Prime Numbers series turns to No. 56

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On Monday, NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk returns to its normal one-hour length, featuring ongoing exploration of the Prime Numbers series.

One of the numbers to take center stage will be 56.

Sure, Lawrence Taylor is the first guy that comes to mind for most NFL fans when considering No. 56.  So vote for L.T. and two others in all, from the list that appears below.

And be sure to tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET on Monday for a full one-hour edition of the show, where the results will be officially unveiled.

39 responses to “Prime Numbers series turns to No. 56

  1. I don’t see a list anywhere…but I really hope that Darryl Talley is on that list.

    Everyone on those “Bickering Bills” teams would tell you that he was “the glue”…he was the guy who kept it all from falling apart…he was the leader, the captain of the ship, the voice in the lockerroom or huddle.

    Like Cornelius Bennett, Daryl Talley was as much an important part of that defense, as Bruce Smith was. He was a freaking beast.

    Plus…who didn’t love those Spider-Man spandex sleeves he wore under his jersey?

    No, he’s not Lawrence Taylor…but he was a different style of player. He was, even back then, an “old-school/throwback” style of linebacker. He would take on anyone…and he could do it all on the field.

    Again, I cannot see any “list” you have put out there…but I hope that DT is on there. He belongs on there…we both know it! 🙂

    (I’d go as far as to say that like Bennett (and Tasker), Talley belongs in the Hall of Fame. I don’t think he will ever get in, I actually know none of those three will ever get in…Andre Reed is the last of that era…but I don’t think you could argue that they deserve to be in there, especially Tasker, the best special teams player ever.)

  2. Anyone who votes for anyone on that list besides Lawrence Taylor knows absolutely nothing about football and should not even be allowed to watch the sport. Terrible human being? Yes. But, by far, one of the greatest to play the game at ANY position. The man, literally, changed the game. No one else on that list even comes close. LT was a once in a lifetime phenomenon. Those who were privileged enough to see him play saw a brand of football so fast, so violent, and so explosive that even if someone with Taylor’s talent comes along again, the rules changes will prevent them from playing the game the way LT did.

  3. There shouldn’t have even been a poll for number fifty six . . . if there is going to be a poll , then you need to put Lawrence Taylor’s name in about the first five slots before you even consider anyone else.
    The guy almost single handedly changed the way the the game is played on both sides of the ball.

  4. Lawrence Taylor should be banned for life from football like Pete Rose is from baseball. He shouldn’t be in the HOF, he shouldn’t be considered for polls like this and he’s not the LT (LaDainian Tomlinson is), unless you want to call him crack LT.

  5. For the blind who did not see Lawrence Taylor play:

    – He was a dirty player. Who can forget him slugging a defenseless John Jefferson right in the face while running a pattern.

    -Taylor was a stupid player and not assignment sure. Often because he did not know the defense he would just rush the QB.

    -Taylor was/is immoral. His arrests and drug use before and after his time in the NFL are well documented (in addition to cheapshot plays).

    -He contributed nothing positive to the game of football or the image of the NFL.

    Obviously, with little children voting they have no idea how superior Joe Schmidt was as a player and a man.

    Joe Schmidt lead the Detroit Lions to 2 World Championships. He was 10 times Pro Bowl selection, 8 times All Pro, and was named to the NFL 50th anniversary All Time Team and naturally in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    He has been named the greatest Detroit Lion ever.

  6. A few notes:
    1) ladanian Tomlinson will never be LT. That has always been and will always be Lawrence Taylor.
    2) 56 and LT are synonymous. There shouldn’t even be a vote.
    3) it seems that a lot of these numbers in this serious are not prime at all.

  7. Is it even up for debate?

    That’s like asking who the best baseball player to wear #42 was…

  8. This list consists of 1 name. Lawrence Taylor. Period, end of story. Great player, unblockable. Warts off the field, yes. He took his #56 jersey off when he left the stadium. Not a Giants fan, but maybe the best FB player I’ve ever seen.

  9. I don’t recall ever hearing Joe Schmidt. I looked him up and now I know why. You would have to be from Detroit and more than likely drawing Social Security to remember him. I was 5 in 1965 when he was done.

  10. This vote isn’t about who the better man was or is..

    It’s for the best football player, LT by far was the best 56 and the best defensive player to ever play the game. Foolish to think otherwise.

  11. My top @56s all time:
    1 Taylor
    2 Tippett closest thing to LT as 3-4 OLB.
    3Schmidt Some still consider him the best MLB ever.
    4 Hewitt played 2 ways, helped Bears win 1933 World Championship.
    5 Doleman
    6 Swilling
    7 Abraham
    8 Nickerson
    9 Talley

  12. Tippett was a great LB, but unlike LT, Tipp played the strong side, so he had a tougher road to the QB. Still had great numbers and performances, and dominated in the same era, but in a tougher spot.

  13. Darryl Talley should never be mentioned on the same list as LT.

    Talley was good but not great, Tippett, Nickerson, Doleman and Swilling were much better players.

  14. LT by far the best football player ever-certainly has the personal issues however when the game was on he was UNSTOPPABLE. No denying him that.

  15. LT – The rest aren’t even close.

    Tippett – Great player often overshadowed by LT

    Joe Schmidt – The fact that he only has a small percentage of vote here goes to show most fans know nothing about the history of the game, or anything that may have happened before they started watching.

  16. LT would go no. 1 overall in a draft where you can start your franchise with any player whoever played in his prime. Fact.

  17. There are a few numbers where we all know who the greatest was to wear that number without any need for debate. It’s been beat to death in this topic already, but LT at #56 is one of those numbers where there is no doubt.

  18. @ mrlaloosh

    Dick Lebeau, Dick “Night Train” Lane, Lem Barney, Alex Karras, Bobby Lane, Barry Sanders, Alex Wojciechowicz, Charlie Sanders, Doak Walker, and a lot of others.

    That being said, you guys don’t know Schmidt!

    Arguably the best middle linebacker OF ALL TIME.

  19. Abraham and LT have surprisingly similar numbers actually, while I agree LT is better I think the reason they’re so far apart in this voting is name value.

  20. Not only is Lawrence Taylor the best to ever wear number 56, he’s also one of the three best players in NFL history regardless of position; the other two being Jim Brown and Jerry Rice.

  21. Do yourselves a favor and watch a highlite video of LT. Unbelievable. Couldn’t be blocked, couldn’t be double teamed, couldn’t even be held. Incredible strength and speed. Could take over a game.

  22. Mariano Rivera was by far the best baseball player to wear #42. Maybe not the most important, but without a doubt the best.

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