Josh Brent to spend six weeks in rehab facility


We mentioned yesterday that former Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was released from county jail.

But he still has some sentence yet to serve.

According to Melissa Repko of the Dallas Morning News, Brent will head to an in-patient treatment facility to serve the final six weeks of his 180-day sentence for killing teammate Jerry Brown in a drunken car wreck.

While he announced his retirement before sentencing, the Cowboys have indicated they’d welcome him back.

But he’d have to go through the league’s personal conduct policy and would likely face a suspension there if he decided to try to come back.

8 responses to “Josh Brent to spend six weeks in rehab facility

  1. Will be out in time to rejoin the Cowboys. How long before he kills someone else. Drunk drivers never learn. The courts just release them to kill again.

  2. two buds who messed up. It is all about second chances, give this guy one. He didnt kill his best friend on purpose, they just were not thinking. This is the worst case scenario for drunk driving.

  3. You know people who always come on here and think you have to say something funny or negative about EVERY POST placed on are just pathetic! get a life! dude made a mistake that cost his BEST FRIEND his life! that is punishing all its own!

  4. He KILLED someone people!! He should never see another NFL game unless it’s on TV. Professional sports is a priveledge not a right. Goodell should ban this guy for life.

  5. He killed someone. Yes. So did dante stallworth. So did leonard little. Vick killed a ton of dogs. All came back and played. Nfl is full of second chances. The victims mom forgave him. So all of the self righteous please stand back and watch this guy comeback to the cowboys and play, if he his willing and able to play.

  6. There’s wrist-slap sentences and then there are the coveted “wrist-itch” sentence and then there is Brent’s “oh, is that my wrist?” sentence.

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