Aaron Dobson doubtful for minicamp, three months after surgery


NFL players are so often termed “ahead of schedule” in their recovery from surgery that it sometimes feels like the rehab schedules need to be updated. But there’s at least one NFL player who seems to be behind schedule in his offseason recovery.

Patriots receiver Aaron Dobson had foot surgery on March 10, and at the time, his recovery was expected to take 2-3 months. Now we’re more than three months beyond that surgery, and Dobson isn’t all the way back.

According to Nick Underhill of MassLive.com, Dobson is doubtful for this week’s mandatory minicamp.

That doesn’t mean Patriots fans need to be worried: Dobson is getting better and has been able to shed his walking boot. But it does mean that the 2-3 month timeline for Dobson’s recovery turned out to be overly optimistic.

The Patriots’ second-round draft pick last year, Dobson was a starter for most of last season and showed some potential, but he suffered the foot injury in Week 12, missed three games and was at less than 100 percent when he returned and tried to play through it at the end of the regular season and in the postseason. The Patriots want to make sure he’s healthy for Week One, and so they’ll likely ease him back into things, and let him recover on his own schedule.

25 responses to “Aaron Dobson doubtful for minicamp, three months after surgery

  1. I suspect that this is the Patriots medical staff going, “We rushed one back (Gronk last year) so we are going to be slow this year since we have the option. Fully healed, not just football healed.

  2. Tough break for a Kid who never dropped a pass his senior year. I still have my eyes and hopes up on this guy.

  3. Get a hold of Patriots-West and see what it takes to get Andre Johnson and Aaron can take all the time he needs.

  4. They rushed Gronk back last year? Huh? They were incredibly cautious with his recovery last year.

    Never mind that he suffered a completely unrelated injury after he did come back.

  5. Hope they’re just being careful, they need him. Getting a bad ‘IR’ feeling.

  6. Oh my that first Jets game he played was horrible. He’s getting better, we’ll only see with time. Dont push him please.

  7. This turd somehow managed to prop Brady up last year….absent him diving for all those overthrown balls, Brady would have been a 10th percentile QB instead of a 25th percentile QB.

  8. Gronk was not ‘rushed back’ at all.

    He was re-injured from a helmet to his knee – nothing to do with either the forearm or back surgery that kept him out at the beginning of the season.

  9. .
    The guy’s like mysterio to me. After watching him for a full season I have no idea whether he can play.

  10. I hope he gets all the way back by the start of the season. Brady needs some good receiving help,and this guy has a lot of upside.

  11. Hopefully Dobson doesn’t turn into the 21st century version of Hart Lee Dykes.

  12. Andre Johnson for Ryan Mallet and a 3rd round pick in 2015. Deal done by August 1 IMO. Book it. Houston wants that guy badly since the Minnesota Vikings moved up to pick 32 the 1st round. And ambushed them in the draft by snagging the guy the Texans wanted all along with Pick #33 (Teddy Bridgewater). Pats will start to groom Garapolo right away if that deal happens. And bring in a Patchwork QB with potential upside like Josh Freeman to bail them out in the short term if Brady really goes down.

  13. It’s starting to look like the triple headed monster DobsonThompkinsBoyce might produce one healthy receiver at any given time, if we’re lucky.

    Jury still out on the receiver draft of ’13.

  14. 2-3 round picks that I have instilled to much faith in:
    Shawn Crable, Ron Brace, Ras- I Dowling, and probably Aaron Dobson.

    “If this guy can get on the field he can turn into a real playmaker.”

  15. I agree Wiz, but I think Boyce could break out. He was a standout in minicamp and could end up being their KO returner as well.

  16. Pats #1 seed. Pats over (your team here) in divisional.
    Pats over broncos at home AFC champ.
    Pats vs Seahawks
    Pats score more than 8 points.
    Giselle>Peyton’s wife.

  17. Dobson, Boyce and Thompkins remind me of the 2006 receiving core at the moment. They have to make the kind of strides that Branch and Givens did in 2002-2003 and show they can be dependable catching the ball. Right now they all seem to body catch everything that comes at them.

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