Report: Vikings contacted Brandon Flowers


The suitors for cornerback Brandon Flowers are starting to make themselves known.

Shortly after Flowers was released by the Chiefs last Friday, there was word that the Falcons were monitoring Flowers’ situation in Kansas City before he was released and that they are expected to be players for his services if the price is right. It looks like they’ll have some company in that pursuit from the Vikings.

Darren Wolfson of reports that the Vikings have interest in the veteran cornerback and that they have already reached out to express that interest to Flowers.

While it’s not surprising that the Vikings would be interested in upgrading their secondary, Flowers may not be a great fit if the team plans on playing a lot of press coverage on the outside. He struggled in that scheme with the Chiefs last season, which led to a lot of time in the slot. Captain Munnerlyn is expected to fill that role for the Vikings, which may lead Flowers to another landing spot.

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  1. They will play a lot of press coverage so maybe he isn’t a great fit. Xavier Rhodes will excel in that scheme. Of course, if anyone can design a scheme that two different kinds of cornerbacks can excel in, it’s Mike Zimmer.

  2. If Mike Zimmer will make something of Josh Robinson, he can make something of Flowers who has more overall talent….

  3. “Don’t overpay for Flowers, because Zimmer is going to make a solid player out of Josh Robinson. Robinson was playing out of position last year.”


    hope you’re right about that. Robinson was not even close to being a competent CB last year. he has a long, long, long way to go. doubt he has the toughness to ever play the slot, but he could possibly play the outside (as you mentioned).

  4. Flowers has a big decision in front of him; does he want to play for a contender in which case, he does not maximize his earnings, or does he take the most money and exist on the fringes of the NFL playing for a last place team without a QB?

    Jared Allen, Kevin William and Chris Cox already answered that same question and will be wearing a different uniform in 2014. Flowers will wear a different uniform for sure, but he ahs a choice of wallowing in last place or playing for a real NFL team.

  5. Really, really hoping to seem him land, and play well, in Atlanta…

  6. He would be a huge upgrade for the Vikings secondary but I’m afraid Pioli already has him locked up again in Atlanta. Don’t read too much into that press coverage stuff. There’s no way he wouldn’t beat out Robinson for the #2 spot and Captain will hold down the slot all season.

  7. Whatjust- that last place team did just go 10-6 without a qb 2 years ago and both Williams and Allen are at the end of their careers. Not like the Vikes let 2 26 year old studs leave. And as for Chris Cook, not only does he beat women but he sucks on the football field too. 0 career ints!!

  8. I understand there was a scheme problem, but this guy did really bad last year. But hey if there is one guy that can get the most of him its Zimmer.

  9. flowers did not struggle just because it was a press-man scheme – he has excelled as a press-man corner for most of his career in KC. he struggled because the new front office in KC prefers bigger corners on the outside used him more in the slot for the first time in his career, and he was also dealing with a recurring knee injury for most of the season. he’s a very underrated athlete and pound for pound one of the toughest players in the league – he can handle press man just fine.

  10. He’s not a bump and run CB, so the fit’s not great.

    And whatjusthappened, of the guys you listed that the Vikings refused to re-sign and thus went to new teams because they had no choice, who the heck is Chris Cox? That a Freudian slip?

  11. Because Spieladope cant draft the Vikings will have to way overpay because I doubt he would even consider coming to a last place team with a comparable contract.

  12. Shayeezy: “flowers did not struggle just because it was a press-man scheme – he has excelled as a press-man corner for most of his career in KC. he struggled because the new front office in KC prefers bigger corners on the outside used him more in the slot for the first time in his career, and he was also dealing with a recurring knee injury for most of the season. he’s a very underrated athlete and pound for pound one of the toughest players in the league – he can handle press man just fine.”

    I am a B Flowers Fan, but he was overpaid for his production. he kicked tail his first 3-4 years, and then has fallen off. he has been burned numerous times that last 2 years. He has also been hurt quite a bit. Can’t pay top dollar for an injury prone corner who gets burned on a regular basis. I wish him the best wherever he lands and will continue to root for him.

  13. Chris Cook is simply a non-factor in this conversation. He was NEVER a Viking to begin with.
    Aaron Rodgers Has Tiny Hands & cluelessdufus are spot on. If there is anyone that can get the most AND the BEST out of his players, it’s Mike Zimmer. Josh Robinson will show a marked improvement as the season progresses, and Xavier Rhodes will do the same. I have a news flash for all of you Turd Bay Pecker trolls…the VIKINGS WILL win the NFC North in 2014, and the UGLIEST UNIFORMS in the NFL will be taking up the rear, (pun intended)! SKOL VIKINGS!!

  14. Rhodes, Patterson, Floyd?, Kalil, Harrsion Smith, and Kyle Rudolph all in the first 2 rounds. But every uneducated fan sees one miss with Ponder and thinks he can’t draft. If Barr and Bridgewater become the players they expect, he’ll become a great drafter.

  15. of course they have, what doe people think this franchise is built around one fragile quarterback? the vikings try to improve and add talent at every level, it’s not like they’re run by an incompetent moron like ted thompson

  16. Ok, just take a look at the Vikings roster. They are absolutely loaded! Adrian Peterson in the backfield, which will take so much pressure off of Teddy Bridgewater. Or Matt Cassel. At wide receiver, there is an up-and-coming Superstar in Cordarrelle Patterson and Greg Jennings. We may have lost Jared Allen and Kevin Williams but they were getting older. We have Everson Griffen who is only 26 years old and will have a great year. The corner position has gotten a lot better after signing Captain Munnerlyn and Brandon Flowers would meal it even better. Kyle Rudolph has great hands and the Vikes have a young and talented D-Line. Not to mention the Hard Hitting safteys and the good linebackers.

  17. Name all those good 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th rounders the Vikings have drafted. Everyone hits on 1st’s and 2nd’s but how you build a roster in later in the draft.

    In the last 6 drafts the only two decent players still
    on MNs roster that were drafted after round 2 are Everson Griffen and a kicker.

    That’s where GMs make their money.

  18. I’ll agree he has struggled in later rounds but we’ve also traded those away every year to move back into the first round. I’d rather take shots on 2 first rounders every year and give up a second or third for it. Plus, your statement is way off, everyone does not hit on first or second rounders

  19. First, not everyone hits on first- and second-round picks. Haven’t you been following the Packers’ drafts?

    Second, there have been plenty of decent players drafted in the later rounds in the last six drafts. Besides Griffen and Walsh, they drafted Gerald Hodges, Jeff Locke, Michael Mauti, Jarius Wright, Rhett Ellison, Audie Cole, Brandon Fusco, Jasper Brinkley, Jamarca Sanford, and John Sullivan. All are starters or significant contributors, although we have to wait to see if Hodges or Mauti will be starting this year.

    And don’t forget Letroy Guion, who was a solid contributor for years and got snatched up by the Packers about one second after the Vikings cut him.

  20. Not every team automatically has good first round picks. And those late picks don’t matter if they most of the time are non existent. No team has had 7 first round picks in 3 years in recent history except the Vikings. Spielman wheels and deals and is a fantastic GM.

  21. We already have our Cassel and the Bridge N’ Water to go around it to form the moat….we might as well add Flowers to dress the place up a bit.

  22. attthemurph………………………:

    John Sullivan and Brandon Fusco are OL starters
    just to name two on Offense.
    And I’ll say Audie Cole and Marcus Sherrels on D.
    Marcus is a very underrated punt returner too.

  23. @seahawks80, ” other than just getting a paycheck why would anyone want to play for the vikings?

    You have been waiting forty years (your whole life?) to say that. To be honest, as vikings fan I wouldn’t trade a trophy for four decades of Seahawks suck. Thanks but no thanks!

  24. Spieldope, Really, are you still running with that on every post? 7 first rounders in the last three years and none have proven to be a stiff yet. I’ll take that GM and not have a problem with him. QB does matter but outside of 3rd round Russel I can’t remember another one he missed at the vikes slot in the draft.

    These gb fans that can’t get another thought out really need to branch out a bit and freshen things up. You’re becoming the punch line each time you comment.

    I guess we will all see it play out but the Vikings win or lose this year will be punching teams in the teeth with a very young roster. Enjoy today because times,,,,,,,,,,,,they are a changing.

  25. “It’s not surprising that the Vikings would be interested in upgrading their secondary.”
    -Josh Alper, Pro Football Talk

    2013 The viking secondary was:

    32nd in passing TD’s allowed
    32nd in completions allowed
    32nd in passing 1st downs allowed
    30th in passing 1st down %
    30th in passing yards allowed
    30th in opponents QB rating
    25th in completion percentage allowed
    25th (tie) in interceptions

    The old saying about a drowning man grasping at straws is an apt metaphor.
    The vikings are desperate.

  26. So a team has a terrible year defensively and are now trying to go out and upgrade while dbags rip on them for trying to upgrade their team????? Makes tons of sense to me.

  27. Peeholi overpaid him once, I am sure he will do it again. Sorry Vikes, no Flowers for you.

  28. Guys, I don’t think that the Vikings can be ripped on too much. I mean last year they had just lost Windfield, Rhodes has having health problems, and they had to use those so called “late round picks”. This year they have a healthy Rhodes, Munnerlyn, a improved Josh Robinson, and maybe Flowers.

  29. That’s a terrible take sonofad. It’s sports, people get cut or fired all the time and wind up being stars on other teams. Did you know Belichick was fired from the Browns? I bet they sure regret that now. And I’m glad Miami has replaced Spielman with someone who is competent, oh wait maybe it’s just that franchise.

  30. Yes they are stiffs and how do you dispute that? Have the Vikings not finished LAST 3 out of the last 4 years? Should we just believe queen fans that they are all great draft picks? Doesn’t the talent actually have to be shown on the field in wins and losses? The only punch line is the sad purple fans talking like the Vikings are actually good and have proven themselves.

  31. Yep and before those last 4 years it was 3 NFC title games in 14 years. Don’t step on the Vikes like they are some low class franchise that doesn’t ever win. You’ll see now that Frazier and our d coordinator are gone. This is a team on the way up in one of the toughest divisions in football.

  32. The vikings have drafted more pro bowlers over rick speilmans time here than the packers have in that same span of time, don’t believe me look it up!

  33. I hope the Vikings do get Flowers. Our Secondary needs the help. Bradon Marshall, Calvin Johnson, Alshon Jeffrey, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, now Golden Tate. Lots of good WR’s out there in our division and we could use a talented CB to help. Rhodes will be good, same with Munnerlyn in the shot but I am not a fan of Robinson. Either way our Defense will be much better and our offense still putting up points regardless of who is QB.

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