Alex Boone also skips mandatory minicamp

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49ers tight end Vernon Davis kept everyone guessing about whether he’d show up for a mandatory minicamp.  49ers guard Alex Boone didn’t.

With no mixed messages or conflicting signals, Boone didn’t show up for the team’s mandatory three-day minicamp, according to Matt Maiocco of

Both Davis and Boone skipped the team’s voluntary offseason workouts, with Davis losing $200,000 in bonus money and Boone forfeiting $50,000.  They’ll be subject to total fines, if they miss all three days, of $69,455.

The next question is whether they’ll continue their push for new contracts by boycotting training camp.  The stakes get higher then, with fines in the amount of $30,000 per day and, eventually, signing bonus money subject to forfeiture.

12 responses to “Alex Boone also skips mandatory minicamp

  1. Whew, a lot of problems with the niners–tires coming off, and at a bad time when the rams and cardinals are underrated and improving… not to mention an interesting matchup with the AFC West.

  2. At least it’s not are best player who is upset about his contract, like Seattle. Vernon and Boone have no leverage. Beastmode is Seattle’s best player and a leader, who can’t be replaced. Your one year wonders without him.

  3. The rams and cards went 0-2 against them..The niners have also significantly improved…Not worried…Boone is easily replaceable with solid depth.

    Davis has very good rapport with Kaep, it’s not going to be big if he misses mini camp, and I highly doubt he cuts into his salary to miss games.

    Davis signed the highest contract for a tight end at the time. He’s still paid as top 3 with 2 yrs remaining. He should’ve signed a shorter deal. Too bad..Anyone that knows Baalke, knows that he definitely won’t be giving davis more $, unless by contract negotiation he means taking less money.

  4. Nor… it’s “our best player”, not are. It’s also “you’re 1 yr”, not your.

    Also, Beast is in camp. Hawks have the best D in the NFL and top 3 in the past 30 years. Bears, Hawks, Ravens, Bucs. Figure out the years. Plus, we now have burners on the outside that will torch SF’s weak secondary.

    I doubt 9er’s make the playoffs. Aging D, Aging rb and avg QB = ice fishing in January.

  5. Dump them both since whiner fans think they are easily replaced. The way Kam hits Davis no wonder he needs more dough, his career window is shortend cause he has to hide from Kam 2-3 times per year! And Boone would fit right in as a SEAHAWK! Cut him now!
    Go Hawks!

  6. Dreaming if you think that the niners have “significantly improved”.
    The best that can be said is that they didn’t lose ground.
    The vaunted defense from last season now has plenty of new faces.
    The offense swapped out some new names as well.
    The team will need to learn each others capabilities before they will be able to perform well as a unit.

  7. For 2 guys who want more money, they don’t seem to mind losing it when they miss out on camp. Oh I forgot…it isn’t about the money (says Davis) its about his “brand” whatever that means. Sorry..don’t buy it…it is, and always will be about money.

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