Bill Belichick “absolutely” wants draft moved back to April


When Bill Belichick goes beyond his terse, half-mumbled phrases to answer a question, you can tell the answer is of some interest to him.

So it’s worth pointing out that he went on at a bit of length about his displeasure with having the NFL Draft in May, and losing time.

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, Belichick raised exactly 124 words worth of displeasure, to be precise.

“Yeah, of course,” Belichick said. “I mean, the sooner you have your players, the easier it is to start, not only getting them integrated into your team but also building your team. There are certain things you get in the draft, then you have to fill other areas of the team with veteran players or college free agents or whatever. When that process is going on, you can see every day you pick up the transactions, every team has got — not every team — but there’s probably 5-15 transactions on a daily basis. Of course, if you had the draft, you can move that whole process up. Whatever it is, it is. It’s not my decision, but I would go for an earlier draft, absolutely.”

That’s reasonably strong — for Belichick — and certainly indicative of what most coaches think.

Now, they’d be as foolish as members of the media to think their opinion matters, but it’s at least another voice in the chorus.

36 responses to “Bill Belichick “absolutely” wants draft moved back to April

  1. I saw the title and thought “The same people that whined about waiting so long for the draft are going to somehow find fault in Belichick saying the same thing.”

    And here we are…

  2. I agree, and I hope the Commissioner realizes that the draft got such high ratings this year compared to last year not because of the fact that it was in May but because this draft had more intriguing talent in the first round.

  3. Bill’s right (again) but his thinking runs up against the NFL trying to get a much money out of the draft event as possible. He should sit down with Robert Kraft and have a long talk with him. If he can change Kraft’s thinking, he might get somewhere.

  4. Belichick is always right, Goodell is always wrong and that includes the completely overblown filming of the opponents sideline. Goodell, the new commissioner and ex Jet employee overacted to show he was in charge. We have seen that over and over since then.

  5. He’s also sick of the additional weeks of mock drafts made by all the so called “experts” who are wrong more often than they are right.

  6. In other words, pushing the draft back in exchange for a few extra bucks may harm the on-field product. This is known as “penny wise, pound foolish” or “Goodelling yourself”.

  7. watching the draft is like watching paint dry. Not what I’d all exciting.

    Especially since with the web now you can check every couple hours and see who your team drafted and not have to waste time watching it.

    From a coaches standpoint of course Belichick is right. The sooner you get the draft done the sooner you can fill in the other holes from free agents and have your roster in place. The sooner the roster is in place the sooner the playbooks can go out and the players start learning the system.

  8. Late April was already way too late. It should be no later than the 15th of April every year, preferably sooner. May is absurd.

  9. Anybody who’s married knows that the only opinion that really matters in life is the old lady’s.

    If the Commissioner’s wife said she thought the draft should be in April, it would be changed to April in a heartbeat.

  10. I guess when the draft is in April it kills the anticipation and there’s no real NFL news for 1-2 Months. Making it later probably keeps the league relevant year round… But as Belichick pointed out, it makes it harder to build a good team and therefore will reduce the quality on the field eventually leading to reduced revenue. Bad decision Goodell.

  11. Belichick is right. Move the draft back to April. That means we have to listen to McShay and Mel Kiper and deal with two more mocks for another month. Who truly wants that?

  12. I think Belichick may be my favorite individual in the NFL. Always calls it how it is. Hated for being great and right. Doesn’t follow the new American model of political correctness…

    Big fan! Wish he was with the Lions.

    Hey Pats fans, trade you Mayhew AND Caldwell for Belichick, straight up! Deal???


  13. The draft should be in mid March, then at the end of April, they could have the start of free agency. That would spread things around a bit and we would know which teams need to fill holes via free agency.

  14. radiofriendly420 says:
    Jun 17, 2014 11:19 AM
    I think Belichick may be my favorite individual in the NFL. Always calls it how it is. Hated for being great and right. Doesn’t follow the new American model of political correctness…

    Big fan! Wish he was with the Lions.

    Hey Pats fans, trade you Mayhew AND Caldwell for Belichick, straight up! Deal???

    You guys had him already as a coaching assistant way way WAY back in the day. We Pats fans are going to keep him now. 🙂

    I too was stunned he made such a strong comment because his usual reply to anything about rules, etc is” whatever the rule/situation is, we’ll deal with it” end of story.

    With all the ways the NFL has changed since Goodell took office, they fall into two categories: a change that is better for the owners or a change that is better for the players. Lost in all this is that not a single change has been good for coaches, be it rule changes, or CBA changes, etc. Sure they get draft picks signed faster, that’s good for owners and players. No holdouts, so coaches should love it. BUT…they can’t meet that much or practice much anymore, so that’s still bad for the coaches (and for the quality of the game, in my opinion, but I digress). Since free agency and the implementation of the cap, I’ve thought that having a great head coach (to include being great at assembling a staff) is the single most important thing you can have. And the more things continue as is, it becomes even more important. And yet, even great head coaches often make far less a year than their best few players. It’s really a strange deal. I’m just very very thankful that Kraft is a great enough businessman to see through all the media and fan whining and know that BB was going to be a fantastic choice for a HC.

  15. Hate the Pats and their obnoxious fans but anytime BB says anything about the league, it’s almost always with it and the game’s best interests in mind

    I actually can’t think of many times where I’ve disagreed with him

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