Bridgewater: Gloves haven’t been this big since Michael Jackson


Teddy Bridgewater sounds tired about talking about his gloves. But he tries to show good humor about it.

Bridgewater, the Vikings’ rookie quarterback whose gloveless performance at his Pro Day caused his draft stock to drop, says he will wear gloves every time he plays for the rest of his life. But he’s a little surprised by how much people are focusing on it.

“Man, I don’t think gloves have been much of a deal like this since Michael Jackson,” Bridgewater told USA Today. “But to this day and for the rest of my career, I’m going to continue to wear gloves.”

Bridgewater says the gloves he’ll wear are specifically designed for quarterbacks and should make him a better passer.

“It feels like the ball actually — like the texture of the ball,” Bridgewater said. “I guess that’s why it’s a perfect match for when the ball is in my hand. When the ball is in my hand, it just sticks to my hand. It feels like I’m bare-handed, but I’m not.”

There was a time when no quarterbacks wore gloves, but there was also a time when no wide receivers wear gloves. Now virtually all receivers wear gloves, and a day may come when gloves are the norm for quarterbacks as well. And then people will stop asking Bridgewater about his gloves.

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  1. Don’t forget to add O.J (aka “The Juice”) when talking about those gloves Bridgewater!

  2. Teddy Bridgewater is poised for NFL Success.

    Not only does he already have Elite Quarterback work ethic.

    He also is deadly accurate, with a 71% completion percentage in a Pro Style Offense where he made all the audibles for the Wide Receivers & Offensive Line.

    With Mediocre Talent around him, he still managed to destroy both top ranked SEC teams in both Bowl Games.

    Also displaying great pocket awareness, Throwing 17 Tds & 1 Interception against the Blitz, Which no other college QB came close to doing.

    He also displayed the highest velocity in his throws out of every single QB in the draft – According to Sports Science.

    The only Knock critics seem to have on him is his mediocre Pro Day, which doesn’t seem to be the best evaluation of Quarterbacks – Unless you think Jamarcus Russell is a great Quarterback.

    In other words – This man is a Future Super Star in the NFL.


  3. Oddly enough, that was also the last time Min had any resemblance of a professional sports team.

  4. They should ban all gloves in the league as a performance enhancing device! Why can’t these guys rely on their natural butterfinger ability?

  5. Well OJ’s glove was a tad too small if I remember correctly. But Kurt Warner’s career could be attributed the gloves he wore, so Teddy, wear those gloves and you may have a good career.

  6. Listen, my teams drafted QB Johnny Manziel just had a video of him shot while he was drunk holding a huge stack of money and everybody in Cleveland radio is having a tissy over it. I wanted the Browns to draft Teddy Bridgewater because I believed he will be the better QB. He played in an NFL-style offense with reads and progressions and an actual playbook which Party Manziel never has.

    I called Cleveland sports radio the day after the first round and said that Minnesota got the best QB of this years draft. Glove or no glove, this is the guy that I wanted. I think a whole lot was made out of nothing with the glove and the Pro-day and I wish Teddy B the best of luck.

  7. Teddy Bridgewater’s Handsize is 9 1/8 inches.

    Aaron Rodgers Handsize is 9 2/8 inches.

    I didn’t know 1/8 of an inch smaller made your hand size “tiny”

    Delusional Packer Fans at their best.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  8. OJ attempted to put on a pair of TIGHT “form-fitting” gloves while wearing a pair of sheer gloves underneath. Naturally the tight gloves didn’t fit. A little trickeration by his “dream team.”

  9. It sure will be a long and painful fall for a few people here when Teddy Bridgewater ends up being Brian Brohm 2.0.

  10. Viking fans loved Michael Jackson, anybody that runs around singing, “Beat It” while wearing one glove resonates with the fan base.

    Bridgewater should wake up to the fact it wasn’t the glove at his Pro Day, he just wasn’t any good to begin with. But let’s keep that a secret and wait 3 years for the Viking fans to figure out. Where I come up with the 3 years, well, it took that long to figure out Ponder was useless so I estimate about the same time frame.

  11. I guess that 1/8 of an inch is enough to play like a league MVP/SB MVP QB without a glove. Something Teddy will never do, with or without his gloves.

  12. Kurt Warner wore gloves too. Big deal. The media needs to find something else to talk about.

  13. Not sure why, but the “X has tiny hands” is my favorite PFT meme of late. I’d clap but I always miss.

  14. Okay – an 1/8″ difference in handsize is no big deal. But I’ll take Rodgers 35 Wonderlic score over Bridgewaters 20 any day of the week.

    The average Wonderlic score of the 2014 projected starting QB’s is 29.4. Johnny football scored a 32. Now I’m not a firm believer that Wonderlic score is a overwelming factor in deciding on a QB to lead your team, but 20?

    The fact that Cam Newton scored a 21 should leave some hope for Vikings fans, but at least with Newton he had other physical gifts that Bridgewater doesn’t.

  15. Okay – an 1/8″ difference in handsize is no big deal. But I’ll take Rodgers 35 Wonderlic score over Bridgewaters 20 any day of the week.

    The average Wonderlic score of the 2014 projected starting QB’s is 29.4. Johnny football scored a 32. Now I’m not a firm believer that Wonderlic score is a overwelming factor in deciding on a QB to lead your team, but 20?

    The fact that Cam Newton scored a 21 should leave some hope for Vikings fans, but at least with Newton he had other physical gifts that Bridgewater doesn’t.

    –Wonderlic scores mean nothing to the success of an NFL QB. Some examples:
    Ryan Fitzpatrick – 48
    Blaine Gabbert – 42

  16. Anthony Dilweg – 36
    Christian Ponder – 35
    Matt Leinart – 35

    And for a few examples of lower scores:
    Ben Roethlisberger – 25
    Chad Pennington – 25
    Trent Dilfer – 22
    Mark Brunell – 22
    Brett Favre -22
    Daunte Culpepper – 18
    Steve Mcnair – 15
    Randall Cunningham – 15
    Jim Kelly – 15
    Dan Marino – 15
    Terry Bradshaw – 15
    Donovan Mcnabb – 14

  17. He will fit in well with the queens and the fans. Having to make excuses because of his poor performance when the pressure was on. Yeah a glove makes the difference to an undraftable performance vs, 1 st round worthy one. I can only imagine the panic when the real bullets start.

    How laughable that the Viking fans are so desperate for a qb they are trying to draw comparisons to all time #1 qb rating qb, league MVP, Super Bowl winner and MVP. Of course though ask any purple fan and they have chosen another pro bowl player who will help contribute to the 4th out of 5 last place finishes to continue the dynasty.

  18. This past draft will be a redefining moment for NFL front offices. When Bridgewater outperforms Johnny football teams will return to focusing on a player’s film as opposed to being blown away by how “wonderful” and “amusing” a players pro day went.

  19. Teddy will become the best QB the Vikings have had in the last 35 years, if not their entire history.

    Hope all those Packers, Bears, and Lions fans get used to the following call, because they’re going to be hearing it a lot over the next decade plus: “Bridgewater to Patterson…..Touchdown!”

  20. “Smaller” hands are completely overrated. These guys are throwing the same sized ball in college. Aaron Rodgers, the target of completely jealous Vikings fans, tied the NCAA record for most consecutive complete passes in a game against the eventual BCS champions. In the pros, he’s the most efficient NFL QB in history. Jawalrus Russell had big hands and he sucked.

    Accuracy is what matters. Bridgewater was quite accurate in college, so we’ll see what he can do.

  21. Still laughing over the post preferring a QB that wears gloves over one that wears yoga pants. . . . .

  22. The gloves gets him to 9-3/8″ from 9-1/4″. Without the gloves his hand size would be nearly a full inch less than Rodgers @ 10-1/8″.

  23. GB-56
    2 ties
    All time
    Case closed () hahahaha
    Unless you wanna start talking about titles, we can do that all day too. But just not with Viking fans, they don’t know about titles quite yet, haven’t been there in.. Damn I can’t even remember

  24. They shipped a whole case for the packers “D” to help them tackle, intercept…..anything to help, but to no avail, the packers “D” still sucks.

    Tough time to be a packer fan of defense.

  25. Can this quarterback who hides his tiny hands in gloves be better than Tarvaris Jackson?

    He isn’t as good as Ponder or Joe Webb, yet.

    He may be better than John David Booty but not as good as Donovan McNabb.

    It is a shame they paid all that money to Josh Freeman and then not give him a fair chance to compete with all the other viking QB’s.

    Each viking QB is hailed locally until they actually play; then they are said to need more time until they run out of time.

    Given the vikings amazing history of drafting and developing QB’s, it is an easy bet how Teddy Bridgewater and his hidden small hands turn out.

  26. This is what it’s come to. Packer fans are so scared they’re trying to convince us that hand size and Wonderlic scores are the determinants of quarterbacking success. If that were true, Christian Ponder would be an All Pro. Now we have a guy trying to convince us that Rodgers’ hands are 10 1/8″ when anyone with an internet connection can find out in seconds that they’re 9 3/8″. They really believe it’s that important!

  27. You’re looking in the wrong places and being provided incorrect information. This is straight from the official sources:

    “Like his predecessor, Brett Favre, he has larger-than-average hands. They enable Rodgers to hold on to the ball even with a defender tugging on his arm. In the cold, when the ball holds like a frozen Butterball, Rodgers’ massive grip helps secure the ball while maintaining a functioning passing game.

    Rodgers’ hands measured 10 1/8 inches from thumb tip to pinky tip, second-largest of the quarterbacks at the 2005 draft combine and not far behind Favre’s hand measurement of 10 3/8 inches.”

    Sure, you’ll find other information out here, incorrect information, and if that is what you prefer…..have at it. For me, I’ll stick with the facts and truth. Good luck!

  28. Really scared? Scared maybe of the stench of losing drifting over the border. Rodgers set the standard in the history of the NFL in qb rating yet we are scared? As far as hand size look it up or post it instead of continuing the lie. Just trying to cover for the queens drafting Fumblepepper 2.0 and his tiny hands. Lessons don’t get taught very well in minnesota do they?

    Tom Oates: Hands down, Aaron Rodgers gives the Packers an edge

    GREEN BAY — The crisis in the seats has been averted.

    Green Bay Packers fans, as always, will fill Lambeau Field despite the bitter cold predicted for today’s NFC wild card playoff game with the San Francisco 49ers.

    That means the crisis has shifted to the playing field, where the Packers will try to avoid losing to the defending NFC champions for the fourth time in 16 months.

    The anticipated sub-zero temperatures and Arctic Circle wind chills have been the topic of discussion all week while the Packers — like two of the other three NFL teams hosting playoff games — scrambled to sell tickets, but the truth is the conditions will affect the game far more than the attendance.

    That’s why the up-and-down Packers probably should be favored to beat the talent-rich 49ers today, though by the slimmest of margins.

    Like, say, an inch.

    Yes, an inch, which is the difference between the hand size of the quarterbacks — Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers — as measured at the NFL scouting combine when they entered the draft. Rodgers’ hands (101/8 inches) are large for a quarterback;

  29. Looks like Vikings NFC North worst offense is set to lead the league for most interceptions thrown for a record 5th straight year.

    Too bad our NFC North worst defense can’t do the same.

  30. SHAMON! HE HE! OW! I’m running out of Wacko Jacko bits…just like Jacko ran out of nose, allegedly. Now pour me some Jesus Juice…SHAMON!

  31. Funny enough, MJ has HUGE hands! I’m serious! Look at some photos / Google Michael Jackson big hands and click on Images tab.

  32. Someday “Wisconsin” will have a real economy.. Until then The Great State of Minnesota is here to provide you poor souls who inhabit that wasteland of shame and regret, with jobs, non-pretend healthcare, and an over all model as to what an actual state looks like

  33. Looks like Vikings NFC North worst offense is set to lead the league for most interceptions thrown for a record 5th straight year.

    –Why is it that trolls have to lie one almost every post they make? Without even looking back 5 years, I’ll prove this a lie. In 2013 Cassell threw 9 ints, Ponder threw 9 ints and Freeman threw 4 ints. For the math impaired troll brains, that’s 22 ints. That same season, Eli Manning threw 29 ints, Joe Flacco threw 22 ints and Carson Palmer threw 22 ints. Like the guys saying Rodgers has 10″+ hands, just because you keep saying it, doesn’t make a lie true.

  34. Kurt Warner went to 3 SB n won 1 so this whole glove thing is a joke kinda like the Packer defense n Seattle infatuation with Vikings players

  35. Actually, Minnesota hires so many Wisconsinites because our state needs plenty of unskilled, low educated workers — most of our natives have the white collar jobs.

  36. As soon as knowledgeable Packer fans corner you with football-centric witticisms, you guys get all flustered and resort to childish non-football related putdowns and insults. As I’ve said before….. its the only ammunition you have. Gigging you dolts just to see how far you jump is hilarious. We do it for sport in the off-season, and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel……(something you’re actually probably good at!)

  37. The real reason the Teddy has decided to keep the gloves is that, now that he’s playing for Minnesota, he knows the only way he’ll be able to get his tiny hands on a Lombardi Trophy is to steal it. Wearing gloves means no fingerprints.

  38. The Minnesota Vikings have never won a significant game in the entire history of their organization.
    Over 50 years of futility.

    And the entire league laughs at you.

  39. Really the economy? Are you guys really that desperate that on a football site that’s the best you got? There is not one tangible thing you can say regarding your dismal franchise and have to talk complete nonsense.

  40. Hahaha this is great. Packers fans everywhere are trying as hard as they can to troll the Vikings boards, because they are quaking in their cheesy little boots. The Vikes could be a real threat this year, and it has them all nervous. Better get what you can in now.. it will be a long tumble down once Rodgers is done in Green Bay. Hope you’re ready for the insults to spam across all of your team articles.. and then you can reply with “but, but.. our team was good.. at one time!!”

  41. I don’t own any cheesy little boots. Ask Bridgewater for his.

    You know what they say: Small Hands…Small Feet!

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