Rex Ryan tweaks Belichick over second-round busts

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This one comes, possibly, from the Happy Father’s Day, Mutherf–ker file.

Jets coach Rex Ryan, whose past boasts regarding his team’s potential mastery of the Patriots disappeared right about the time Mark Sanchez slammed into the backside of Brandon, has cranked up the rhetoric a bit regarding a pair of second-round picks who didn’t make it in New England before landing with the Jets.

“I don’t believe the one guy up in New England’s got all the answers,” Ryan told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “I worry about ourselves, what we think of a player and how we evaluate a player.  Do I respect the hell out of Bill [Belichick]?  Absolutely.  But if we think a player can help us, we don’t care how we get him.”

The players in question entered the league as the 53rd overall pick in 2010 (linebacker Jermaine Cunningham) and as the 33rd overall selection in 2011 (cornerback Ras-I Dowling).  They didn’t last with the Patriots due in large part to injuries and inconsistent performances.  With only 53 roster spots, guys who can’t play well and/or can’t play at all won’t be on the roster for very long, no matter their draft pedigree.

Still, Ryan is banking on the possibility that Belichick screwed the proverbial pooch in letting both guys go.

“Sometimes what might not be good for you looks good for somebody else,” Ryan said.  “You know what?  Guys make mistakes.”

Despite the endless optimism of the draft process, with every prospect being in the eyes of some the best . . . player . . . ever and little discussion prior to or during the draft about the large percentage of picks who become busts, the truth is that every team makes mistakes.

The Patriots have.  The Jets have.  Everyone has.

The wisdom comes from admitting the mistake and moving on.  Keeping a guy to justify his draft status only makes the mistake worse.  For Belichick, having a trio of pelts on the wall gives him the freedom to admit his mistakes without fear of consequence.

So when it comes to the degree of job security that Ryan hasn’t earned and possibly never will, maybe Belichick really does have all the answers.

110 responses to “Rex Ryan tweaks Belichick over second-round busts

  1. BB has knowingly and openly admitted to mistakes in his draft history …..Ryan talks about it ….BB makes a decision and moves on…Rex will be out by Halloween as hes sacrificed everyone and theres no one left to blame…………

  2. No Jets or Pats fan here, but Belichick has earned his stripes — and will rightfully go down as one of the greatest ever. Also think of how many titles the Giants won under Parcells – when Belichick was his top lieutenant. Think how many Lombardis Parcells won without Belichick.

    As for Rex Ryan, he’s noted for fawning over his wife’s feet – and getting her inked up with a Mark Sanchez tattoo. Rex also got the lap band surgery to mitigate a morbid obesity issue. Rex is also identified with referring to Sanchez as “The Sanchise.”

    One guy is a cartoon character full of unfulfilled boasts and promises. The other is an NFL legend. Not hard to figure out what any reasonable fan base would rather have behind the wheel of their roster, is it?

  3. I honestly like rex as a head coach he’s starting to talk a lil more now that he finally has some talent on that team again he was pretty quiet the last 2 seasons because he wasn’t confident In his team to perform now we going see his personality come back which imo is good for nfl

  4. Rex is right that everyone makes mistakes and it doesn’t matter how you assemble a team, as long as your overall record is better.

    It’s just classic that he highlights that on that basis, Bill has done a better job than him.

  5. .
    Whatever Dowling or Cunningham do for the Jets is irrelevant to the Patriots. Dowling made Danny Amendola look like an iron man. Cunningham mixed injuries with inconsistent play. The Patriots roster is very deep and competitive. If you don’t perform on the field, Belichick will quickly move on.


  6. As usually, if the calendar says Summer there is always a Jet talking.

    I await September, where all that villainous trash talk of long offseasons is muted by the filter of gridiron action.

  7. Ryan needs to shut up until he wins something. And belichek needs to win something without cheating.

  8. People aren’t going to like this probably. But he’s not talking trash here. People in the NY media are dismissing these players because the all knowing Belichick released them. He’s just responding to that. Belichick is human like anyone else. And those rings are kinda rusty.

  9. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Except in the NFL. Usually, trash really is trash.

  10. I think Rex could coach for the Vikings. Then all he would have to do is talk about is all the ex-Packers instead of ex-Patriots he covets as he misses the playoffs once again.

  11. Let’s just hope (jets fan here) Revis doesn’t come back to haunt us. If these guys make the Jets roster more power to them. J-E-T-S this is the Rex we all know and like.

  12. This is a coach who turns free agent players into probowlers, and rex can’t get his draft picks to even play GOOD… He might not have all the answer, but i would cheat off him 10 out of 10 times…

  13. If we are picking a coach for our team, who do we pick? Rex or the Hoodie?I think the Hoodie is a no brainer. Bill

  14. Rex is kicking coach B’s butt in the radio interviews. If he could back it up on the field he might have something. So far thats all Rex has is talk. Game day coach B wipes up the floor with Rex.

  15. Sounds like Rex is still bitter he let Woodhead go to the Pats…oh and let’s not forget how Revis will haunt Rexy twice this year

  16. I’m willing to bet one mistake Belichek hasn’t made is getting a tattoo of a terrible player’s jersey.

  17. I’m confused. It appears as though Rex is excited to have two guys that weren’t good enough to make the pats. Am I reading that right? Looks to me like Rex just tweaked himself not bill

  18. At the end of the day, the draft is not a perfect science with absolutely predictable results. That uncertainty is what makes it so exciting. Even undeniably great football minds like Belichick don’t have a crystal ball.

    However, if the worst you’ve done is missing on a couple of second round picks, then you’re obviously doing a pretty good job.

  19. Ah yes here come the patriot fan boys bashing Rex for nothing. Remember when bill b was regarded as a defensive genius? What happened to that? The truth is he is NOTHING without tom Brady. Rex has managed to keep the jets competitive vs the pats despite facing them with a rook qb in four of those games.

  20. I would bet BB and the Pats have picked up just as many ex Jets if not more than the Jets have picked up ex Pats. It has been going on for years. Look it up nerds. If not for Brady saving his butt Bill would go down as one of the worst drafting GMs in history.

  21. Bill certainly doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s got a hell of a lot more of them than Rex does.

  22. Shut up Rex, just shut up!
    0 – AFC east titles
    0 – Conference titles
    0 – Super Bowl titles
    42-38 (.525 wining percentage)

    No other coach in NFL history, talks as much as you do.

  23. Belichick and NE are so deep into Rex’s head that he can’t put a decent product on the field. Year after year, he tries to beat him and nothing works, never will. Plus Rex is fighting for his job this year, Belichick isn’t.

  24. Even if both guys play great for the Jets, that doesn’t mean that BB made any sort of mistake in letting them go. Some guys work well in a certain system and not so well in others. Unless Rex is trying to say that his team’s defensive schemes are 100% identical to the Patriot’s, in which case he’s nuts.

  25. I’m not a Jets or a Pats fan and I didn’t see any kind of tweak there. Sometimes guys do leave a franchise where they played less than great and go to another franchise and everything clicks for them. Different scheme, different chemistry, whatever. It happens.

  26. Was there something wrong with what he said or was there something wrong with how it was interpreted?

  27. Eventually someone in the media will have the guts to admit that Belichick is NOT A GOD (Not that Rex is). For years he has been looking for WRs and Safeties in the draft and found none. All those years of “trading down” in early rounds have hurt the team overall. And those 3 “pelts” are getting dustier and molting.

  28. Pats fan here. Both those guys have talent, but weren’t able to cash it in with the Pats. It happens. I hope they find the opportunity to pull it together elsewhere, which also happens often in the NFL.

    Neither coach would be a dummy or a genius in either scenario.

  29. I agree that every team makes a mistake every year in the draft, reality is you’re not gonna draft 7 stars in one year. Good teams acknowledge their mistakes and move on from that player, bad teams insist that this player has the potential but yet to come out with it and they hold on to them. Let’s take the raiders and jags for example, the raiders are holding on the DMC because they refuse to believe that the best RB of his draft class is made of glass. The jags in 2011 wiffed it big time in the draft on watt, kaepernick and 5 other players who are grade A stars now because of their lack of evaluation in top talent. Again this years draft, they chose a QB in the first round when they’ve could’ve gotten a better player.

  30. I think Belichick will accept second round draft failures in exchange for making the second round of the playoffs every year…

  31. Yea cause assante, mccourty, dennard all suck. I hated my fins facing assante…mccourty was a good corner and i think is a better safety. Dennard when not in jail is pretty good too. I wouldn’t mind having them….maybe not assante that he has aged and slowed a bit

  32. Vollmer, Brady, Mankins, Wilfork, Mayo, McCourty, Gostkowski, Slater, Gronkowski. Those are the Pro Bowlers or All Pros currently on the roster drafted by the guy that can’t draft and constantly hurts his team by trading down. That doesn’t count the ones that have moved on(Seymour, Light etc.) or are in prison. Pretty good since thy’re always drafting near the end of the rounds(because they’re so good) and since the draft is a crap shoot anyway. Like everyone, BB has swung and missed, especially in the 2nd and 3rd rnd, but his draft record stacks up with anyone’s. Look at Colbert and Ozzie the last few yrs.

    By the way, Ryan’s statement didn’t seem like much of a tweak to me. Who knows if those guys will make it. At least BB isn’t afraid to admit a mistake and move on, unlike Ryan when he kept an inferior 3rd rnd RB and let Woodhead go.

  33. I remember being high on Carlos Dunlap in the 2010 draft, and then the Patriots took Cunningham who I thought was off the grid, while the Bengals took Dunlap with the very next pick. The Patriots have had real trouble with the draft in many spots and that was another pick that didn’t make any sense at the time. And Dowling was a huge reach of a pick too. Belichick has never been a good drafter, and he’s a poor game day strategist. I think the Patriots are one of the more disappointing teams based on how close they have come yet not capitalizing on their proximity of building a true dynasty.

    They just can’t seem to get over the hump that I thought they should have easily gotten over if they just cut out a few really bad decisions in place for some better ones. They don’t have the right support staff to shore up all of Belichick’s weaknesses and that has been biting them frequently over the last several years.

  34. Hardly seems like a tweak. I bet Belichick would agree with everything he said.

    … and, as a Pats fan, I hope Ras-I Dowling turns his career around for the Jets. By all accounts he is a really good guy, he just cannot seem to stay healthy.

  35. BTW- if anyone is interested, Cunningham developed into a decent 3-4 strong OLB, but that wasn’t what the Pats were running the last few years. Not good enough to be a 4-3 DE, not fast enough to be a 4-3 OLB. I think he’ll stick with the Jets as a r0tational player.

    Dowling, just never could stay healthy and the Pats had to move on. He flashed some talent in those few plays where he got on the field. There were also some questions whether his hips were a chronic problem. If healthy he could be a nice pick up.

    Actually the real steal that Rex made COULD be Zach Sudfeld, the TE he grabbed off the Pats PS last season. But regardless, the only thing we know for a certainty is that the Jets will be looking up at the Pats in the AFCE, and the ONLY thing that Rex will EVER have more than BB better press conferences

  36. I feel like the Jets are just endlessly sifting through former Patriots, hoping they can somehow make up for all the times they had to watch Woodhead torch them.
    Eventually, one of these former Pats will work out and the Jets can feel good about themselves. Until then, the Jets will continue to obsess over the Patriots.

  37. In the draft the Pats wiffed on Dowling they took: Solder(starter), Vereen and Ridley(2 top RBs, Mallett, MCannon.

    In the draft they missed on Cunningham: McCourty(Pro Bowl), Gronk(PB), Spikes, Hernandez(PBowl/murderer), Mesko, Deaderick.

    Both those drafts get A’s. Period.

  38. OK REXXY YOU take mr boo boo Dowling and mr lost on the field Cunningham,,,,,who is REVIS PLAYING FOR?

    BTW anybody remember that BB was coach of the JETS for less than 1 day and realized how big a clown show the jets have always been…and QUIT,,went to the PATS,,,what does that tell you??????

  39. Not a fan of either team but didn’t the rex draft vernon gholston? Rex is a big mouth idiot and the jets might win 7 games. As weak a division he plays in you would expect much more, the pats will be handed the division once again by week 13!

  40. Yes Belichick has had his share of misses in the 2nd round, but he has also drafted some pretty good NFL players like Matt Light, Deion Branch and Gronk in the 2nd round. Brandon Spikes is a pretty good run stopping LB and not a bad 2nd round pick even if Belichick apparently tired of him. Kevin Faulk was another good 2nd rounder, but I believe he was drafted the season before Belichick took over the Pats.

    And if Cunningham and Dowling have more NFL success on another team, in another system, good for them. Pats have done the same with players they picked up when other teams let them go. Never really knowing until the games are played is one reason why we like this game.

  41. Bill loves the second round because he can take chances. It’s not like a first round in which you are expected to draft a pro-bowler.

  42. That’s how they put their team together, by scrapping together other team’s trash?

    David Nelson is another one they think if good and will be able to help them win.

    That’s funny.

  43. Sorry to break it to Rex but Belichick has dominated the division going back to 2001. In addition tBelichick has had some success in turning other teams castoffs w/in the division into quality players & the Jets, the Dolphins, & Bills have not. I actually find it amusing when Rex tries to talk tough. I distinctly recall Rex touting Aaron Maybin & he never became a major factor for the Jets.

    Belichick has had success w/ three former Dolphins–Welker who was traded for a 2nd round pick, Rob Ninkovich who has become a valuable pass rusher, & Heath Evans who was cut by Nick Saban became a pretty good player. Belichick also had success w/ Woodhead who was cut by the Jets.

    I can’t think of one player that the Patriots have cut that has gone on to do anything w/ either Dolphins, the Jets, or the Bills. I kind of think if a guy can’t get it done in NE then he’s just done & it’s foolish to argue w/ Belichick’s success not only w/in the division but specifically in the AFC. Considering that Belicjick has had five SB appearances since 2001 & no other team in the AFC East has had one kind of speaks for itself.

    As a long, suffering Dolphin fan I’d be thrilled to see the Dolphins have ONE good, long run into the playoffs. Sadly we’re still not there.

  44. Kinda irrelevant topic. Those same guys Rex would have cut, if they were on the jets at the time.

  45. Spikes was a 4th rounder..
    I think Cunningham is really talented he’s just always been a tweaner guy too small for d line too big for OLB I’m sure he’s going to make the roster Dowling on the other hand is always injured and started playing sub par so I wouldn’t bet on him

  46. DRUG TEST time!!!

    When you live in a glass house, you never should throw rocks.

    Please Rex, trot out your track record of draft successes, please.

    Rex, you gotta lay off of that evil week; it will damage your brain in the long run and now it looks like its really taking effect in your mental decline.

  47. How did the job security work for Bill in Cleveland with his first head coaching job? Compare Rex ‘s record with Bill ‘s coaching job in Cleveland

  48. Belichick will mention Rex in his Hall of Fame speech….thanking for helping him get there.

    Rex is like the ugly step son, never able to get a date, always bitter…incredibly inferior. He mirrors the entire jet franchise,,,who ,,,by the way,,,was voted the 5th worst in NFL history.

    Who cares who is on the jets???? They have no shot..

    Happy 45th anniversary jet fans!!!

  49. They were cut for a reason. There was no room on the roster for underperforming players. They might very well perform now, but the Pats are pretty full of talent. The Jets are not and can afford to try out another mans trash. Most of the players Bill drafted that work out do not work out elsewhere. Recently I can only think of Darius Butler who now plays for the Colts.

  50. I remember during the 2010 Draft being pissed off at the Cunningham pick, instead of the Pats taking Carlos Dunlap, same position also from Florida, who went one pick later to the Bengals. In hindsight the Pats definitely took the wrong Florida DE

  51. The only elegance and legacy Bill Belicheat will be forever remembered as spygate scam. He is lucky to keep all 3 champion rings which he should had lost them to penalty.. So many people keep mentioning that Bill is better than Rex.. but actually, if u look at history stats.. Rex and Bill are equality tied best win- loss seasons, that without Tom Brady.. If Rex had Tom brady II, then it be exactly equal but Rex still has edges.. All players love him better than Belijerk and Rex never cheated as Belicheat did 3 times at the championship.. SO many pats fans thinks they so proud of their Belicheat’s history, which is despicable, pathetic, blind, and losers. As long Belicheat as the headcoach, HE WILL NEVER BRING ANOTHER SUPERBOWL CHAMP EVER AGAIN. MARK IT DOWN.

  52. Pats should have drafted Carlos Dunlap – other DE from Florida that year – instead of Cunningham in 2010 2nd round. Dunlap went one pick later to the Bengals. Not sure why the Pats liked Cunningham more

  53. and I LOL that many people thinks Pats has better players than Jets.. Really? Look at your front D lineman… Vince Wilfork is at age 30.. Mo, Harrison, both at age 25, and Richardson at age 21.. you will have to endure Jets D for many years, including seeing Tom going down several times before he can check down the field.. and to all your future QBs.. LOL all the way to the bank.

  54. Hey Rex how is that 2nd rounder you spent on Stephen “frying pan hands” Hill working out for you these days? I wonder which team will pick him up when you cut him in training camp.

    And mikep363839 , Spikes was a 2nd rounder. They had multiple 2nd round picks that year and he was the final one.

  55. The Yets have some talented players…that doesn’t mean the Team is talented. Big difference simplegodfather. How’d that talent work out for ya last year?

  56. lflib69 says: Jun 15, 2014 4:19 PM

    The Yets have some talented players…that doesn’t mean the Team is talented. Big difference simplegodfather. How’d that talent work out for ya last year?

    Much better since Many people predicted Jets win at abt 4 games last year.. How that worked out?
    Loving that Jets knocked Miami out of playoff too. There isn’t much difference between Jets and Pats talents.. but only known pats has alot of negative talents.. Alot players are injury prone (gronk, amendola, Vince, Mayo, and etc) and alot of them are in older age.. while Jets has bright future… as many reported on site, Geno almost knew nothing on offense last year and had about 14 wrs in and out.. this year, is the time of the year, the Jets will blast Pat’s door through Divison.

  57. So Revis is now a Pat & Ras-I a Jet…

    And Rex has the audacity to say something negative about the Pats?…

  58. I actively dislike Belichick and the Pats, but Ryan really ought to actually win something before he shoots off his mouth. His act is wearing very, very thin. People should shut up until they’re winners–and Ryan hasn’t won anything.

  59. I am a patriots fan have sat back for years and listen /red these land of the uninformed clown town comments from not only gang green fans but others. listen to what or go find the article yourself steel curtain fan s… coach bill cower …you all know who he is if your a football fan came out and said the patriots did not cheat !!!!!!!all teams!!!!!!! at 1 time !!!!!!!or another!!!!!!! have taped other teams practices the patriots were used bye the league to deter teams from doing this so i guess since then its been the only tiny minded comment that fans of other teams can come up with to give credence to there pathetic non starter comment.give it a rest jets fans and all fans puuuullllleeeeezzzzzz go away n cheer for your team whomever they are and quit trying to figure why your team is either not in the playoffs or sub 500 most years while the patriots are either losing/winning super bowls and afc chip games would rather have a chance to win the super bowl every year for the last 15 plus yrs then follow a team that has no chance every year gang green but its cool i get it !!!!!!!thank you!!!!!!! bye the way gang green for training and developing revis island cant wait to play gang green this year 1 last thing give the cheat thing its a rest its 2014 when you point 1 finger out there is always fingers pointed at you just go find a winning team to follow …peace

  60. I’m a Pats fan, but I’ll be honest, I like Rex. He keeps things interesting – mainly by what he says, not what his team does. Though it’s kind of pathetic, it’s still fun to hear him. BB is so much in his head it’s rediculous.

    Ras-I was a mistake by BB, no disputing that. Had all the measureables, but couldn’t stay on the field; just like his college career, always injured. He also drafted Cunningham to high, he was a reach. But if Rex gets them both to play well and stay on the field, then good for him. But Rex, seriously, Danny Woodhead still says hi. Everyone makes mistakes in evaluating players.

  61. Man, you Chowder heads must be really insecure!!! Why else would some many of you comment? The all mighty Bill the cheater has not won a Bowl since the cat was let out of the bag about Billy 007 lol J E T S jets jets jets

  62. I wish all of the ex-Pats well, just not their new teams when they compete with the Patriots. Players come and go for many reasons and there are very few ex-Patriots for whom I feel any ill will. Thankfully, guys like Hernandez are the exception, not the rule.

  63. Not a Pats fan, but the whole “Belicheat” thing? Super old!!! It doesn’t not even make sense???? The team did the same thing all teams did!!! It would be the same as Saying the Saints 2009, Super Bowl win and win against the Vikings in the NFCCG doesn’t count, due to Bounty ans Late hits on Favre! It shows what a loser you are for mentioning it over and over! Just Win! That is all, Simple

  64. Cryin Ryan should have been fired after last year. The only thing he does is talk with no success behind it. The Patriots record and draft record are far better than his will be on any team he ever coaches. The best thing about them keeping him around is it keeps his team at 7-9 another year. haa!! J.just E.end T.the S.season before another failed one!!! what a fool!

  65. Yeah the jets really missed Danny woodhead. None of you pats fans mention how the jets made the AFC championship game again in the season he was cut. What did the Pat’s win with him BTW? I’ll give you a clue. They won as many Superbowls they have win since spygate.

  66. Rex Ryan’s Jets will stay mired as the number 2 team in the AFC East, as long as Rex continues to fixate on The Patriots number 2 picks and discards. Both of those players were injury prone disappointments, who couldn’t make plays. Rex will eventually cut them too. Or lose trying to find gold in pyrite.

  67. Good luck with that. Cunningham didn’t show up for two seasons, then he was decent for about eight games before he was caught using PEDs. Ras-I never made it through a training camp without getting injured.

    Belichick deserves credit for his track record. There is not a long list of players who flamed out in New England only to resurrect their career elsewhere.

  68. whats the big deal between these has been teams..Jets have not won anything since Namath left..unless were counting runner ups but were not…and the Patsys hav not won super bowl in what 9 years now ..i dont see all the fuss between these 2 coaches…oh btw without Brady BB was a very average coach at best…not hating but just stating facts

  69. Patriots fan here. I actually think Rex is a very good coach and even though he gets under the skin of Patriots fans, I think it is good to have a rival or villain like him because it makes it more enjoyable when we win.

    As far as busts in the 2nd round there are plenty, and I would include Tavon Wilson who for some reason is still on the team. The so called experts thought he was a 7th rounder or free agent at best prospect and the Patriots took him in the 2nd round. He can’t play

    Ras-I Dowling might be a player if he stayed healthy but so many good players were picked right after him including Colin Kapernick and Andy Dalton it sure looks to me that the Patriots may have been able to trade down at a minimum and still picked him.

  70. Go Ahead Rexy

    Cunningham can’t play and Dowling can’t stay on the field. Other than that they are solid players.

    You can have Mallett when the Pats are done with him too.

  71. jetsarestacked says:
    Jun 15, 2014 9:41 PM
    Yeah the jets really missed Danny woodhead. None of you pats fans mention how the jets made the AFC championship game again in the season he was cut. What did the Pat’s win with him BTW? I’ll give you a clue. They won as many Superbowls they have win since spygate.

    Does it suck to know it’s only June and the best you can hope for is a second place finish for the Jets?

  72. Rex Ryan is like a seagull on a McDonald’s bag. Any piece of trash that the Patriots throw away Rex Ryan signs onto the Jets hoping that he can someday say “Hey Bill! Look at what I did with this guy that you couldn’t.” Big deal. Cunningham hasn’t done squat and Dowling was an injury risk out of college and never should have been drafted by the Pats in that slot in the first place. As they say “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.” these two guys will continue to do nothing for the Jets and Rex will just move onto the next McDonald’s bag.

  73. raiders4ever says:
    Jun 16, 2014 4:19 AM
    whats the big deal between these has been teams..Jets have not won anything since Namath left..unless were counting runner ups but were not…and the Patsys hav not won super bowl in what 9 years now ..i dont see all the fuss between these 2 coaches…oh btw without Brady BB was a very average coach at best…not hating but just stating facts

    And Bill Walsh was 8-24 without Montana.

    It’s a juvenile argument, it doesn’t matter how “great” the coach is if he doesn’t have good players.

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