Public viewing tonight for Chuck Noll

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Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll died Friday at the age of 82.  Those hoping to pay their respects can do so tonight.

Via the Associated Press, a public viewing will be conducted on Sunday from John A. Freyvogel Sons in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh.  Hours are 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.

Visitation also will be held on Monday, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET, and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.  Noll’s funeral mass will occur at 10:00 a.m. ET Tuesday at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Of all the tributes that have been paid to Noll since his passing, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw painted a picture of a man who knew how to get the best from those around him.

“I came out of an environment with nothing but pats on the back and love,” Bradshaw said.  “With him it was nowhere near that.  I had to go through all the developments emotionally of how to deal with it.  He was a tough coach to me, and I spent more time with him than anybody, so I know.  I learned how to be mentally tough with him, and for that I can never say thank you enough, because that got me through divorces, Super Bowls, and those times when I had bad moments in big games.

‘He made me mentally strong, which I wasn’t.  And he instilled in me a great work ethic.  I had a good work ethic, but preparation was paramount with him, so we spent a lot of time going through preparations for the games.  He was an amazing guy.  I watched him more than he watched me.  I had a great amount of fear for him.  He’s kind of like a father from whom you want approval and you don’t quite get it, and in the advent of that journey you work harder and harder, you try to get better and better, and then when it’s all said and done he says, ‘Thank you. You were a great quarterback.’ And you say, ‘Wow!'”

“Wow” is the most appropriate word when describing what Noll managed to do with a Steelers organization that was regarded as very bad for as long as it has now been regarded as very good.  And “wow” will surely be the prevailing reaction to those who see the number of Steelers fans who flock to pay their respects to the late coach.

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  1. I’ll always remember Art Rooney, The Chief, when presented with the Super Bowl trophy on the podium from Pete Rozelle after their first SB victory. Misty-eyed and obviously lost for words, he merely said, “I’m going to hand this over to Chuck Noll.”

  2. the best….just a class act who was not a me me me guy who never shuts up..i.e. Rex Ryan…
    everyone could a learn a lot about how to live their life from Noll…People don’t need to be in the spot light, nothing wrong with living an honest life and going about your business…
    RIP Chuck…simply the best

  3. I don’t care how much hate Steeler Nation has for Cowboy , Raider, Raven, Browns, and all other teams we hate, as a life long Steelers fans, I’ve damn near been brought to tears from the genuine respect all you guys and gals, have for a coach who never really got his due before he died…


  4. Seahawk fan again, due to some recent expansions at work, I’ve worked for 2 weeks straight, including today, Fathers Day. I want to thank the NFL network for changing alot of their format last night, so I could come home from a hard day, crack some cold ones, and step back in time, to watch a coach, that if you were a player, you would want to play for,…and they did.

  5. So Morbid… something is wrong with you if you go look at a dead body from somebody you don’t know. All you know about Chuck Noll is what they sold you. We should be minding our own business out of respect for the Noll family.

  6. The Noll family realized Steeler Nation was family, and seeing as to how thats several million strong, you might as well invite the public also . When Chuck Knox passes in Seattle, I hope the family does the same thing for us 12’s.

  7. If the Noll family didn’t want the public to pay last respects to the man who put Pittsburgh Steelers football on the map, the Noll family would’ve opted to have a private-only viewing. Pretty simple. There’s nothing “morbid” or “wrong” about it.

  8. RIP MR Noll. Not even close to being a Steeler fan, but he turned that franchise around. How ironic he is being viewed in the Oakland area of Pittsburg.

  9. I doubt George Atkinson and the “Criminal Element” Oakland Raiders will be there

  10. @realitycheckbaby

    If you think the Steelers were the only team in the NFL using steroids, you’re clueless (See Alzado, Lyle and Matuszak, John, among MANY MANY others).

    As for what Coach Noll knew about steroids, the answer is “probably not much more than anyone else at that time”. The long term negative effects of steroids were largely unknown during the ’70s. The league didn’t test for them and they didn’t become illegal nationwide until the early ’90s.

    Stop trying to smear the legacy of a great man with your ignorant drivel…

  11. How classless can you possibly be to attempt to trash talk a man who literally just passed away simply because you are a complete hater of the team he dedicated his life and career to? smdh

  12. RIP Coach Noll a gentlemen and a great coach. Steeler Fan’s were sure lucky to have a man of his intelligence, class, and football knowledge as their Head Coach. RIP..

  13. It’s funny that there are 7 negative post for the first 8 comments here. It seems there is one person or a group that think they can change NORMAL comments. Please troll since It’s probably one loser. Just go away and hide. Let’s be respectful of a great Coach and a Great ERA of Football.

  14. What is wrong with the minds of some ppl???? A good man died….a simple final salute minus all the simpleton thoughts wouldnt hurt the average human would it????? R.I.P Chucky you did the steelers the nfl and the city BLITZBURGH a good deal

  15. Noll was the start of what was decades of Steeler excellence. Their dynasties never happen without his efforts. RIP.

  16. Chuck was a great man and one to look up to. He was classy and deserves any credit he gets.

  17. He is the spark that ignited an inferno that is the Pittsburg Steelers today. Ever since Chuck Noll the Steelers have had their ups and downs but are a model franchise. (BTW, not a Steelers fan.) To think that since the early 1970s they’ve had THREE head coaches, while the Cleveland Browns have had three coaches in 12 months!

    Chuck Noll put the Steelers on the path of greatness, and it is a credit to their ownership that they have remained on that path.

  18. A Cleveland born, Benedictine High School and University of Dayton standout, 1953-1959 Cleveland Browns messenger guard, who took everything he learned from Paul Brown and innovated a new brand of scouting and drafting talent, and coached to dominance the 1970s. One of the all time greats.

    RIP Chuck Noll and sincerest condolences to family and friends.


    Browns Nation

  19. Chuck Noll was a class act, a leader of men and a winner. He was the best of the best.

    And for those of you who have no class and post sh!t on these Chuck Noll stories please think how you’d feel if this was your father or family member. Show some respect and if you can’t try not posting your sh!t for once.

  20. It’s been a tough couple of days for Steelers fans. I know I’ve been reflecting a lot myself on everything Noll meant to the city of Pittsburgh, his players and, of course, the fans. He really was much, much more than just a football coach.

    RIP and heartfelt thanks, coach.

  21. or all the Knoll jealousy comes from the butt whooping his Steel Curtain defense laid on their teams.
    or they are so young that their jealous daddy’s had to passed down their butthurt to them.

  22. The ultimate compliment: Chuck Noll left the world a better place. Thank you for the memories and the life life lessons!

  23. The ultimate compliment: Chuck Noll left the world a better place. Thank you for the memories and the life lessons!

  24. R.I.P. Chuck.i can only hope belichick never tie or beats your 4 super bowl wins.he’s not the same kind of man you were

  25. Thank you Mr. Noll.

    Steelers should honor Mr. Noll with a 10-0 home record and a 7th Ring.

  26. I doubt George Atkinson and the “Criminal Element” Oakland Raiders will be there


    Quite the contrary to your simple view of the world. Those teams may have hated each other, as great competitors do, but they respected the hell out of each other. As a Raider fan, let me extend my condolences and sympathy for Steeler fans everywhere. He was a great coach. RIP.

  27. His skill helped build a dysnasty in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were not releavant until he took over and developed an awesome team that dominated the 70’s.

    As for steroids, first off it does not belong in this thread. And back then nobody knew anything about them. It was like vitamin supplements or protein powder.

    His teams were GREAT! I am no Steelers fan but they were GREAT! They defined football in the 70’s.

  28. Hey, I’m not trying to denigrate him.

    But reality check – he shouldn’t be canonized either.

    The fact is that several Steelers from that era admitted to steroid use.

    And before you begin the “everyone was doing it” excuse making, Steelers players have died young at a rate of about 5-1 vs other teams from those times.

    Those are just facts.

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