a starter because as a backup, no one is catering or “dumbing down” a playbook for you. Either you know it or you don’t, and if you don’t, you’re not going to have a job anymore.

  22. Look over his stats and can you tell me how the heck he made 2 pro bowls?

    2006: 2199 pass yards, 12 TDs, 13 INTs, 66.7 passer rating, 557 rush yards, 7 rush TDs

    2009: 1879 pass yards, 10 TDs, 7 INTs, 82.8 rating, 281 rush yards, 2 rush TDs

  23. Vince Young, Josh Freeman, and Jamarcus Russell should get together and start a band or something.

  24. This is Bud Adams biggest mistake. Listening to his smack and whacking [MAKING HIM WALK A PLANK] “The Man” (Jeff Fisher).
    It’s like Modell letting coach Brown walk away back in the day.
    Vince Young … you had your time to shine and you screwed it all up.
    Now go open doors and be the house guy a Texas.
    It’s all you can do now.
    The same things are being said about you “SOFT”.

  25. I love VY but he did this to himself. He’ll never it get and despite everything that should have humbled him, he fails to take accountability. This statement blew my mind ““Unless we get a great opportunity, something guaranteed….” Something guaranteed? That entitlement is a part of what doomed him

  26. For those who love to say that he’s better than half the starters on the league….

    No. He’s not better than any of them.

  27. Hope he’s going to be able to make it on what will probably be about a $40,000 (at best) make-work job at UT, especially since he’s got nothing left from his NFL pay. Forget about making it rain – he won’t even be able to make it partly cloudy.

  28. 31-19 as a starter is better than a bunch of so called starting QB’s that are nothing more than roster spots and should be holding a clipboard.

  29. The high point of his football career was the National Championship Game in college. And even then, he didn’t win with his arm, but with his legs, you’d think the NFL would’ve figured that out then. You can’t get orange juice from a lemon, and he probably should’ve changed positions upon entering the league…

  30. I won’t kick him. He got to live a dream all of us would like to. Whatever his reasons for not living up to his potential,he got a shot. Fisher could’ve put the voodoo on him but karma has a way of working itself out and the Rams are learning that. Looking back at his issues,there are far worse things going on in the league than what he did. I hate anything Texas (except brisket) but I did enjoy him putting it to USC. I’m glad he’s found a bit of closure and returned home.

  31. Hear in New York its almost time for Summer Youth Jobs, maybe they can make an exception for Young.

  32. All y’all bad mouthing VY are haters. The man came in the NFL and had a lot of “Wins”(despite a horrible wonderlic score and the inability to read defenses). He is still a winner and will forever go down as one. Just look at the numbers (they don’t lie). His rookie year, Mike Vick broke the QB rushing record with over 1,000 yards rushing and Vince did more than half of that (552 as a Rookie). He won rookie of the year as the first QB taken out the draft that year and made the playoffs and ProBowl as a rookie. There’s a reason why he felt the audacity to be arrogant….because he had “SUCCESS”. To me he did more for his team than Cam Newton has done so far and Cam still has a job last I checked. I like Cam too but he also has taken jabs at VY and hasn’t done as much as Vince. He can’t even make a Madden cover (Vince been there and done that too). He is better than most backup’s in the league so stop the blatent disrespect of this man and give him a serious shot again.

  33. Vince when people figured out that you could only read half the defense it was downhill from there.

    People in Austin think he walks on water so he will be fine and will get lots of freebies.

  34. Glad to see you got your degree Vince and I hope it works well for you in your new career. Not to be mean but it’s not really retiring unless you had offers to play and turn them down. I think all 32 NFL teams already decided that and probably told your agent that they won’t sign you so you are just realizing you need to move on. I wish you well but you can at least be honest and admit there is no interest and that’s why you are moving on.

  35. Love all the Young bashing. How many times has anyone here won the biggest game in college football? He’s a bust because he was in the league for almost a decade? Just because he wasn’t Joe Montana doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good Qb.

  36. Rex Grossman had a job last year, that alone speaks volumes about the NFL, if you had a team and had to pick between Grossman and VY who would you pick?

  37. How do you know his intelligence level? From a wonderlic? Didn’t Ryan Fitzpatrick score the highest? Well, he threw a lot more picks than VY. You guys can really dump on a guy who simply didn’t make it in the NFL. He didnt go out and commit crimes; he had personal issues…He wasn’t a bad guy.

  38. Still waiting to hear how Jeff Fisher ruined his career.

    As ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky sarcastically tweeted in response to that stupid claim: “Yes! Vince was cut by four other teams. Fisher is that powerful.”

  39. Vince Young didn’t say he was retired, the NFL told him he was retired because no one wanted him on their team.

  40. All this hate, what did he actually do to hurt his team? He did nothing but have a winning record as a QB. A number of franchises would take that.

  41. It’s definitely official I think in my book,”… “Unless we get a great opportunity……
    I’m not sure how Vince feeds himself, let alone what job he is qualified to preform.

    In the class with Russell, Steve Young, Mike Vick and Kyle Boller as far as having the greatest tools ever to be an elite QB.

  42. Let’s hear one more time from Florio that the Wonderlic score doesn’t matter…..I’ll be waiting. This dude was emotionally unstable and a dummy to boot. I was rooting for the guy to resurrect his career, but this is solely his fault even though his comments clearly paint him as the victim.

  43. Vince will make it to the Hall of Fame, however he will drive to canton and buy a tickets like everyone else 🙂

    Vince and Matt Leinart can sit and talk about what could have been

  44. I wish he could have stuck in Buffalo.

    Such a huge disappointment…Manziel is going to follow VY/Tebow’s path.

  45. The Titans were a successful team while Young was playing there. Not because of Young though. They would have won 2 Super Bowls with a QB that was better than average.

    Vince Young got the credit for winning just like Kaepernick and Wilson do today. I didn’t see Trent Dilfer getting any credit in Baltimore, and he has a ring with the Ravens. Just sayin’.

  46. “All this hate, what did he actually do to hurt his team? ”

    If you have to ask, you didn’t live through it.

  47. “I made the mistake of getting in to it with my coach and that kind of hurt me a whole lot.”

    Well, yeah. That was pretty dumb, Vince.

    Hope part of your new job at the U of Texas is to tell kids about to enter the NFL, “Hey, don’t argue with the head coach. That’s a really bad idea.”

  48. What would it hurt to take a look at Vince Young…..
    (NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    Don’t let this guy retire without giving him a tryout….
    He can help a team…even if it’s only to upgrade the team’s quarterback pool…

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