Mike Williams has work to do to earn a roster spot in Buffalo


The Bills gave up a sixth-round draft pick to bring in receiver Mike Williams from Tampa Bay, and the early reports are that he may not prove to be worth even that relatively minor investment.

Williams didn’t stand out in Organized Team Activities, according to Mike Rodak of ESPN, and it’s now looking like he may have trouble making the 53-man roster.

The Bills have four talented young receivers who are locks to make the roster: Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin and Marcus Easley. If the Bills keep five receivers, that means Williams needs to prove he’s definitively better than receivers Chris Hogan and T.J. Graham, and so far Williams hasn’t done that.

Williams showed a lot of promise early in his career with the Buccaneers, and at age 27 he should be right in his prime. But the Buccaneers grew tired of his off-field problems, and if he can’t make the roster in Buffalo, he may find himself unable to catch on anywhere else in the NFL, either. He’d be wise to work hard and make sure he looks better in training camp and the preseason than he has in OTAs.

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  1. Boy, he must look really bad to not make the roster. Or, he’s already having character issues.

    They better know what theyre doing, because a guy with as much raw talent as this, letting him go before training camp could really come back to bite you, especially with the luck the Bills have over the years.

  2. Hey, it was worth a shot. This was a handcuff to the Watkins pick if they couldn’t move up, dealing Stevie Johnson was a product of the Watkins pick. Just please, get TJ Graham off the field.
    Unfortunately, the Bills have about 12 million dollars in dead money dedicated to WRs. Whoops.

  3. MW is the least of your worries, Bills fans.

    EJ Manuel is not an NFL QB. Take it from a long time Noles fan. Chokes in big games and is oft-injured.

    Plan on drafting another QB soon.

    Watch the 2012 UF-FSU game. That’s all you need to know about Manuel.

    And thanks for the 6th rounder on MW. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.

  4. newdayintampabay says: Jun 16, 2014 10:38 AM

    Mike Evans >>> Mike Williams
    So tampa drafted Evans in the 6th round, right?

    Oh wait, they didn’t? So this isn’t relevant at all?

    Thanks for playing.

  5. Marcus Easley is FAR from a lock to make the roster. He was the last guy in last year…..

  6. The Bills actually have a rather deep set of WR’s … A couple have injury concerns and a couple are Special Team aces …

    Easley will likely make team via Special Teams and I won’t be surprised to see Ramses Bardeen push Mike Williams off the roster.

    I am not much of a TJ Graham fan but given MW’s off field concerns he could also weigh on the plans here …

    R. Woods is Stevie’s replacement … And Sammy is obviously #1

    So if MW is not a #3 … He may be #7 and off to Free Agency!

  7. Sammy Watkins >>> Mike Evans.

    Appreciate your concern Bucs fans. But I wouldn’t knock on EJ when you’re expecting Josh McCown to be the guy. I put a little more stock in his first 33 terrible starts than in his last 5 good ones.

  8. Is it fair to point out that Mike Rodak never has anything good to say about the team. If you read his piece you will see he gives no evidence for this. what he does not say is that this is a very talented group and some good receivers will be cut. Also, Chris Hogan is having good OTA’s, whatever that is worth, and over the last few years the bills have kept six wide receivers. So, where is this bubble talk coming from? Maybe because the bills now have seven guys named Williams MR thinks one of them will surely be cut? perhaps he is just hoping his patriots can pick him up off wavers.

  9. Yea , from what i hear he needs to keep out of trouble off the field too which hasn’t happened since he moved to Buffalo. Won’t go into details but what you see on the field is part of a bigger picture.

  10. Still think that MW has a lot left in the tank. He will also help Watkin’s catches because one of them will be drawing the double cover. Yes EJ must prove himself and Buffalo has gotten him some nice targets.

  11. captbuff says:Jun 16, 2014 11:29 AM

    Sammy Watkins >>> Mike Evans.

    Appreciate your concern Bucs fans. But I wouldn’t knock on EJ when you’re expecting Josh McCown to be the guy. I put a little more stock in his first 33 terrible starts than in his last 5 good ones.

    Good thing the Bucs took the BEST QB in the 2013 draft in the 3rd round. Didn’t the Bills take a QB in the first?

    Mike Glennon >>> EJ Manuel

  12. I agree that it was worth the shot relative to the possible 6th round pick. Too bad this guy won’t get it fast enough to get out of his own way. We know he has the physical tools.

  13. Uh oh bucs fans think they swindled the bills…it was a 6th round pick.. And to the guy above trashing the bills for drafting manual…. I’ve got two words for you…. josh freeman

  14. Mike Williams is a #2… not even a solid #2, more of a really loose one after a night of binge drinking and late night Taco Bell…

    Bucs took a chance on him with a second round pick, he was pretty good for 1 year… Bills took a chance on him for a 6th rounder and tight now, who knows?

    We’ll see got the better deal.

  15. Mike Williams wont be cut this season. The Bills historically have been known to keep 6 WRs when the talent is there. Even if they dont, calling Easley a lock is comical. Easley is an all pro level ST gunner but a practice squad at best WR. Both Graham and Hogan would be ahead of him on the depth chart.

    As for the Manuel bashers, EJ Manuel had a rookie season on par with any pro QB with the exception of the knee injuries. He had positive TD/INT ratio, he threw the ball fairly well aside from the long ball and he was one of the most pressured QBs in the NFL last season while he did that. Its year 2 for a QB that determines how far they go. He has a better OL now, a new set of weapons to throw to and the coaches are taking off the training wheels.

  16. Marcus Easley being a “lock” is the only part of this article I need to read to disregard it. I am not concerned what Mike Williams does in OTAs. Not even training camp! OTAs!! Mike has done more on an NFL field than any other WR on the roster. That is what I will hang my hat on. Not a weekend of OTAs

  17. I love it, Tampa Fans your comments are funny. Your QB is so much better that they had to sit him on the bench lol. Put him out there for trade bait and when no one bit they start saying he is the future. LOL keep buying the press releases your reading. Meanwhile our team showed so much confidence in their choice they went out and build the draft around our QB. As for the EJ sucked in college comments, you clearly watched no college football. He is one of two QB’s to win four bowl games, Senior Bowl MVP, he was a legit QB. Keep buying the Mel Kyper and Todd McShay BS, who had Ryan Nassib as a first rounder. I like Mike Evans but no one was comparing him to Julio, Calvin or AJ Green. If your team had a shot at Sammy Watkins you would of jumped on it. Also don’t get it twisted when was the last time your team did anything with a sixth round pick ? Please thanks for the laughs though

  18. Gotta love all these Bucs fans. Their staff benches their rookie QB after one season and replaces him with a guy who has played mediocre at best his entire career, except for 5 games last year. Get ready for Todd Collins 2.0 Bucs fans.

  19. Before you go bashing the bucs just do your research.. Mike Williams was not a 2nd round pick, should have been but he was red flagged and they grabbed him in the 4th round and it was a great pick up. He had a great last couple of years and I won’t hate on EJ cause he played for a poor bills team who couldn’t protect the kid no matter how much you paid them but I’ll give you credit on your Freeman diss cause he was and is garbage but they got rid of that problem.To say EJ is better than Glennon is ballsy. Not only did Glennon not know he was gonna start but he was thrown into the fire and had a great TD/INT ratio. EJ looked lost at times and had all offseason to prepare as the starter. I won’t dwell on the past but the bucs got rid of a 4th round pick for a 6th rounder years later… From the sound of the way things are going now, sounds like a good trade to me. Oh and the Bucs will be in the playoffs this year wether its Josh McCown or Mike Glennon under center. Bills think Sammy is gonna be their savior but highlights on sportscenter don’t win games.

  20. Bills fans.. please… first off I think mike w. was selected in 4th round and performed great till he got paid and lost focus. I wish him the best.

    EJ was overrated in college I watched the guy, people loved his size and arm but he lacked it upstairs and accuracy ,his receivers and o-line made him look better. bills took him to early and I hope he pans out for you guys but don’t act like he is second coming.

    Mike Glennon actually THE BUCS had numerous offers for him during draft but didn’t want to part with him. Haven’t heard one analyst or expert talk bad about him, instead they talk highly of him. I haven’t seen enough of him to judge either way.

    Bills you don’t have much to brag about since jim kelly (THE U) and nor do buc fans since Super Bowl 2002,
    i would worry more about your team not being sent to CANADA..

    and hope both have a good season..

  21. Oh and you should have kept your picks that you spent on Sammy.. Something tells me that you have ALOT more positions than WR to worry about. You guys gave up too much for Sammy when he doesn’t have a QB to get the most out of him

  22. Nothing to brag about pull up Tampa’s draft picks since 2011 and compare them to Buffalo’s. Keep hating but Buffalo is slowly building a solid team through the draft. As for Glennon you guys will find out just how valuable he is when he is being shopped next year and you bring in another Journey man QB lol. Enjoy your sixth round pick until he’s cut in a few weeks

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