Josh Freeman trying to work on his game without a team


The Giants didn’t waste much time on the Josh Freeman experiment, but the former first-round pick is trying to re-establish himself.

According to Gil Brandt of, Freeman will work with Jon Gruden this week and then quarterback guru Terry Shea the following week.

Some remedial work can only help, and keep his name out there in front of NFL teams who might start looking for an extra arm before camp.

Freeman once flashed skills worthy of his draft status, but after landing in Greg Schiano’s doghouse, then barely registering in stints with the Vikings and Giants, he clearly needs to get back on solid footing.

Then again, with the word out of those camps that he struggled with game plans and learning system,s you wonder how much the individual drills will do for him, in terms of finding him a job.

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  1. In this situation it looks like Josh Freeman has two options left to revitalize his career.

    Pull an Aaron Rodgers and start doing Yoga with to get more “flexible”

    Or pull a Seahawks move and start taking PEDs.

  2. He really didn’t get a chance with the vikings. His cap number was just too high for a low revenue team.

    With the preseason about to begin in the CFL it might be too late to go North for this season.

    But a good season in the CFL might land him another chance with the vikings like it did for Joe Kapp.

  3. I’ve been assured by every Packer fan since Teddy Bridgewater was drafted that hand size is the primary determinant of success as a quarterback. Why doesn’t Freeman just show everyone his giant 10″ hands and he’ll have a job tomorrow?

  4. Can we get an update on the 2013 NFLPA suit between Freeman/Schiano/Bucs, please?

    Freeman and his agent leaked the information, and tried their hardest to sink Schiano and Bucs.


  5. I still think this guy is a better option behind EJ Manuel, than Thad Lewis or Jeff Tuel.

    Or Dennis Dixon, or Matt Flynn, or Vince Young, or Kevin Kolb, or Matt Leinert?

    (Did I miss anyone? Lol.)

  6. You wonder how he goes from earning the VIkings job in a week to not being able to play. What the

  7. I’m a sucker for a QB reclamation case. If Josh comes back swinging after this, I’ll be rooting for him.

    Having said that, I am curious what the Giants saw or perhaps didn’t see in that day or two where he was a NY Giant…

  8. After Bustwater flops early on, the East Dakota Vikings will once again pay Freeman $1M an hour to play for them like they did last season.



  9. He was drafted to be the Bucs franchise QB. Talk about an odd career.

    I think his problem now is that almost everyone saw that dismal MNF performance he put on. Man.

    But as tformation mentioned, what happened with the Giants for them to cast him from the team so quickly?

  10. Freeman should be able to work out without a team around him, after all, he spent all last season on the last place Vikings so just how different is it really going to be?

  11. I think if a team is committed to him as a starter, they’re more flexible in dumbing down the playbook for him. As a backup, they won’t do that. It’s gonna be sink or swim with what they want to do.

  12. Please stop writing so many articles about Freeman being available.

    -Andy Dalton

  13. Schiano had nothing to do with Freeman’s collapse.

    It started with Morris and just went downhill from there.

    Schiano tried to stop the downhill plunge, but is was too late.

    Seriously, Freeman needs pyscho help, bad. There is no quick fix for him.

    Many in Tampa saw it, but couldn’t do anything about it. The patient has to be willing and Freeman wasn’t.

    I laugh at the thought of Gruden being any help.

  14. Josh Freeman would be SMART to go to the CFL and start fresh. If he can light it up again, he MAY have a slim chance to make it back to the NFL.

  15. I didn’t realize 2009 had such a weak draft class. Only truly elite players from that class are Clay Matthews, Alex Mack, Jairus Byrd, LeSean McCoy, and Arian Foster (who wasn’t even drafted!)

  16. disregard the Vikings photo version of Freeman…he was a desperation grab by Frazier/Musgrave.
    Spielman just went along with it to oust them knowing their mistake.

  17. CFL is exactly what Freeman needs… Problem is the tool box.. He has the tools…still only going to earn 400G playing in Canada… Imagine that only 400G!!

  18. Knew he was vastly overrated from Day 1. Just another 6’6″ guy with good arm. Lacked so many other items in the QB skillset bag, but talking heads just kept blabbing about his “potential”, or “when the light goes on”, or “when he gets it”. Folks, start looking at QB skills, both physical and mental, and quit looking at how tall a man is.

  19. Large hands do not guarantee success. But small hands assure failure. See the difference?

  20. The Cowgirls are looking to replace Orton. However, you’d have to beat out We-done for the backup roll.

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