Andre Johnson won’t be coming to mandatory minicamp

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Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson hasn’t volunteered for any of the voluntary workouts this offseason.

And he won’t be volunteering for the mandatory ones, either.

According to Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle, Johnson won’t be attending this week’s mandatory minicamp, via his adviser and uncle Andre Melton.

That will subject Johnson to nearly $70,000 in fines if he skips all three days.

But for a guy scheduled to make $10 million this year, that’s palatable, if he’s able to parlay his absence into a new address, which seems to be what he wants.

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  1. So it’s safe to say he is not onboard with all the changes in Houston and is not particularly excited about their chances of making the playoffs.

  2. Looks like he’s had enough. Too many years of mismanagement of talent–specifically the QB position–are coming home to roost.

  3. I’m sorry, but it’s really hard to have respect for guys who skip mandatory functions and sacrifice $70K – which is more than many American’s make a year – because they feel slighted in some way. Never thought of this guy as a Diva but if the shoe fits…..

  4. There you have it. He doesn’t want to be with a team that has no chance to win a Super Bowl.

    Send him to the Patriots and get a 3rd round pick (second round if he hits certain numbers) and be done with it.

  5. Houston QBs on the roster are Case Keenam, TJ Yates and Ryan Fitzpatrick. I can see them interested in Ryan Mallett who previously played for Bill O’Brien.
    Swap Andre Johnson for Ryan Mallett and say a 2nd round draft pick.
    The window is closing and Tom Brady wants to win another Super Bowl.

  6. Meanwhile Cordarrelle Patterson is busy working hard and actually knows his team will do great things.

    The Minnesota Vikings > The Hapless Texans

  7. Honestly, just let the guy go to a good team. He’s 33 and we aren’t winning with fitzpatrick or w/e. Idc how good of a QB guru Bill thinks he is. Just trade the guy and get what you can for him and save some cash down the road.

  8. It’s the LeBron factor… Every great athlete nowadays not only thinks management should pay them a kings ransom, they also think the should surround them with talent to win a championship, as if they are doing them wrong. Hell, your getting 10 million dollars, suck it up. Man, these guys act as if the league wasn’t there before they arrived…

  9. If Johnson can afford to sacrifice $70,000, don’t get sanctimonious about his money. It’s his money. If that’s more money than you make in a year, then you should find a job that pays more.

  10. Seems so long ago since they won their only playoff game and the fans were proclaiming them the new America’s Team.

  11. The Texans don’t have to let him go or trade him. So this will end up being a extended vacation for Johnson. He will either be in a Deep Steel Blue jersey to start the season or still at home.

  12. A talent like 80 needs an offense…

    Come to Philly…
    Be the man….
    Carry the trophy down Broad…

    Deshaun Who….

    In Chip We Trust

  13. A team pays the amount of money it pays for these athletes to not only help the team but also the bottom line, Money. There are numerous HOF players that never even sniffed a championship. Houston needs Dre to comfort the fan base during yet another rebuild and he is being paid handsomely for it.

  14. I think its time to get a new advisor. I’m sure the Texans would be willing to trade him for future picks but he has to restructure his deal and agree to take less money. Nobody is going to trade for him and give up anything at his current contract and the Texans have absolutely no incentive to cut him or give him away. You can’t have it both ways, either make your money and play for the Texans or take less to play for a championship.

  15. It would be funny if Andre and his uncle misread his contract and it said it would be voided if he doesn’t show up for mandatory functions. I’m not saying I don’t agree with them, just that it would be funny. It would not be very palatable.

    I do agree that he needs a QB.

  16. .
    With the Texans QB situation the way it is, it’s very likely they will be a “run first” team. Being a blocker is probably not what Johnson wants at this stage of his career.

    What Obrien doesn’t want is every media encounter to begin with the question : “anything new on the Johnson front?”


  17. Andre, if you hate your job so much then quit and become a school teacher or a social worker. Then maybe in two years, you’ll make back the $70,000 you’re being fined this week, and you’ll have the added benefit of having a job that is actually important to society.

  18. Houston would probably love to trade him. The problem is finding a taker for a 33 yr old receiver that is still owed 30+ mil over the next 3 yrs. Houston would probably like to get out from under that contract, with a guy that doesn’t want to be there, while in rebuilding mode and give the money to JJWatts. Most teams would have to do some serious cap manipulation to fit him in at this point. If he’s serious about winning, maybe he’d agree to a pay cut with a contender. Love to see the Pats do it. It seems like they’re all in this yr anyway, especially with what appears to be a one yr Revis rental. Might as well go all the way in. The one perceived Pats weakness is an outside/deep threat. Would probably make them SBowl favs, since they’re the 3rd/4th choice now.

  19. I’m not sure what this approach says about what your word is worth Andre. But Ayn Rand would be proud of you. She preached the morality of rational self-interest, in essence the belief that being selfish was a good thing. Here’s hoping you get what you deserve.

    Best of luck to you in receiving the respect of your future teammates.

  20. Wily,

    Nice job incorporating Ayn into the discussion, but wouldn’t you also say that her philosophies also hold true for the team (their self interest) and more importantly to the fans self interest?

    Why shouldn’t the team just let him sit on the bench for the entire year? or let him go?

  21. Time to come to a winner and claim a super bowl Andre. Trent, make the call & bring this guy to Santa Clara.

  22. If Carolina didn’t want to pay Smith, LaFells, Ginn or Hixon, why would they pay AJohnson bigger money? Especially when they invested a high 1rst rnd pick on a WR and already signed two journeyman FAs.

  23. He apparently does not care for the Bill O’Brian way of doing things. O’Brian is a hard coach and kind of reminds me of Schiano. He is not soft like Kubiak was. Johnson is too late in his career to want to deal with this guys my way or the highway style of coaching.

  24. Tedmurph said: “If Carolina didn’t want to pay Smith, LaFells, Ginn or Hixon, why would they pay AJohnson bigger money?”

    Dude, seriously? Because none of those ex-Panthers has been elite for many years. Johnson, meanwhile, still had 1,400+ yards receiving last year on a team that was a mess on offense.

    – Titans Fan

  25. I think it would be sweet to see Suh get his deal to free up cap space, the Lions trade Fairley for a CB, move Devin Taylor to DT, cut Durham and Ogletree from the roster, and snag Andre on a 1-2 year deal.

    It’s probably not going to happen, but it would be cool to watch Megatron, Golden Tate, Ebron, Andre the Giant, and Reggie Bush all catching passes.

  26. I’m guessing all you morons griping about how he is 33 don’t know that he had 109 catches for 1400 yards last year ?! With NOBODY GOOD THROWING HIM THE BALL!!!

    The dude can still play…and is a top 10 wideout in this league.

    And for you other morons griping about him throwing away 70k – I’m guessing you don’t realize the NFL is a business for the teams AND the players…teams cut their losses when it is, in their determination, THEIR best interest…players have the prerogative to do THE EXACT SAME THING!!

    Andre’s best interest, in his determination, is to play somewhere else. After a decade of floundering on the same crap team…I think he has earned the benefit of the doubt…

  27. what grown individual gets mad at another grown individual about how they choose to go on about their business affairs? People act as if they’re the one’s signing the players checks.

  28. Dude, seriously? Because none of those ex-Panthers has been elite for many years.

    SSmith had 1400 yrds in 2011 and 1200 yrds in 2012. Had a down yr last yr. Watch what he does with the Ravens. Lafell and Ginn were both 6-700 yrd WRs that they let go for cheaper and inferior options like Cotcherry and LaFell. They had to decide who to pay because they had 21 FAs this offseason. So, instead of paying Smith 7, they’re gonna pay AJohnson 10? Don’t think so.

  29. Just trade the guy already, he does not want to be there and Houstan can get rid of this distraction. Get something for him now while you can. His money isnt alot of money either

  30. I disagree that you have to get what you can. After the season starts and those first few WRs start dropping due to injury and IR his stock goes up. Stay at home AJ.

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