Grimes is impressed with Jarvis Landry, so far


At a time when one team in the AFC East hopes/needs a rookie receiver to make a big impact, another team in the AFC East found a potential impact player without giving up a pair of first-round picks and a fourth-round pick.

Miami’s counter to Bills receiver Sammy Watkins could be Jarvis Landry, a second-round pick from LSU.

Appearing on Friday’s edition of PFT Live, Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes said that Landry has impressed so far in offseason workouts, making a variety of one-handed catches on a regular basis.

Of course, there’s a significant gap between making plays in T-shirts and shorts and getting it done when facing an NFL-caliber defensive back in a real game.  For now, though, Landry is looking like a wise investment of the 63rd overall pick.

Grimes was a wise investment in 2013, and again on a four-year deal.  For his full visit with PFT Live, click the spot below.

19 responses to “Grimes is impressed with Jarvis Landry, so far

  1. It’s shirts and Tshirts OTAs. He’s not getting hit, the QB is never under real pressure, he’s running scripted plays that he can refer to his playbook on and doesn’t have to remember routes on hot reads when the QB or OC changes plays at the line of scrimmage and calls something he doesn’t know well.

    Rookie receivers rarely make that much of an impact with good reason.

  2. floratiotime says:
    Jun 16, 2014 11:21 AM

    Everyone is impressive in OTAs.


    Not Mike Williams, apparently

  3. Well for the Skilled positions OTA’s is when you get the reps and chemistry in, so for all of you who say its just shorts and T-Shirts how often do you think in the NFL skilled positions really hit each in practice, now if it was the front 7 then i would agree with you, but for the skilled players this is some crucial reps being worked… now if Mr. Top 100 Grimes is impressed then I will look forward to seeing Landry out there…I do believe he is that type of receiver that will make all the others receivers better around him… AFC East is our for the taking Indeed…

  4. I’d rather hear about a veteran being impressed by a rookie now hearing a veteran being disappointed by a rookie now.

    Grimes has proven his value on the team, and if he thinks the kid has potential, I’m inclined to believe it.

    No, I’m not “crowning anyone” as Denny Green might say, but I’d still say this is something positive.

  5. All the hype about Beckham kind of overshadowed this kid. A bit of research shows he put up better numbers and was more consistent than Beckham. When asked after ring drafted if he was the possession guy and Beckham was the speed one, he replied “I’m the reliable one.” This kid has the mentality. May not be blessed physically like a Calvin Johnson but not many are. He has great hands and runs crisp routes which this offense depends on. This kid could be a diamond in the rough. I look forward to see how he turns out and hope he’s a star.

  6. You guys saying, “it’s just shorts and T’s” are funny. If you knew anything about Landry you’d realize he’s a tough physical WR who may flourish more when the pads go on (many called him the toughest skill player in the draft). We’ll see!

  7. When I look at the comments on my iPad, sometimes I go to give it a “thumbs up” and a accendently hit “report comment”.

    I can’t reverse it. The moderators probably think I am a PC idiot even by NBC standards.

  8. Only time will tell if Landry is the real deal. Still, having caught Grimes eye is a positive step forward.
    All pro db’s may have a better idea than most.
    Additionally, the everyone looking good rule did not help certain draft bust like; JaMarcus Russell and a long list of others as well. Again, time will tell. Nothing like a good season and solid performances.

  9. I think this Landry kid will be the biggest hit in the draft the Dolphins have had since perhaps JT and Thomas. It may sound stupid but not only does he have the skills as well as mentally understanding the game but he has the perfect attitude for his position. He reminds me of Steve Smith formerly of the Panthers and if he ends up just 80% the player Smith was he will make a huge difference for many years to come.

  10. Go back and look at the LSU games and see this guy can take a hit and still catch the ball. He is going to be special.

  11. The real concern is why Landry has to make so many one handed catches during OTA’s? Guess our QB’s can’t throw accurately in shorts and tee shirts with no pressure.

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