Prime Numbers looks at a pair of not-so-prime moments

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Monday’s 60-minute edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN considers several jersey numbers, as part of the month-long-and-then-some Prime Numbers series.  [Editor’s note:  Yes, Professor, we know that most of the Prime Numbers aren’t “prime numbers” in the mathematical sense.  But that’s not how we’re using the term.]

The highlights often include the lowlights, and today’s discussion of No. 6 includes a couple of bleak moments.  We can’t decide which was bleaker.  So we’re looking for your help.

Was it Dan Orlovsky’s wrong-way-and-didn’t-realize-it-for-a-couple-seconds maneuver?  Or was it Mark Sanchez’s moment of infamy?

You decide.  We report.  Or something.