Vikings get first long look at three draft picks this week


While the archaic rule that keeps draft picks from schools on the quarter system from joining their teams until classes finish impacts most teams, the Vikings are further behind than most because of it.

Three Vikings picks — first-rounder Anthony Barr, third-rounder Scott Crichton and fifth-rounder David Yankey — will finally get to work during this week’s minicamp, after being forced to miss time.

“We’re going to try to kind of ease those guys into it a little bit, so we don’t confuse them,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said, via Ben Goessling of

Those three have missed three weeks of OTAs because class was still in session at UCLA, Oregon State and Stanford.

They talked on the phone with coaches, and were allowed a few on-campus visits which didn’t involve any on-field work. But it’s still going to be hard for them to catch up, particular Barr, who is being expected to start immediately at linebacker, after beginning his college career at running back.

“I know that’s a big thing with everybody — he’s only played two years [at linebacker],” Zimmer said. “The things he’s done defensively, he’s done pretty well.”

Now, he’s going to have to cram for more tests, after finishing up finals.

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  1. This is why Rick Spielman is a better GM than Ted Thompson:

    Rick Spielman has drafted 61 players since he took over the draft room in 2006, eight of them were voted to the Pro Bowl.

    Ted Thompson has drafted 87 players since he took over the draft room in 2005, only seven of them were voted to the Pro Bowl.

    That’s 13% Pro Bowl Player success rate for Spiel man & only 7% success rate for Ted Thompson.

    Once again proving the Minnesota Vikings superior.

  2. Anthony Barr will win the Rookie Defensive Player of the Year Award easily and will compile 14 sacks and be a top 5 linebacker for years to come, comparing to Von Miller.

    David Yankey will overtake the starting Left Guard spot that Charlie Johnson holds and will be a solid offensive lineman on an already young Top 5 Offensive Line according to Pro Football Focus.

    Scott Creighton will be a key rotation defensive player that will line up as a defensive end & tackle showing his versatility, and could easily start on 31 other teams.

    No team is better at drafting than the historic Minnesota Vikings.


  3. “We’re going to try to kind of ease those guys into it a little bit, so we don’t confuse them,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said………


    Is he talking about their players, or their fans?

  4. The rule is there to protect players that want to finish out the academic year from being forced to attend OTAs by the coaches instead of skipping out on classes. Whether you believe it or not, there are student athletes that actually care about the education they receive. For them, they’d be throwing a whole semester down the drain if they ended up going to OTAs. Not all schools will make special arrangements for star athletes.

  5. 18 Division titles and counting.

    We have the 5th highest winning percentage out of any team in the NFL.

    We started all the current trends in the NFL over 5 decades ago, starting with the first Dominant Defensive in the Purple People Eaters.

    Also, The First Mobile Quarterback in Fran Tarkenton.

    Every franchise tries to emulate our success.

    ….And Fails, as expected.

  6. While the archaic rule that keeps draft picks from schools on the quarter system from joining their teams until classes finish impacts most teams, the Vikings are further behind than most because of it.


    And the excuses for why the Vikes finish 4th again in the NFC North begin…

  7. A little history lesson for my fellow friends in PFT world!!!!!! good day!!!

    1. Another Packer Bust in the first round.
    Let’s take a look at their brilliance over the years.
    2014- HE HE TIX TOX
    2013 – Dantone Jones -BUST
    2012 – Nick Perry – BUST
    2011 – Derek Sherrod -BUST
    2010 – Brian Bulaga – BUST
    2009 – BJ Raji – BUST (Fabio is getting close)
    2008 – NO Pick
    2007 – Justin Harrell – BUST
    2006 – AJ HAWK – BUST
    2005 – Ahmad Carroll – BUST
    2001 – Jamal Reynolds – BUST
    2000 – Bubba Franks – BUST
    1999 – Antuan Edwards -BUST
    1997 – Ross Verba – BUST
    1996 – John Michels – EPIC BUST
    1995 – Aaron Taylor – BUST
    1992 – Terrell Buckley – EPIC BUST
    1991 – Vinnie Clark – BUST
    1990 – Tony Bennett – BUST
    1989 – Tony Mandarich – BIGGEST BUST IN NFL HISTORY!

  8. “thepftpoet says:
    Jun 16, 2014 11:43 AM

    This is why Rick Spielman is a better GM than Ted Thompson:…”

    What’s their Superbowl count?

  9. Barr and Yankey should both be starting week 1.

    Not sure why the Vikings drafted Crichton, unless the plan is to have him take over for Brian Robison (who is in the middle of a rather pricey contract) at some point.

  10. 0-4 Super Bowl record, hapless coaching and front office, and pftpoet all make for a sad sack franchise.

  11. Missing OTA’s is a minor inconvenience, missing the playoffs because you finished in last place is a pain but never winning a Superbowl defines the Viking legacy.

    Drafting a running back to play LB is hardly their biggest challenge, its drafting Ponder to play Qb that killed them.

  12. Could always be worse viking fans… least of state doesn’t fleece and force us to buy fake stock to update an old outdated outhouse!!!!!

  13. I think the Eagles and Viking’s fans have the biggest inferiority complexes. Zero Super Bowl wins does that I guess.

  14. East Dakota is well known for it’s sports failures, it’s passive aggressive, bland, incredibly boring people, and it’s amazing inferiority complex that manifests itself as arrogance.

    But did you know they have a big mall, invented the rollerblade, and have a statue of Paul Bunyan? No other state can reach their level of excellence.

  15. .

    Barr went from running back to linebacker to 9th overall pick in the draft. That’s impressive.


  16. Vikings fans don’t quite understand that a GM is responsible for a lot more than the draft and the little fellows believe that teams are judged by the amount of Pro Bowl players on their team. That’s adorable. Most other teams would judge their success, and their GM’s, by wins and losses. Since 2006, the Packers have the highest winning percentage in the division at .641 (plus an SB), the Bears at .570, and then the Vikings at .469. Spielman looks good next to the ineptitude of the Lions’ organization, but he couldn’t even do a better job than the horrible Jerry Angelo in Chicago.

  17. Frank, all I know is Ted Thompson made one good draft pick in 2005 and that’s the reason the Packers have been successful. Whatever else he has done, without that pick the Packers would be terrible. That was proven last year.

  18. It is interesting that an article about 3 rookies having to miss OTA’s becomes about everything else. GM’s, whose team is better, etc. etc.

    More to the point, this is a new system for these guys and a totally new environment. It is a big jump from college to the pro’s. I think they really needed the time with the team. But how can you fault them finishing their education so they don’t wind up penniless and without options when their playing career is over.

  19. Barr is trash!!! He’ll never win da defensive rookie of da year award! He’ll have a better chance on playing full back.. Lmao.. Do not compare that bum 2 Von Miller plz!!! How about manny Lawson ? Not so bad right? Lol.. 1 out of da 2 rookies is going 2 win da defensive rookie: Mack or clowney .. Hands down.. So don’t get 2 excited Vikes fans, I’m knowing uguys are looking 4 a fast ball, but take this curve instead .. Lol

  20. Based on the wonderlic scores they needed to stay in school.

    Poor queens still trying to feel relevant. One needs to look no further than the only comparison that matters and that’s the record of TT vs. Spieladope 7-1-1.

    Lastly if Rodgers can win a Super Bowl by himself he is one heck of a player and an outstanding draft pick. One the qb needy queens passed on twice! Bwahahahah!

  21. The first rd pick for the Packers in 2005 was not Ahmad Carroll. It was Aaron Rodgers. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Best QB in the league. Not that you would know what greatness is. That’s obvious from your list

  22. Packers were awful without Rodgers.
    And without Matthews, Finley, Cobb, Bulaga, Hayward and several others.

  23. Vikings may suck again this year and maybe be 3rd or 4th in the division. That is OK by me. First, I know that teams turn around and turn from pretenders to contenders (playoffs at least). I don’t expect that from this bunch yet. I believe players will gain MAJOR experience in the new coaching system and Zimmer will throw out the players that were on the team before that don’t really fit his scheme after he gets a year to really evaluate everyone. Then the draft of 2015 he will be able to put some pieces where he can coach and where it is needed. Then I think Vikings will be deep in the playoffs and the team will be young and more experienced. I would be happy if I wrong and we kick butt this season but looking at the way the plan is usually with new head coaches is that they need 1 or 2 to really excel. One more thought, Philly and Kansas both flipped there seasons around from nothing to playoffs. Now the really test is to see if they improve on that or if they fall back. I rather be the team that is patient and launches off to an awesome season to be a team that wasn’t ripe enough when playing.

  24. Let’s not limit this to some silly school rule.

    The Vikings are behind because they lack playmakers, coaching, a venue, and a fanbase that is smarter than a fifth grader.

  25. Playmakers. CP and AP, check and check. Coaching, Zimmer has a superbowl, check. Venue is on the way and although our fanbase may be knee jerk at least our state has a team and we stay loyal to it.

  26. I’m a Vikings fan so I obviously want Yankey to replace Johnson at left guard but his pass blocking needs significant improvement. Stanford’s offensive line is big and could typically overwhelm defensive lineman through sheer size and strength. Yankey will have to learn to finesse his blocking, but being sandwiched in between Matt Kalil and John Sullivan will mask his problems.

    Anthony Barr will no doubt be a great pass rusher but I worry about how he holds up in coverage. The Vikings LB corps is still a year or two away from being fixed and you get the sense Spielman/Zimmer focussed on fixing the DBs/DL this year. Chad Greenway is on the decline and his skills primarily come as a pass rusher. So Barr will be needed in coverage, particularly over the middle.

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