Former Cowboy Josh Brent released from jail Sunday


The Cowboys have never ruled out having Josh Brent return to the team.

He’s at least free to try now, as he’s been released from jail after serving his sentence for a drunken car crash which killed a former teammate.

According to the Associated Press, Brent walked out of the Dallas County Jail on Sunday.

It’s not clear if he’ll need to enter a rehab facility to complete his 180-day sentence for intoxication manslaughter, which was scheduled to end in July.

Of course, there’s also the matter of NFL punishment before he’d be eligible to return, so it’s no sure thing he ever plays again. He announced his retirement, but that was before his sentencing, so there’s a chance he could opt to try to return once the legal system has run its course for him.

33 responses to “Former Cowboy Josh Brent released from jail Sunday

  1. Hoping the Jets would give him 2nd chance to return to NFL, its not that we need him, but it be nice to have sub role package for him and get him slowly returning back to NFL forms… Also it be 4 monstar beasts instead of 3 monstar beasts feat Richardson, Mo and Harrison.. =)

  2. He didn’t “Kill someone”

    He got into a car accident that resulted in a death.

    Both of those guys were too drunk to have the sense to call a taxi.

    That doesn’t make it right but everybody has had one too many and driven home. This guy probably feels worse about the situation than any of you people do.

  3. broncostevenp its not like he intended to kill him he was just drunk and decided to drive when drunk not as bad as killing with a gun or a knife right

  4. Should have gotten 20 years. Cowboys would still be an 8-8 team when he got out in 2023.

  5. Leonard Little, Donte Stallworth, Josh Brent. All DWI manslaughter/vehicular homicide convictions. All allowed back in the NFL after short stints in jail. Average Joe would be looking at 5-25 years. Our legal system is seriously flawed.

  6. Dany Heatley, Craig McTavish are others that come to mind… Embarrassing to say the least but to hear the sympathizers make excuses is more telling about what’s really wrong about society

  7. I personally have lost two friends this way, and happen to know of at least a half dozen other cases where lives were lost to an intoxicated driver, and you’d be surprised how short the punishments are. Longest one served was 18 months.

    I’m sure it varies by state, judge, and case, but I disagree with the statement that regular Joe’s would get longer sentences.

  8. To me the only thing worse than driving a car way to drunk is riding in a car with someone way to drunk and they are driving.. The drunk driver always seems to be the one that survives…And while it is sad that the accident resulted in someones death its on both of them for not calling a cab.. Six mths would have been a slap in the face had the Browns family not supported Brent but since they did he paid a minimal consequence in matter of law and public opinion.. The reality is he will always have that to live with.. And while most of us live with a bad decision.. ( decision) some live wit a greater burden like ending your friends life after having a fun night with them..

  9. Kd75,

    1) He was convicted of manslaughter. He wasn’t convicted of making a mistake. Manslaughter.

    2) It wasn’t an accident. An accident happens when the driver is not at fault. For example, a deer comes out of nowhere and runs into a car. He caused a deadly car crash in which he was 100% at fault.

    I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance (after a lengthy suspension from the league) if he has redeemed himself, however, under no circumstances should the Cowboys resign him. Then again, it is Jerry Jones.

  10. Wow….6 months is a total joke. He killed someone and got six months. He failed two court ordered drug/alcohol screenings while he was on probation and that is when he “retired”! I am NOT a Vick fan but he got two years for lying! Ugh the criminal injustice system!!!

  11. For the Cowboys, Godell will suspend him 4 weeks, starting now. Time enough to start the regular season. Tank Johnson served his 4 weeks while not signed to any team, and as soon as the Cowboys signed him, he played right away. Only for the Cowboys with these special rules; except for the Giants, when Plexico served his suspension time while in jail. SMH…

  12. He didn’t just KILL ‘somebody’…that somebody was his very good friend that spent four years of college with him and willingly went in the car…BOTH displayed very bad judgment, and a very bad thing happened. Go ahead haters try to compare this with a DUI killing ‘someone’ that the driver didn’t know.

  13. Same guy who was too cowardice to pull his buddy to safety. Enjoy your personal hell Mr . Brent, it’s well deserved.

  14. Is that Jets fan serious about wanting him to come there and be the ‘big 4?’
    Lolololol. He isn’t any good. Wasn’t before the crash and I don’t see how 6 months in jail made him any better.

  15. “Go ahead haters try to compare this with a DUI killing ‘someone’ that the driver didn’t know.”

    The behavior that is the issue in question is getting behind the wheel of a car when you are heavily intoxicated, especially when another person is in the car (regardless of that second person’s sobriety). Simply saying that “they were both too drunk to have decent judgment” is nothing more than an excuse, and a poor one at that.

    Now, vehicular manslaughter/vehicular homicide is a charge that is generally “less serious,” by which I mean it carries a shorter sentence, than other charges of manslaughter.

    And yes, Josh Brent may, and definitely should, have a strong, perhaps crushing sense of regret at his actions. The fact is, he got into a car with his friend when they were both drunk, and he got them both into an incredibly dangerous situation that took the life of his friend and could have taken his as well.

    That also doesn’t make what he did justifiable, nor does it make the fact that his “fame”, derived from his ability to play a popular game at a high level, got him a sentence that was shorter than the average sentence for that crime.

  16. If he wants to play, bring him back. The nfl is loaded with talented second chance guys. The kids mother forgave him. Move on. This will upset all of the self righteous people who have never made a mistake in their lives, but whatever. I hope he gets his life back on track and if he can still play, I hope that it is with the cowboys.

  17. luz56 says:
    Jun 15, 2014 5:59 PM
    “Sum antics … He contributed to another’s death….6 months is an even bigger joke…”

    That’s “semantics,” and yes, I agree.

    I’m quite shocked he’s already been released from prison. I have to believe he’s subject to the NFL’s personal conduct policy if he chose to apply for reinstatement.

  18. For everyone already bashing Jones, who hasn’t even brought him back, look up Leonard Little.

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