Former Cowboys running back Marion Barber taken to hospital for mental observation

Getty Images

Police in Mansfield, Texas detained former Cowboys running back Marion Barber on Sunday night and then took him to a hospital for mental observation after responding to a disturbance call.

A police department spokesman said Monday, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that Barber was taken to a local hospital after officers responding to the call determined it was the best course of action. He also said that Barber was not arrested, although the newspaper reports that a police log shows Barber was “arrested on an application for mental detention and observation.” The spokesman said he did not know whether Barber was still in the hospital.

TMZ initially reported Barber’s trip to the hospital and add that the inciting incident for the entire turn of events took place outside a church before police went to Barber’s home.

Barber began his career with the Cowboys as a fourth-round pick in 2005 and played for Dallas through 2010. He last played for the Bears in 2011.