Jets running backs coach: We always play the hot guy


When Chris Johnson was with the Titans, there was no question about who was getting the lion’s share of the carries in the running game.

Things are less clear now that Johnson is coming off of knee surgery and part of a Jets backfield that also includes Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell and Daryl Richardson, but the team’s running backs coach says that Johnson will have an opportunity to take the driver’s seat in any time share. Anthony Lynn said that Johnson “can have as many yards as he wants” if he shows that he’s up to the task.

“He wants every single rep,” Lynn said, via the New York Daily News. “That’s the type of attitude most running backs have. They want every single rep. I think that’s good. I think that’s healthy. It just means that he’s competitive. But how we split those up remains to be seen. By the time we go through the process, the cream will rise to the top like it always does. We’ll go ahead with a couple guys. And then they’ll do it by committee anyway. We’ve always played the hot guy. It doesn’t matter who it is. If you go in there and produce, you usually stay in.”

Johnson isn’t expected to do much during this week’s minicamp, so training camp and the preseason will provide the best chance to assess how much of the workload he might take this season. If he’s healthy, it might be quite a bit because Johnson’s best has been better than that of any of the other competitors for playing time with the Jets.

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  1. The Jets always act as if they’re some sort of wonderful team who has the magic answers. I don’t know if it’s arrogance or ignorance. Maybe a bit of both. No playoffs for you !!!

  2. people need to realize with the jets, if they even put out an AVERAGE offensive team, they’re a tough team to beat this year. even with a horrible offense the past two-three years. the jets have still been in 3/4 of their games and only 4 games under .500. adding quality players like decker and johnson, along with drafting amaro is a completly different look.

    the really beneficiary of all of this is hill as he doesn’t have as much pressure on him as years past. they’re hopeful he finally grew into his own body (like alshon did last year), because his game wasn’t bad, it was his injuries that really held him back. i said it before, it took d.thomas three years to adjust in this league and hill has the same potential skillset. that is, as long as he’s not hurt.

  3. I think Ivory is underrated and while it’s nice that the Jets tried up upgrade a horrific offense, I’m still not sure on this move.

  4. You’d think we were all reading a bad comedy website with the lame, old comments. Wow , feet comments, super witty! In actual football related news, the Jets overall are top 3 offseason improved. Will it translate to instant SB? Probably not, but big improvement offensively this year, with the CJ addition.

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