LeSean McCoy: DeSean Jackson’s release sent a message to all of us

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If any players in Philadelphia hadn’t bought into Chip Kelly’s way of doing things after last season, the biggest event of this offseason made clear that they needed to get on board, or get out.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy says that when Kelly cut receiver DeSean Jackson, it sent a message to the rest of the roster that if they weren’t conducting themselves the way Kelly wants his players to conduct themselves, then they wouldn’t be on the Eagles much longer.

“The whole DeSean Jackson thing, that helped out, to be honest, in making all the other guys aware,” McCoy told Albert Breer of NFL Network. “It’s all possible. They’ll cut one of your best guys if [he’s] not buying in. On any team — any team — you look at that, and as a player, you can look at it from so many different sides, but no matter how good you are, you gotta follow these guidelines. And if you don’t, you could be gone. . . . You gotta buy in.”

Kelly has a unique approach, not just with his fast-paced offense but with offseason conditioning work, practice, nutrition at training camp and more. McCoy says the players are on board with the whole package.

“Everybody’s definitely bought in — from the football training part of it to the weight room, and all the sports science types of things,” McCoy said. “Everybody’s bought in.”

If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t be there.

78 responses to “LeSean McCoy: DeSean Jackson’s release sent a message to all of us

  1. Boy, mccoy sure has alot to say this offseason. Very cute lesean but talent wins in the nfl and desean had alot of it. You did not get better when he left. Chip kelly back to school in 2015.

  2. If Eagles lose a couple games early on I bet he will be the first to throw Chip under the bus.

  3. That’s cause Chip doesn’t mess around. I like a coach who won’t tolerate anything short of his expectations. Chip Kelly WILL bring the city of Philadelphia a championship.

  4. I am very interested to see how this offense handles the loss of its second-most important piece. DJax played a huge role that is difficult to overstate.

    Who is going to take the top off the defense? Who will demand safety help? Who will be a big enough threat that defenses are compelled to run nickel against 3 WR packages?

    This single decision from Kelly has the potential to be a stroke of genius or unmitigated disaster.

  5. Jeremy..lol at saying chip Kelly doesn’t mess around. You obviously didn’t see him turn a blind eye during his Oregon years. lol. But it was ok then. Sure.

  6. So McCoy just confirmed that Jackson was a problem for the team because he didn’t “buy in”.

    Not that anyone in the NFL world doubted that to begin with. But now it’s been confirmed by a known source from within the locker room.

  7. Chip has a smoothie just for the fans that taste like his rear end since they like to kiss it so much…soon they learn its poisoned with stupid decisions that lead to loss and despair…

  8. You people fail at strategic thinking. Why would he keep Desean Jackson? He’s older, has had a few concussions, and isn’t that great besides being a speed demon. Kelly wants larger WR’s and he now has it….. what exactly is the problem?

  9. I’m not even an Eagles fan but all you Eagles haters are going to be very silent after the Eagles win the division again. The guy is putting discipline in an undisciplined team. Just like Bellichek. And how’d that turn out for him in New England?

  10. Hey LeSean,Chip thinks anyone can succeed in his system, so when the guaranteed portion of your deal is up and you become expendable plz keep this in mind.

  11. I love all of these eagle’s fans drinking the kool aid smoothies. It will make the failure that much better. Chip kelly back to school in 2015.

  12. DeSean was invisible almost the whole second part of the season last year. Average yards last six game? 60 yards…I think his total in the playoff loss was 32 yards… an absolute non factor in the redzone because if his size…Its a fact that if he doesn’t start off hot in a game he starts to pout, now run routes fully, and Chips biggest problem w/ D-Jax!?? he wouldn’t run back to the huddle after every play slowing them down. Haters are going to hate, but the numbers tell ya he won’t be missed much.

  13. I got a feeling that Chip Kelly is gonna be around for quite a while in Philly, and I’m inexplicably grateful that this intelligent pioneer of a coach is the mastermind behind my favorite team in the sports world.

  14. Amazing to watch 25 grow into a real professional. Kelly did more in 1 year than the last 5 under Reid.

    Too much time on ‘jaccpot’ and not on the playbook.

    When you have 45 players pulling in the same direction and the entire organization following Kelly’s lead you have recipe for a trophy.

    Everybody now


    See on Broad and South in early February

    In Chip We Trust

  15. How can you say 82 catches 1300 Yds 9 tds won’t be missed? Did you ever think the second half of the season teams were keying on him which opened other parts of your offense like McCoy and Cooper? Here’s a stat for you Maclin has never had a 1000 yd season and is coming off a ACL injury. Do you really believe he replaces D-Jax?

  16. Funny how everyone wants to Rag on DJax, screaming Chip is the Man. Well let’s see how much Flack Chip takes when Riley C turns back into a pumpkin after benefiting from DJax double coverages. Now he’s a number 1. That’s cute. And the team being a Dumpster. Chip will not be around long….

  17. people just look at d-jax numbers but don’t realize how many times he was shut down in key games. he’s a great talent but he was also marching to his own drum. foles didn’t connect well with him. he had most of his yards in 6 games. if you can run and play press you can make him average. we will miss him yes, but you add Sproles and this kid Matthews I’m just not sure how much. Defense is what will kill us. the O will be fine.

  18. I’m not even an Eagles fan but all you Eagles haters are going to be very silent after the Eagles win the division again. The guy is putting discipline in an undisciplined team. Just like Bellichek. And how’d that turn out for him in New England?

    so you want him to model a coach who can’t beat the team in their division?

  19. Reid won multiple division championships and a Super Bowl berth… How has Chip done more than that!? I will admit Andy had wore out his welcome and needed to leave Philly but Chip barely got a division title in a bad division and was 1 and done in the playoffs. He still has a lot to prove and Andy went to KC and turned a 3-13 team to a playoff team in one season so who is the better coach?….

  20. Except Reid came in with 5 pro bowlers on the Chiefs and was also one and done in the playoffs.

    Riley Cooper is not the No. 1 receiver. Eagles will be just as good on offense and better on defense and win division again.

  21. Well, let’s just stand back and try to look at this objectively from 30,000 feet.

    The Eagles, under Andy Reid had struggled over the last few seasons of his there.

    Andy is a good coach and his time there overall was very good. But, by the end of his time there, everyone KNEW it was time for him to go.

    In his last 4 yrs, they went

    11 & 5
    10 & 6
    8 & 8
    4 & 12

    Chip comes in and MANY thought he would struggle initially in the NFL and all he did was go 10 & 6 in his first season and win the division.

    The players were who he inherited and they weren’t all that familiar with him yet.

    Chip coached his first game with the Eagles less than 9 months after being hired.

    After an 8 & 8 and then a 4 & 12 record, no good QB (Foles hadn’t done what he did then and Vick was the older turnover prone, injury prone Vick, which I guess is the same as the younger Vick come to think of it).

    The NFL is very unforgiving and Chip came in and won the division in year one.

    Give him another season or two, more players who fit his system, more off seasons with him and I won’t be surprised in the least if they are annual contenders each year…

  22. Mccoy knows that if he speaks out against the establishment he will be cut and lose out on a big pay day. Good boy lesean. Now heal, sit, and stay.

  23. I’m not saying we are Super Bowl contenders yet but I will say we should definitely win the NFC east again. D Jax couldn’t have went too a worse team.. no direction at all.

  24. If Jeff Lurie approves of coach Kelly’s methods that’s all that matters. a coach can win by many different means. I like his style if you want to be a prima donna do it elsewhere.

  25. The reality is and judging by many of the comments people don’t understand football. There is a reason guys like BB, Dungee, Parcels, Landry and others consistently win. They set the bar high, command respect, and never back down. The Jackson’s of the world come and go and are destined to play for bad teams like the Skins and loser owners like Snyder. Will Jackson catch a few TD’s against the Eagles next season and flaunt and taunt like he won something.Yes. Will the Eagles win the game. Yes. Will the are Skins win anything. No. Will the Eagles win the division? Yes. Jackson added talent and a diva that but at the end of the day means nothing. Snyder whispering sweet nothings in Jackson.s ear and kissing up to him will just enable an already bloated ego and isn’t the way winners win.

  26. Speaking of losing officialgame how many rings do you have?? Speaking of knowing about football one thing is for sure it’s about winning the Super Bowl and you haven’t with your ownership or management and your coach was one and done in the playoffs.

  27. I’m on record saying that the Eagles will regress. I think last year was anomaly for Foles and Cooper. I also feel Jackson will be badly missed.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll readily admit it. That team in DC has way more on offense and need to play defense to win the NFCE. That’s my opinion.

    The question is, who will be in Philly longer Shady McCoy or Chip?

  28. Jeremy Maclin compiled 59 starts over over 4 years, caught 258 passes out of 426 targets (61%) for 3,453 yards and 26 TD’s.

    In that same time, Desean compiled 55 starts, caught 212 passes out of 403 targets (53%) for 3,783 yards and 21 TD’s…

    It’s not hard to imagine how well Maclin can perform in Chip’s system when he is the better receiver. Add in a breakout year from Cooper, and then rookie Matthews who has an amazing skill set backed by solid years at Vanderbilt… and McCoy, Sproles, Celek, Ertz!!!?! This group is going to be just fine.

  29. Jackson’s always been a punk. He’s not nearly as good or valuable as he thinks he is. Or his posse tells him he is.
    He’s going to find that out over the next couple of years, I suspect.

  30. now Jackson was good i cant lie but he was only a speed demon and by the way he’s not as fast as he used to be but he was not that strong a good strong corner would shut him down in the redzone and a good speed corner could stop him to and he was becoming kind of a diva so McCoy in a way was right he was just saying that he was being a distcation in the locker room and for the players that where not sure about it this now proved and if you say the team will suck without Jackson well no they wont because now that Maclin is healthy he will make play’s and and Cooper was great and he was the second top Reciver and McCoy was great and now that we got Sproles and that new Reciver Matthews he looks amazing and our tight ends Celek and Ertz our great and our line looks great and Foles liked cooper in the redzone and down field more because Foles like big Recivers to throw to so Matthews will be perfect he is big smart and fast Jackson ran 4.35 and Matthews ran 4.40 and Jackson is 5.10 and Matthews is 6.3 he is 5 inch taller and only .5 seconds slower and he will be a better redzone threat than Jackson and he will be a danger down the field to and Kelly is brewing up something special and i think he will be there for a while

  31. yes CK wants his players to buy in but he comes across as more of an innovator than an old-school dictator type. They put their money where their mouth is by pretty much only drafting players with college degrees and no obvious character red flags this year. Players report feeling healthier late in the season than ever before – what NFL player wouldn’t want that?

    Contrast that with Washington, an unstable organization with an increasingly controversial name, one of the worst, most meddlesome owners in all of professional sports, a revolving door of head coaches, and a large number of divas (RGIII, Djax) and knuckleheads (B. Merriweather, D. Hall, DJax) on the team. Or Dallas….Jerry Jones….Nuff said…..or the Giants, who at least have a HOF coach but felt the need to go out and sign pretty much a whole new team in free agency, and whose QB stunk it up as badly as anyone in the NFL last year.

  32. Just a little FACT for all of you. Riley cooper caught more 20 yard passes from foles than desean did. The eagles also got one of the few very talented receivers in the draft, plus for maclin back and got sproles back. Desean did great things for the eagles over the years but these three will more than make up for his absence.

  33. Chip must be doing a phenomenal. All of these wonderful people posting on here hate him and the Eagles so he definitely is doing something right

  34. Iam or whatever you call yourself I have zero rings just like YOU. I don’t coach and I don’t play the game on a professional level. Only imbeciles insert themselves into thinking that somehow they are the reasons for their teams successes or failures. I have followed Kelly for years and the guy is the best young coach in the business, has already influenced the game and HE will win a Super Bowl.

  35. Chips biggest problem w/ D-Jax!?? he wouldn’t run back to the huddle after every play slowing them down.


    That might be one of the most insightful observations I’ve seen in this whole DeSean debacle. Kelly is adamant about wanting to speed up the pace of the offense. If DJax was hindering that, he’d be outta Philly faster than the Eagles opening scoring drive.

  36. I’m confused……now I am hearing Jackson did not buy into the program………but his position Coach said he had no issues with him………

  37. Why are so many people still worried about Desean being gone? You all do know that there is only one Desean Jackson and he doesn’t have a ring right?? That means that every team that won the Super Bowl since Desean was born actually did it without him. Amazing how so many people think we can’t.

  38. The less you watched Djax’s full career and attitude, the better you think he is.

  39. There is a football TEAM being put together in Philly where commitment to scheme, versatility as a player and intelligence combined are more important that athletic talent alone. Matthews and Huff fit the former profile while Jackson fits the latter. DeSean’s talent is better suited elsewhere. He doesn’t help the Eagles’ offense the way Chip envisions it. This year the offense will be closer to Chip’s vision than last year’s offense (with DeSean). Why do only a few other people on this board see this? Most of you come off as “dumber than DeSean.” If he was more committed to the scheme, open to being more versatile, and easier to coach (intelligence) he would probably still be on the team. The Eagles will still be a better team without him, even if they lose more games than last year or don’t win the NFC East, though neither of those scenarios in likely.

  40. These haters crack me up. He’ll be gone in 3 years… I thought Chip was suppose to be gone after 1 and offense would never work? Also lesean is talking alot cracks me up too. He was being interviewed, should he say no comment during the interview?

  41. It’s funny that everyone that has a problem with the releasing of Desean are not eagle fans, while Eagle fans are fine with it and have moved on. Worry about your own team, for I know Chip will have many ways to torch your Defenses!!! FlyEaglesFly!!!

  42. one TE, WR or RB won’t make or break the eagles offense. the key is foles. he is a DISTRIBUTOR of the football. he reads quickly, decides and delivers the ball. a few other guys will make up for jackson’s lost production. i think the key will be to look at eagles offense’s total output from last yr to this yr. how many total yds, passing yds, rushing yds, total td’s, passing td’s. jackson’s production will still be there but just distributed across many guys.

    as far as jackson torching the eagles. that very well may happen. but i think eagles still outscore wash and win.

    foles has the potential to be a very good qb.

  43. I believe I read a report that Riley Cooper is faster, stronger, and has hands of glue. Granted they are watching him during OTA’s. People say he wont be as good without the double coverage from djax.. okay… what about McCoy? Sproles? Matthews? Ertz? Celek? Maclin? lol…. yeahh….

  44. I think people are forgetting that if you were ever going to send a message to your organization like this, it’s a hell of a lot easier to do so when you play in the NFC East. It looks like the only serious threat to Philly is the Giants and that’s a big ‘if’.

  45. You do know that young Foles threw 27TD’s vs just 2 Int’s last season? A feat that has never been achieved in the entire history of the NFL.

    That’s not just some obscure statistic, that tells you how good this kid is AND will become.

    He’s about to make a huge leap forward, having a full understanding of the offense and the entire off-season to get better.

    Now that Chip has a few more players he covets, his offense should run even faster and efficient as he is acquiring highly intelligent and/or highly gifted players.

    The people bashing the Eagles and Chip Kelly must not be paying attention, but I can assure you that after this season they will have a first hand account after we take our foot off the gas pedal, up 40+ points in the 4th.

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