Jay Gruden: Read option won’t be a focal point of our offense


Robert Griffin III can have a lot of success running the read-option, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do it often in Washington this season.

New coach Jay Gruden says he’s not totally scrapping the read option, but he plans to employ it only occasionally to keep defenses guessing about how Griffin might beat them with his speed, rather than making it a major part of the game plan.

“Personally my belief is the read option is better as an element of surprise,” Gruden told Don Banks of Sports Illustrated. “If you’re making it a major focal point of your offense — though they had success with it — that’s problematic. You want to have some of it, no question, because it’s the way to get the numbers back in your favor offensively. And with a quarterback like him, why wouldn’t you have some of it? But we’re trying to develop him as an all-around quarterback. And I don’t know if they had that [as a goal]. I’m sure they did a little bit, but I think that’s the clear intent moving forward, to develop him as an all-around quarterback. That’s part of his growth, from ’12 to ’13 to now.”

Noting what new coaches Andy Reid and Chip Kelly did last season, Gruden hopes he can have similar success as a new coach this season.

“Our bar is set high here,” Gruden said. “The way you build a team, it can happen quickly. Kansas City was 2-14 one year, then added a quarterback, stopped turning the ball over and made some plays on defense and went to the playoffs. The Eagles get their guys healthy, find a quarterback and all of a sudden they’re flying high. That’s what happens. It takes some weapons, but I think we have enough people here in this building that we can be competitive every week, and there’s no reason why we can’t do some great things this season.”

Those great things will not include Griffin running the read option regularly.

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  1. I doubt teams are guessing about ” how Griffen will beat them with his speed.” Last year he only managed to do that 3 times, And enough with the injury excuse. HE declared himself healthy before the Drs did.

  2. Go Redskins!
    The Redskins will have a fantastic year with a new coach!
    The Redskins did not thrive under the old coach, hopefully the Redskins players have adapted to new personnel.
    Go Redskins!!!

  3. Focal point for the offense this year will be to break the huddle and line up correctly before the ball is snapped. This dude has never been a head coach at any level of the game. This team is still 3 yrs away, with DJack, they’re 7-9

  4. He’s not stupid and understands Robert won’t survive with so many hits that Read option causes, done at right times and not overused it can be extremely deadly part of the redskins offense and will be especially deadly if the deep game with garçon/Jackson blossoms.

  5. I’m feeling good about th e Redskins….. I look at the schedule and last year’s Redskins, plus the personnel moves & draft picks…. I’m seeing 7-8 wins, not great, but progress certainly, a team headed in a good direction. Time will tell, 83 days til season opening Sunday!!

  6. Listen he’s being realistic. RGIII won’t make it to the end of the year with the read option being the primary offense. It will get ur QB killed. As a change of pace 3rd and long ya need a first down to keep an important late drive going..perfect time to bring it out cause it will catch defenses off guard. Otherwise its just a QB killer. Plain and simple.

  7. how long before griffen starts whining when he is not able to put up the great stats he did running the read option all the time?

  8. This Redskins offense is going to very good. Anyone with any football sense not just a ignorant hater knows that. The key will be staying healthy. RGlll was great healthy with a unhealthy Pierre, no real 2nd receiver and no real pass catching TE in 2012. Now he has D-Jax, A healthy Pierre, Roberts and Reed at TE. Also a much bigger stronger O line.

  9. Let’s see how long this circus lasts with Griffing getting pummeled in the pocket while DJax starts whining that he’s not getting the ball enough.

  10. So this year Griffin tries to learn to be a complete quarterback. I’ll be generous, Washington football club 7-9.

  11. Griffin looked great under center last year, reading defenses, with tremendous pocket presence, going through his progressions, and throwing accurately. This should continue to be a smooth transition from not having a college playbook, playing shotgun, throwing quick hits, all with the threat of 4.3 speed. It was his speed and threat to run that froze defenses in 2012.

    Let’s be honest. Griffin was subpar in what was a more pro-style offense last year. He has a long way to go, and there are no guarantees he will be anything more than a great athlete playing QB. Can’t wait to watch how this plays out. It’s all good when a new HC comes to town. Not so much when the plan doesn’t come to fruition.

  12. As a Bengals fan I’m glad this guy isn’t in Cincy anymore.

    Redskins fans, my prediction is you’ll be tired of him within a couple years.

    Good luck.

  13. I don’t always give up multiple first round draft picks for a gimmick QB……..but when I do, I make excuses for years.

    He is a one trick pony who set this franchise back at least 5 years for what he cost Washington. Anyone who thinks he didn’t is simply delusional.

    Next up in line of gimmick QBs who are going to get killed by NFL defenses, Johnny Manziel.

  14. Gruds did OK with the red rifle and AJ Green. Imagine what he can do with RGIII Garçon DJax ARoberts AMorris and JReed. This is the most prolific offense in Washington since 91! I REALLY don’t think the read is critical to the Redskins success. It was in place to keep defenses a step slower, and it did We didn’t have all the pieces offensively when he was a Rookie… Now we do! Heheheh HTTR!
    To quote Bart Scott. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  15. Haters on RGlll are scared period. Show some intelligence and realize this guys talent set and work ethic will not allow him to fail. Face it the verdict is still out on Foles. After week 3 Eagle fans will be dressing Chip like Santa and pelting him with batteries.

  16. With the weapons the Skins have, that’s a smart call on Grudens part, plus u keep RG111 healthy. Just think how dangerous that offense can b with a slew of receivers n a powerful running game. I like what the Skins did in the draft n free agency. Maybe they didn’t hit any home runs, I’d call it small ball, but they added depth n special teams help. The fun part is that cream puff Eli going up against a stout run defense n putting the heat on manning during passing downs. When he gets hit, look at his face n how he looks at the ref for a penalty. The Skins will b able to bring the heat this year. Looking at Skins n jints roster, yea, the Skins have surpassed them n the jints r now 4th in the east. The Skins r truly a dark horse.

  17. iamdinguskhan says:
    Jun 15, 2014 4:01 PM
    Haters on RGlll are scared period. Show some intelligence and realize this guys talent set and work ethic will not allow him to fail. Face it the verdict is still out on Foles. After week 3 Eagle fans will be dressing Chip like Santa and pelting him with batteries.


    I think we heard that last year from the skins fans .. how’d that work out for you?

  18. Clearly many things went wrong for the REDSKINS last year. But I think fhe the Skins are on the right track this year.
    I thinnk we have in Gruden an untested HC but I think wae can credit much of the Bengals offensive success to JG. Acquiring DJax was the righg move, and along with healthy Garcon is definetly a potent duo-to say otherwise is just plain ignorance. RG3 is fully recovered and has spent much of this offseason improving his mechanics, that along with his work ethic will definetly yield positive results.
    As a REDSKINS fan i am definetly excited, yet I will temper that excitement until I hear positive reports from Training Camp.

  19. I think we heard that last year from the skins fans .. how’d that work out for you?
    Not really, he was rehabbing all last year. He’s actually working his but off with his starting teammates this year .

  20. RG3 will be in a worse situation than dalton was in Cincy. Gruden isn’t the best game planning coach.

  21. As a Panther Fan Cam Newton improved as a QB after Rivera Order less Read Option during the 1/2 way point during Newtons 2nd yr & the Following Off season Chud was Hired by the Browns …
    My point is your HC is Right use it as a Option in your Offence but not as a your only option besides Can’t RG3 can win by staying in the pocket ?

  22. Gruden said what was apparent to skins fans. Shanahans wanted to win now. Quickest way was to devise an offense similar to RG3’s college experience instead of pushing him to develop as an NFL QB. Surprise and speed caused the success in year one, but without either RG3 struggled last year. Gruden will help RG3 develop QB skills, we’ll see both improvement and some growing pains, but by the second year in the gruden tenure RG3 will be doing very well if he stays healthy. Happy for the skins and RG3.

  23. Anyone who watched a single down of a single game for the Skins last season saw that Shanahan was trying to prove a point to the fans and owner by employing parts of the offense that put Griffin in bad spots. He was trying to show that Griffin was still injured and should not have played early in the season. I think we all know that Dan Snyder and Griffin both allowed their egos to get in the way of making a sound decision early in the year, and it wound up turning out bad for everyone involved. However, I truly believe that in order to fix something correctly, you sometimes need to let it break completely. Shanahan was great early on in his tenure with the Skins. He got rid of alot of terrible players and awful contracts. Unfortunately, he was also a terrible ego-maniac. Combine that with Dan Snyder’s and Griffin’s ego and it had to break. I am hopeful that Gruden is smart enough to take the offense to a new level. I think we are looking at 8 wins this season, but a much improved Griffin. The defense will be what fails us, and is what will be worked on next offseason.

  24. they won’t being running the read option much because RG3 will be out half the games injured…

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