Report: Kyle Orton skips physical


One of the long-running subplots of the Cowboys offseason has been backup quarterback Kyle Orton’s absence from team activities.

Todd Archer of reports that Orton didn’t end his absence for a physical on Monday ahead of Tuesday’s mandatory minicamp. Archer reports that Orton failed to show for the physical, opening the door to a $10,930 fine. Should Orton skip all of minicamp, he’d be liable for nearly $70,000 in fines altogether.

Those numbers pale in comparison to the $3 million-plus signing bonus repayment that Orton would owe the team if he decides to retire. There have been reports that retirement is Orton’s preferred option, but the Cowboys have maintained throughout the offseason that they want Orton to play. Orton would not have to repay any of the signing bonus if the Cowboys release him.

The fines would escalate if there’s no resolution and Orton fails to show for training camp. So would Brandon Weeden’s potential importance to the Cowboys season as he’d be the likeliest No. 2 to Tony Romo.

37 responses to “Report: Kyle Orton skips physical

  1. It sounds like Kyle Orton has a hard time making up his mind. Personally, I wouldn’t have such a hard time if I was contracted to make seven-figures to not play, but then again, I’ve never been in that position.

  2. He’s not coming back. Please send $2M back in a self addressed stamped envelope to Jerrah Jones.

  3. I’m wondering how many consecutive minicamp interceptions it would take to force the Cowboys to release him.

  4. If he doesn’t care about playing, he’s impeding the progress of a few other quarterbacks who would love the opportunity to be the backup QB for the Dallas Cowboys.

  5. I don’t like the Cowboys, but if they need someone to hold a clipboard and occasionally throw interceptions for $3 million, I’m your man!

  6. Not even Dallas deserves WE DONE as a quarterback. Hopefully Jerrah can find a few $$ to entice Orton to stay.

  7. Orton has never been a guy who strikes me as having a real passion for the game. But he also doesn’t seem like a guy who will scratch and claw for every dollar he can get.

    In other words, if he’s tired of the Cowboys it wouldn’t surprise me if he just walks away at this point… even if it means leaving money on the table.

  8. I’m sure Orton has his reasons, but regardless of how much money you have made over the course of a career, it’s hard to imagine being ok with leaving that type of money on the table. QB’s don’t get hit in practice, and he’s not going to be playing unless something goes wrong. I’m sure there’s more to it, but it’s essentially getting paid a bunch of money to memorize a playbook and show up.

  9. Look, I’m no Cowboy fan, but can it really be so bad being a back-up QB earning a few million dollars a year for that team? What the hell else is he gonna do — grow his neck beard?

  10. Get your money back and move on, I wouldnt want a guy that doesnt want to compete with Weeden for the back up. Given up $3M to back up Romo lol only rich folks do dumb ish like that!

  11. In Dallas, the lights are a little brighter, the pressure is a little higher than anywhere else. That’s the way it is for America’s Team. The most popular professional sports team in the world. Some players just aren’t able do deal with all the attention and expectations.

  12. Stop with the games, jerry just needs to man up and give Orton the ultimatum, pay back the $3M and you can retire

  13. I don’t blame Orton for being desperate to get out of Dallas, the last place on Earth I’d want to live in is Texas too.

  14. Tired of hearing of this guy. You are not moving him from his couch, bag of chips, beer and remote control. Let him begin his new career as a couch potatoe in peace. Please Dallas cut the guy so they will stop writing about him!

  15. The scary thing for Cowboys fans is that their backup option now looks to be a third year player who’s only one year younger than Orton.

  16. You can’t blame Orton for skipping a physical, ’cause physically, he ain’t that good. He’s probably embarrassed about having the doc see that wet noodle arm of his.

  17. I don’t understand NFL contracts… if he is forced to come back and then plays poorly, and the Cowboys cut him …. would he then be able to keep all of the bonus? If that is true, then why all the dancing around and holding out?

  18. The Cowboys just got burned by Jay Ratliff, who was able to force himself off the team, AND kept his money. No way the Jones’ will let that happen again. Orton can quit if he wants to, but he will have to write a big check on his way out of town.

  19. Kyle and Andre sittin’ on the porch in Texas, playin’ dominoes and sippin’ mint julips.

  20. That contract guy in Dallas sure knows what he’s doing.

    R.Williams (2x),

  21. Yeah,we will be fine with Weeden as backup and maybe he can learn a few things and be a starter again one day. You could do much worse than Weeden as a number 2.

  22. In Dallas, the lights are a little brighter, the pressure is a little higher . . .
    This isn’t Jerry’s doing. The Cowboys were already popular. He’s just along for the ride.

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