Vernon Davis will show up for mandatory camp, unless he doesn’t

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If 49ers tight end Vernon Davis hopes to build his brand by generating news stories based on sharply conflicting signals, mission accomplished.

Last week, Davis said he plans on being at the team’s mandatory minicamp.  His plans apparently have changed.

While not addressing the issue directly in his guest post for Peter King, with Davis explaining why he’s holding out but not addressing the upcoming three-day event, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, at this point, the safe bet is that Davis won’t be attending.

While the mixed messages from Davis don’t make much sense, his failure to show up would mesh with his now-stated desire for a new deal.  After already giving up a $200,000 workout bonus, what’s another $70,000 in fines for not coming to the mandatory practices?

It remains to be seen whether the withholding of offseason services will persuade the 49ers to give Davis a new deal, and whether he’ll show up for training camp without one.

It’s likely safe to say that, whatever Davis does, the contradictory statements and reports and clues will continue.

31 responses to “Vernon Davis will show up for mandatory camp, unless he doesn’t

  1. Talking about being a pro, remember when you were being sent to the locker room for being a jerk on the field. I no you feel like you deserve a new deal and maybe you do but this is not the way to get it.

  2. He’s taking a page out of the Sherman book…just start spewing things to get some attention and ‘build brand’, only to back off things later and reposition his statements. In two weeks this will be ‘I was just thinking out loud, I love my teammates and the team, and I’m only focusing on this year.’

    If only they could trade him to Seattle so Reid can knock him on his butt like Chancellor did.

  3. Get in line, Vernon. You have two years left on your current contract. Petulant is one word, but I think you’ve slipped back into adolescence. Your brand is becoming Pampers.

  4. I’m really rich but it’s not fair I deserve to be really really really rich so pay me more.

    What an ungrateful man.

    Can’t believe he wants NFL teams to be responsible for teaching players financial responsibility. I know guys get away doing nothing in College but they had the chance to study business degrees or really to study just about anything. A high school education should be enough to tell you to bank most of the money you get when your career is short and could be over at any time. Experience is the best teacher of personal responsibility. Teams hiring economics professors won’t do a thing.

  5. The team should hold fast and let him set and lose more money, he is under contract and this should be the plan for all hold outs. Bill

  6. His fines are more than many of us make in a full year. I understand he wants a new deal but he really should go to work and be glad he has the money he does. There are a lot of people on welfare or out of work now and it just makes people with money seem out of touch when they act like 70k is nothing or they are upset because they aren’t making 8M instead of 5M a year.

  7. He’ll be broke and starring at the real world before he knows it, and he won’t be happy with what he sees.

  8. This is ridiculous. Trust me I know how good he is and all thT. But we don’t need this kind of player on our team. His contract was from loaded so he made more money than he deserved for the 1st 3 years and now he got all that money he doesn’t want to finish out his contract? This is the lowest of the low

  9. It’s kinda of a catch-22:

    The 49ers have given him a great opportunity to be one of the best Tight Ends in the game


    Vernon Davis is a big part of why the 49ers are where we are.

    But he should still honor his contractual agreement.

  10. In a business where an owner can capitalize off of a player’s talent, how is it that the player is wrong when he wants to capitalize off of his own talents?
    What is funny is when a player over exceeds his contract, the owners nor fan have nothing to say. (Don’t know why fans care because it isn’t our money), but when a players says he wants more money, he is greed or he will be broke. If he was a lousy player he would get cut or will have to take a play cut.
    We live in a society where the goal is to make more money. It doesn’t matter if you are flipping burgers at BK or if you a CEO at Microsoft.
    TE’s are used more and more like receivers and they are not getting the pay of a receiver.
    I hope Davis holds out for not only himself, but all of the TEs. As productive as the TE position is, paying these guys should be a no brainer.



  12. “But he should still honor his contractual agreement.”

    So should the owners but they don’t. Until the CBA is changed to make contracts guaranteed like MLB (which I cant ever see happening) then more power to you Vernon, get what you can while you can.

  13. If a player wants to make more. Money thats find, but if he plays bad he does not give. Any back so dont tell me he outplayed his contract just honor it and go from there

  14. As a niner fan, Vern’s selfishness is getting annoying. He’s the only guy acting this way. You’re paid as a Top 3 tight end, and you have a couple yrs left of your contract. Build your brand by having career seasons. Not by talking. It’s not like you’re being paid 2 mil a yr, but playing at an all pro level (boone)

  15. As one of the leaders of his team, there are better ways to do this than by making your case through the media. Especially when you’re already in the upper salary bracket amongst your peers, not to mention with 2 more years left on your contract.

    You want to negotiate a new deal? Great – do it in private and show up to work. The 9ers won’t be relying on Vance MacDonald and Celek, so if you’d kindly get back to work, i’m quite sure you’re in the team’s long-term plans.

    Knowing that extensions are needed for other key positions – the classy thing to do would be to let your teammates get sorted out and keep this team in tact; rather than sitting out for more money and losing key pieces that made you a contender in the first place.

  16. Baalke isn’t giving him a new deal. Surely he must know this. They’d let him sit out all year before caving in to him. When his contract is up in 2 years the 49ers plan was to let him walk anyway just like they do with most of their guys hitting 30-something. 49ers aren’t one of those organizations who like to pay guys when they’re 33 for the skills they brought at 27. Since Davis knows he’s able to command a better deal now than in 2 years and Baalke isn’t gonna give him one, im assuming his plan is to get dealt.

    Vance McDonald … time to justify that 2nd round selection.

  17. I’m going to LMAO when one of these guys who is selling his stock gets nailed by the SEC for all this kind of nonsense.

    Publicly traded “companies” are not allowed to disseminate false or misleading information.

    Careful Vernon.

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