Many teams checking in with Brandon Flowers already

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We’ve mentioned a few of the team that have been tracking just-released Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers, including the Vikings and Falcons.

They’re apparently far from alone in their interest.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, 10 teams have already called to check in with the free agent, including the Ravens and Lions.

That leaves at least six mystery teams, and as we all know, mystery teams are the most useful kind for a free agent.

That should allow Flowers to do well for himself, though he won’t duplicate the kind of money he was going to make from the Chiefs.

25 responses to “Many teams checking in with Brandon Flowers already

  1. Look.

    If Brandon Flowers is actually looking to win a Super Bowl and not just sign on a team for a money grab.

    He would choose the Minnesota Vikings.

    Not only do we give him the best shot for a Super Bowl win, we also give him a starting Outside Cornerback job on the other side of Xavier Rhodes.

    With a cornerback trio of Brandon Flowers, Xavier Rhodes & Captain Munnerlyn… We easily have the best secondary in the NFL.

    The Legion of PEDs doesn’t even come close.

    So be logical Brandon, and make the right choice.

  2. Classic.
    Which ever fan base that signs Flowers feels they signed a Pro Bowler.
    Any fan base that doesn’t, feels their team didn’t sign a guy because he was just cut.

  3. The Lions should not go after Flowers. At first, the idea was exciting to me. Now, after thinking about it, it makes no sense.

    Why drop Houston for a guy that is going to cost similar money that is similar in age and has similar skills in terms of his ability to prevent NFL teams from tossing the ball down field. Flowers won’t stop Aaron Rodgers any more than Jonte Green.

    The Lions would be wise to stick with the CB’s they have and save the money…which they’ll desperately need once guys start hitting IR.

  4. @ radiofriendly420

    Similar skill-set as Chris Houston? Are you insane?

    I’m not saying that Brandon Flowers is even close to a probowl corner, but Chris Houston? CHRIS HOUSTON?!?!?!

    The Flowers injury in the Colt’s game single-handedly cost the Chiefs the game. No one else could run with T.Y. Hilton.

  5. I don’t understand all these Vikings fans did Aaron Rodgers die and didn’t know cause the way Vikings fans act wow Super Bowl contenders lol to funny.

  6. Now what am I going to do with my Flowers jersey… seriously it cost a lot of money. 🙂

  7. I am stunned that *only* 10 teams called. He is a ProBowl player in his prime. I would expect 31 teams to have pinged his agent. Even Seattle and NE with their stud Outside corner backs. I think the guy has ball, it is just a matter of fit. The real question is “Is the price right?”

  8. If you are getting the 2012 Flowers I understand the excitement. If you are getting the 2013 version save your money. Therein lies the problem

  9. I’m not even a fan of the NFC North and I can see that the Vikings at best are 3rd in the division and most likely 4th. So I’m not sure how signing this guy is going to make them Superbowl favorites.

  10. Vikings couldn’t win the Pinstripe Bowl against the 5th team from the Ivy League. Last I checked they have a rag armed QB, aging Defense and Slow Linebackers.

    amazing how some fans can’t come to grip with the fact their team suckdiddlyucks and has no future in the playoffs. The vikes would be better trying to resign Fran the man or bringing Farve out of retirement.

  11. 1 – The Vikings are no closer to a Super Bowl victory than Cleveland is. They both need their young QBs to be outstanding to even have a chance.

    2 – Flowers makes sense in Detroit, but not for double digit millions.

    3 – Why did the Chiefs release him if he is so marvelous?

  12. Vikings to the super bowl is laughable
    Flowers is 10 times the corner Houston is
    I don’t get how Eric berry is overrated
    The Ravens are not his best chance to win a SB, not even close
    Dude needs to sign with the Falcons Rise Up

  13. That’s a joke right, about the Vikings having the best secondary in the league?

    The Bills have been in contact…and a secondary of Stephon Gilmore, Leodis McKelvin, Brandon Flowers, Corey Graham, Nickel Robey and Ron Brooks…would be absolutely insane.

    The Bills were top-3 against the pass last year, with their top-3 CB’s missing extensive time…and they’ve gotten better.

    Now picture adding Flowers to that group.

  14. golforepar says: Jun 16, 2014 1:08 PM

    Flowers was not impressed with the June ice fishing in Minnesota!
    He would have ample time to be impressed with the December ice fishing. When the season ends on December 28th, every player will get an auger, a snowmobile, a tip-up, and an invitation to return sometime late next May, when the lower elevations start to thaw.

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