Giants rookie could have been a soccer star

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Like many Americans, Giants rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham will be tuning in this afternoon for our World Cup match against Ghana.

But for Beckham, there will be a tinge of “what might have been” as well.

According to Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger, Beckham was offered a tryout for the national team when he was a teenager.

“I played seriously until I was about 13 or 14 then the [US] national team wanted me to try out for it,” Beckham said. “It’s just so much for a young kid to have to decide that. You’d have to leave your family. But I always played in the premiere leagues. I was 11 playing U-14, stuff like that. I was always playing up. . . .

“Soccer was my first love so whenever I think back on those moments, I think of what could have been. If it wasn’t in God’s plans, it wasn’t in God’s plans.”

Beckham obviously did OK for himself by focusing on track and football, and will be back on the field for the Giants minicamp tomorrow.
But today, he’ll be thinking about the other futbol.

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  1. I don’t know what the Giants front office is thinking any more. Why would they draft a soccer player in the first round? If Beckham wants to try out for the World Cup, he shouldn’t be in the NFL.

    After losing Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Myers, the two best Giants receiving threats of the past 20 years, the Giants need football players not soccer players.

  2. I played soccer until high school when I switched to football, and played some college ball. Soccer was my first love but I can promise you it doesn’t mean his heart isn’t fully into football. Don’t bash on him.

  3. NFL overly commercialized games = Boring

    At least in soccer you know you aren’t going to be subjected to 2 hours worth of terrible beer and pickup truck commercials.

    I’m never going to buy a pickup truck, my job and lifestyle doesn’t require one. I drink beer because I like it. Nothings going to change those facts.

  4. Some of the best athletes in the world attribute much of their success to growing up playing soccer. Building the foundation of coordination is obviously the starting point of being a world class athlete.

    Ever wonder why soccer players don’t suffer ACL and other knee/leg problems?

  5. Clearly, Justin Tuck must be two and knows nothing about sports. FYI some of us can play multiple sports, and are good doing it.

  6. Here in America all the best atheletes don’t play or leave soccer because the major league pay scale here isn’t equal to the other major sports (football, basketball, baseball).

    This is why our national soccer teams don’t measure up to the best of the european countries.

    Can’t really blame Beckham for switching to football.

  7. Soccer players basically run a 10K+ every game. They track the players and show the distance they each cover. I’d venture to guess there are football players – starters – who run less than .5K in a game.
    Comparing the 2 sports is silly though. Totally different.

  8. I wonder if Odell Beckham was playing soccer instead of football in his youngers years? If so, that’s a great thing because less wear-and-tear.

  9. I used to be a soccer basher but it’s such a better tv event than the national commercialized touch fantasy football league now. There’s more faking in the nfl and more hitting in soccer now.

  10. Aaron Rodgers Has Tiny Hands says:
    Jun 16, 2014 9:23 AM
    I think I speak for all of us when I say that soccer is boring.

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    NOPE! Only people who don’t understand the game say that. Broaden your horizon. Learn a thing or 2 about the most popular sport in the WORLD!

  11. He went where the money was (in the US anyway)…smart. That is why the US doesn’t do as well in world competitions like the WC. The top athletes go where the money is.

    Soccer is the game of the poor inner city kids in the rest of the world…doesn’t take any money and it is easy the stuff a sock or take, etc and play in the streets. In the US, it is basketball and maybe football that is played in the inner city, etc. That sport is their ticket out.

    If FUTBOL every caught on in the inner city, the rest of the world better watch out!

  12. Do you people realize that they don’t even know how to keep time in soccer? The clock counts up to 90:00 but the game doesn’t end then because they have to add time for all the stoppages in play. They can’t even figure out how to have a guy press a button to stop the clock when the whistle blows. I just found that out.

  13. NOPE! Only people who don’t understand the game say that. Broaden your horizon. Learn a thing or 2 about the most popular sport in the WORLD!
    Oh, look at me! I’m a citizen of the world, I have so much appreciation for other cultures and customs!

    “NOPE!” I played 18 years of Soccer, four collegiate. Hell of a lot of fun to play, but watching good soccer is like watching paint dry.

    It’s so popular elsewhere because it’s the ultimate home team sport; if your city, or team, or country loses, it’s the end of the fing world– all soccer fans really care about is watching is who wins the game (match)

  14. chalkruz1989 says:
    Jun 16, 2014 10:22 AM
    I wonder if Odell Beckham was playing soccer instead of football in his youngers years? If so, that’s a great thing because less wear-and-tear.

    Exactly! With so many players coming from basketball backgrounds and making the transition at the NFL level, there is little need to have kids play football so early.

    Both ball and soccer take little time…one is played in the morning, one at night. The skills are transferable. Both build stamina, leaping ability, footwork.

  15. I still do not understand all of the soccer bashing. It is different than football and, I think, it is possible to enjoy both. I know a guy who watches golf on TV, which I find to be near suicide inducing, but I find no need to criticize his sport enjoyment.

    As for the player, his situation and decision are really the reason why US men’s soccer lags behind the rest of the world. Our best athletes play where the money is. For US women’s soccer, the opposite is true and the team dominates on the world stage.

  16. Soccer boring? Generally said by people who don’t have the coordination to play. Or have short attention spans.

    I have realized how refreshing it really is after NFL games of (sort of) 60 mins of play and 2 hours of annoying commercials. In fact, I often turn the games off due to the commercials. Just gross.

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