Brock Vereen getting starter reps at safety for Bears

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The Bears didn’t get much from their safeties last season, leading to a lot of new faces joining the team this offseason.

The youngest of the lot has been getting all of the first-team reps at free safety this spring. Brock Vereen, selected in the fourth round last month, is working alongside free agent acquisition Ryan Mundy on the starting defense. Vereen said he isn’t taking anything for granted, but he’s feeling more comfortable in the role as more time passes.

“I wouldn’t say [I’m] shocked [about taking reps with the starters], but I know nothing is set,” Vereen said, via “I’m just coming in and working hard. If that gets me on the field, then so be it. It’s really starting to slow down for me out there. Now, I’m able to react rather than to have to think about it.”

Vereen played cornerback in college as well, but the Bears have a more acute need for help at safety after Kyle Fuller was selected in the first round. Vereen is well-positioned to provide that help.

M.D. Jennings and Danny McCray, also signed this season, are working as the backups. Chris Conte and Craig Steltz have been out with injuries, but neither one has distinguished himself enough in the past to offer much argument against moving in a new direction.

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  1. Yea, I’ve got a feeling once Conte is back, he’ll be taking the reps with the starters. Plus, this is still t-shirt and helmets.

  2. Brock Vereen is going to be an awesome player for the Bears for many years. He was a regular on the radio in Minneapolis the last couple years and you can tell that the guy gets it. His combine performance showed he has talent and he’s going to work harder than anyone else.

  3. I don’t get all the people saying Conte is a shoe-in to start once he gets healthy. He was godawful last year, with major breakdowns in literally every game. I understand he was playing hurt but even when he’s healthy he is a 2nd stringer at best.

    Typically a 4th-round pick from a bad college program would have no prayer of starting for an NFL team as a rookie, but as bad as the Bears’ other options are at that position, I wouldn’t bet against Vereen.

  4. First thing’s first. Not defending Conte by any means, but you could have started Ed Reed back there at Safety last season, and the overall results wouldn’t have changed much. With a swiss-cheese front seven, any Safety is going to struggle making constant one-on-one tackles in open space. Hopefully the new D-Line will actually get some pressure on the QB this year, so whoever is back there will not be left alone on an island.

  5. I have got to say that most fans that are criticizing Conte are ignorant. You don’t throw a player away because he had one bad season. At that his bad season came at a time when it was atrocious everywhere, not just at the safety position. He was exposed way more than he should have been and still has a year left on his contract. The fact is for 2 of 3 season Conte had been a respectable started. Shoot, after the 2012 season reporters raved at the continuity that Conte and Wright had in the backfield and one season later they are not even starting caliper safeties? So hypothetically we put Vereen in and he struggles. By the argument presented we should just cut him because one season defines a career.

    This is Conte’s job to lose and it shouldn’t be any other way. Honestly Wright got the raw end of the deal because his contract year was a year that the whole defense struggled. If he would have been on a contract year in 2012 he would have gotten a 4 year extension and Mundy wouldn’t be playing for the bears or he’d at least not be penciled in as a starter so early in the off season.

    Look for Conte to maintain his starting role through training camp and at the beginning of the season. If he struggles early Vereen will step in and if Vereen plays better, and I’m not saying he won’t, Conte wont get an extension. If Conte starts the whole season he will likely get a 1 to 2 year deal to prove he can continue to play at a starting level and not be beat out by Vereen at any point during that 2-3 year span. If so we will probably see him start for the next 6 years and that’s how it goes. I like Conte and he struggled in a year that everyone struggled, and there wouldn’t have been a safety in this league that wouldn’t have struggled in that defense.

  6. Pretty sure the only reason the Bears signed Jennings was to pump him for competitive info. I’ll be stunned if he makes their final cut.

  7. Even if Jennings makes the cut I wouldn’t consider him a terrible pickup. As a backup I can see but I don’t think they ever expected him to have a real push at starting. But I think he can give veterian insight and that’s never bad. I guess it comes down to how many safeties they keep. Conte, Mundy, Vereen, and Steltz are all locks. But Jennings would be the fifth if they decide to keep 5.

  8. Conte is the worst Bears Safety since 1975. He was horrible the last two years not just 2013. He was a bit covered up in 12 because of the Stellar play of pro bowl corners Tillman and Jennings and even to a much lesser extent Major Wright. He is not an NFL level Safety and never will be. I would be shocked if he ever plays Safety again in the NFL. I do not know why the worst Safety in the league is coming back to play for the Bears in 2014.
    Yes the front seven was not good in 2013; but that does not make Conte miss tackles or play the wrong coverage or always be in the wrong position. The most frequent comment during every Bears games is “Conte not over in time” or “Conte took a bad angle” or Content missed the tackle”. EVERY GAME!!!!
    How does this guy stay on any NFL team not to mention have a chance to start. The Washington team and GB and others specifically targeted Conte. Conte will be missed by Green Bay most of all.

  9. Remember Al Afalava? A 6th round pick that started every game as a rookie and hasnt played in the NFL since?

  10. Not sure why you little bear hopefuls are excited about this. What has this guy done? Defense looks like it’s gonna get ran over again this year. Goal should be 6 wins this year. Good luck.

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