Sarah Jones loses verdict on appeal


The legal system giveth $338,000, and the legal system taketh $338,000 away.

Former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, a former teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with one of her students, has lost the appeal of a six-figure judgment against a gossip website.  According to the Associated Press, the federal U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has overturned a verdict entered against over anonymous user comments that defamed Jones.

A jury had found that the posts were substantially false, and that the site’s owner had acted with malice or reckless disregard in allowing them to be published.  Jones won a verdict of $338,000 in a trial completed last July.

Internet giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google filed a brief supporting the website’s position, arguing that liability for the content of comments posted by anonymous users violates the federal Communications Decency Act.  The federal appeals court has agreed, and Jones will now get the verdict reinstated only if she first convinces the United States Supreme Court to take the case.

The U.S. Supreme Court accepts only a very small percentage of the cases submitted to it.

The appeals court ruling means that the litigation never should have proceeded to trial.  While the website won’t have to pay Jones $338,000 (unless the highly unlikely happens before the Supreme Court), it shouldn’t have had to defend itself through a pair of trials — one ending in a mistrial and the other resulting in the verdict.

25 responses to “Sarah Jones loses verdict on appeal

  1. ” it shouldn’t have had to defend itself through a pair of trials ”

    Says a website owner……..

  2. Wow! I just looked up “skank” in Webster’s…..and there was this little picture of Sarah Jones….hardly a coincidence.

  3. I certainly hope the rest of her is hotter than what’s shown in that picture. That nose and those big teeth are not what i think of when i think NFL cheerleader. Of course what i do think of when thinking NFL cheerleader is not included in that pic.

  4. Roethlisberger sent a facebook invite to Sarah for an upcoming charity event. He explained that it is for Steelers/Bengals relations.

  5. In this case part of the “gossip” ended up being true but the other part which had to do with her sleeping with and passing vd to members of the football team was false.

    To this end, the court needs to outline where accountability begins for these issues otherwise the word “slander” no longer has a place in the vocabulary. This b.s. about regulating free speech because the conversation took place via the internet is just b.s. If the courts can figure out a way to make Amazon tax consumers then they can give us some rules about this. If they continue to refuse to do so look out because anyone can lose a job due to innuendo and unfounded rumors.

    These web sites hide behind disclaimers saying their content is for fun and satire but the consequences take place in real life. What’s satirical about that?

  6. Nothing about the US injustice system surprises me anymore. Justice is for sale to the highest bidder, who hires a lawyer, judge, or brings most amount of money to court.

    And the real crime is that the lawyers, judges, courts, and Attorney Generals have nothing to say. It’s just business as normal.

    For example, look at the Colts owner. He get caught under the influence, has illegal controlled drugs in his car, for a reported total of 4 felonies. But because he’s rich, he only get changed with two misdemeanors and looses his license for one years.

    Prison are full of folks who did much less. Some in jail for pot get 10 or more years

  7. Not saying she’s a 10.. But man, I’d love to see the girlfriends/wives of those of you calling her ugly.

  8. What she should do is force disclosure of those making said comments and sue them for defamation. Of course Google et. al. joined in the fray to assure no one reveals that each of them knows who posted the derogatory comments and suddenly a few billion clicks might disappear if/when the masses realize there’s really no such thing as anonymous on the Internet.

  9. Sarah Jones got engaged to the student that she slept with when he was 19 and she was 28 back in 2013. To better illustrate so that Bengals fans can understand the age gap. Since he has been born he has never witnessed a Bengal playoff win (it happend 4 years before he was born) and she was 5 years old when they had their last playoff win.

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