Tuesday’s Prime Numbers looks at No. 32

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Not many great players in NFL history wore No. 32.  But those who did were really, really great.

Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN considers the best of the four incredibly great all-time stars who donned the number.

Vote for the best two below from this Hall of Fame quartet:  Jim Brown, O.J. Simpson, Franco Harris, and Marcus Allen.

Not many great players have worn the number in recent decades, a surprising reality given the number of young players who surely wanted to emulate Brown, Simpson, Harris, and/or Allen.

So tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET to see the results of a Prime Numbers extravaganza that also will look at No. 17, No. 86, No. 66, and No. 42.

22 responses to “Tuesday’s Prime Numbers looks at No. 32

  1. Don’t forget the Edge. No. 32 on your programs. No. 1 on the Colts all-time rushing list (no. 17 on the list is Johnny U with 1777 yards – just wow on that). Edge should be joining the other 32s in the HoF any time now.

  2. Franco is a hall-of-famer and all but really doesnt belong on the list with those other three

  3. Marcus Allen, Franco was pedestrian compared to Marcus. But at the end of the day #32 belongs to a Mr. Jim Brown! He was a bad man! OJ killing people takes him 100% out of this discussion!

  4. It’s a travesty the Juice brutally murdered two people because, boy oh boy, was he wonderful to watch.

    For the uninformed, check out some of his clips on YouTube. He ran beautifully and almost effortlessly.

  5. Brown was the man in the 60s

    OJ was the man in the 70s

    It’s hard to compare eras as they are different times, different style of players, different styles of Ds.. Today they are full time year round..

  6. Once the Steelers drafted Franco Harris in 1972, they never missed the playoffs, not until 1980. I know. Franco was no good. Bradshaw was no good. Swann and Stallworth: no good. Even Chuck Noll never got his just dues until just last week.
    For a four-time Super Bowl champion, the Steelers of the 1970s sure had a lot of Hall-of-Famers “and all” who allegedly “doesn’t belong.”
    OJ Simpson was the Bills’ only offensive threat. In 1973, when he gained 2,000 yards, QB Joe Ferguson passed for a whopping 900 yards.
    Jim Brown played in an era in which he was the biggest and strongest player on the field. And Marcus Allen wore out his welcome wherever he played…
    I’d say Franco deserves a spot among the all-time best…

  7. Franco Harris doesn’t belong in this conversation. …OJ Simpson was great but look what happened to him, Jim Brown was great but has a big mouth which leaves us with class act Marcus Allen. ..Best carry in super bowl history..Marcus Allen running with the night …91 yards

  8. Trust me, I believe O.J. was involved, just not a single handed, smarter then the system, killer. Just look at what sent him to prison! Not the brightest bulb out there you know?

  9. My top 32s:

    1 OJ Maybe the best football player ever. Maybe the worst person in NFL history.
    2 Brown Another top 5 all time player.
    3 Allen
    4 Edge
    5 Watters
    6 Harris

  10. Gotta be OJ. He was a killer running back. Sunday after Bloody Sunday he would just go out there and knife through the defense. Just killed it.

  11. You don’t take away OJ’s accomplishments as a football player for something that happened after his career ended.

    He still is, always has been and always will be…one of the best football players ever, and absolutely the best #32, hands down.

    OJ and Jim Brown were the best, by a longshot…it’s not even a question.

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