Brady Quinn has a problem with Johnny Football’s non-football persona


The Browns don’t care what Johnny Manziel does off the field.  Former Browns quarterback Brady Quinn does.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Quinn criticized Manziel for his antics away from football.

“I think my biggest issue with it is when you are drafted in the first round you are the face of the franchise,” Quinn said regarding Manziel’s work-hard-play-harder lifestyle, which has consisted of champagne spraying, riding an inflatable swan with a champagne bottle in hand, and toting the so-called money phone.  “I understand he’s trying to have a good time and live his life off the field, but there’s a little kid watching that and now he’s looking up to him as a role model.  And for me personally, I have a little bit of an issue with it.  I don’t think that’s the way you want to conduct yourself.”

While the team claims to tolerate the Johnny Football shtick, Quinn wonders whether the team’s owner truly endorses it — or merely tolerates it.

“Of you were asking Jimmy Haslam, is that really what you want the face of your franchise doing, and having out there?  I just don’t think it’s right.  I don’t think it’s respectful to the other veteran players, too, who right now are probably taking care of their bodies, trying to prepare to go into a winning season right now instead of doing things like that off the field.”

Quinn thinks Manziel should try to emulate the quarterback of the defending Super Bowl champs.

“I always revert back to Russell Wilson only because he’s so young, he’s been so successful, but you see all the time his good works, when he’s out there on camera, or out there on Twitter, whatever it is, he’s at a hospital with sick kids giving them gifts, trying to brighten up their day,” Quinn said.  “That’s the kind of role model I’d want for my franchise.  And I don’t understand why [Manziel] can’t interject more of that into his life.  He’s got such a following.  So then try to do it in a positive way, to help kids who are sick or people who are homeless, whatever it is, but just try to do it in a more positive manner.”

Browns fans surely won’t have much regard for Quinn’s comments, and no one in Cleveland will have a problem with Manziel’s lifestyle as long as the team finally finds success.  But at a time when the NFL has a lingering issue with binge drinking and drunk driving, Quinn has a point — even if neither Manziel nor anyone who roots for him or the Browns will want to hear it.

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  1. Brady Quinn may not be a person who has NFL employment, but he does know a thing or two about working hard and being committed to one’s craft.

    Manziel could learn a lot from a guy, or two, like Brady.

  2. If I was Johnny I wouldn’t listen to an OUNCE of anything coming out of Brady Quinn”s mouth about what he should and shouldn’t do to be a successful NFL QB. Look what happened to him. Don’t listen to a bust Johnny keep proving people wrong.

  3. This is great..a former garbage Cleveland QB calling out a future garbage Cleveland QB.

  4. Brady is really good at living up to his words, I mean he is a first round pick and really nailed that Face of the Franchise thing he was spewing about from his high hoarse

  5. What a hypocrite Quinn is. There are pictures of him all over the internet partying and make lewd gestures but Johnny is in the wrong?

    “And I don’t understand why [Manziel] can’t interject more of that into his life.” You mean like today where he spent the day at the Cleveland zoo with kids?

  6. I personally never cared for Quinn, but he has a point. JF is the last player Cleveland needed, but now they will have to pay the price for it. Anyone who insists on using that offensive and idiotic ‘show me the money’ pose is only asking for trouble, and is bound to get plenty of it. He won’t be the biggest football bust money-wise, but possibly so for hype.

  7. Brady do not forget Johnny is a young silver spooner. In a perfect world…… Dangeruss had an awesome DAD who kept him humble. For all the haters out there, Dangeruss is NOT an actor. He is the Gold Standard of young QB’s with Luck right there beside him.

  8. This is what you getwhen you drafted Johnny. You cant say, or you are a complete idiot, that you didnt know what you are getting ahead of time.

    As long as he produces on the field, thats all anyone will care about. If hes successful, no one will have a major issue with his antics. If he isnt, people will blame his partying

  9. I didn’t even read the article, but who cares? Its Brady Quinn!!! Why do we care what Brady Quinn has to say?!?!?

  10. In all fairness Manziel was the Browns SECOND CHOICE in the first round.

    And anybody with half a brain knew Brady Quinn would be a bust. The NFL does not have Army and Navy on any schedule.

  11. I used to think, “Well he’s still a kid abd money can’t change age … he’s acting his age” when I’d see a player acting that way. Then I noticed that people like this punk is the exception. You don’t see Jadaveon Clowney waving money around, acting like a complete A-hole. He’s gonna get his — and I don’t mean money. He’s acting like nobody can hurt him. Can’t wait to see him proven wrong. Not that I wish bodily harm on anyone, but someone needs to jar this kid back into reality.

  12. Oh good, I was wondering what Brady Quinn had to say on the matter. If I recall correctly, I don’t think Quinn had a squeaky clean image when he was in the NFL either.

  13. I agree with some of his thoughts about being a role model to kids. However, didn’t Russel Wilson just get a divorce? Does that make him a poor role model too? Give it a rest and let people decide who they want to be and look at as a role model.

    The media is the one portraying him as a partier anyways. It’s the media’s fault too for making him seem like he’s that way. Did you see the things listed on this site that he’s done while not on the field? He’s also done some things off of it too. Look into some of his charitable work too. It’s there.

  14. I cant believe people can actually hear brady quinn from way outside the nfl….weird.

  15. Got no problem with it, the only issue I have is whether or not the team or the fanbase will start suddenly caring about Manziel’s “schtick” come week 6 when the Browns are already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

  16. Easy answer there Brady, Manziel doesnt want to play football(He is overrated anyways), he is Matt Leinart 2.0. Oh Yea , what do you know about being the face of the franchise?

  17. Didn’t Brady Quinn sign that huge supplement endorsement deal as a rookie,and then decided getting ripped for ads was more important than football?

  18. Well Said Brady……..except for the part where it all doesn’t matter in the NFL if you don’t win……Then, you are thought of as a bum by many fans, regardless of community involvement and help given to the less fortunate…….

    If Johnny plays well and wins, he will be successful regardless of his legal drinking and carrying on off the field. If not, he won’t play and will be a bust. Time will tell.

  19. You can’t teach ‘growing up’, it has to be learned. Some don’t get it until later, some don’t get it ever.

    Brady Quinn is young to a lot of us. His youth is showing just by not knowing what I just stated…

  20. I read halfway through this article and then said “why do I care what Brady Quinn has to say.” Then promptly went to the comment section in hopes of saving someone else’s 30 seconds of life.

  21. JFF is digging his own grave. Look at how all the following helped Tebow keep a job. As a rookie he is going to fail, like Manning and like so many others. Especially those taking on a perennial losing franchise. In no time, the extracurricular become a distraction when you are losing (as is inevitable with the Browns) you are in an even brighter spotlight. No matter how great your college career, you’re signed that high because your going to a losing franchise and when you fail, the distractions make it so no other team wants to put up with the Vegas photos and inflatable swans and you become an analyst on the SEC Network. God couldn’t help Tebow, what makes JFF think acting the fool will work for him. Both have two things in common, the paparazzi and skills that don’t translate to pro ball.

  22. Until he changes his behavior, Johnny Football will become Johnny Rehab. He reminds me of Kerry Collins when he entered the league. Kerry finally got it but only after he reached rock bottom a couple of times.

  23. Say what you want about Brady Quinn, but I have a lot of respect for him after what he said at the post game press conference after Jovan Belcher died. He knows what he’s talking about here.

  24. Brady Quinn WAS a pretty boy Notre Dame QB who had zero personality and was a major bust in the NFL. A complete and total failure everywhere he went. He has no place giving any advice to a smart, high character guy like Johnny Football – in fact it is laughable.
    Maybe Notre Dame can employ Brady like the Longhorns are employing Vince Young – to shake the hands of wealthy donors.

  25. Sounds like sour grapes from a guy who was just another over hyped Notre Dame product. Also Brady were you not the one that had to go and hide in Goodell’s suite on draft day so no one would see you cry and pout because you were falling down the draft board!

  26. This is the same Brady Quinn who was caught on video gay bashing patrons as they left a Columbus OH gay bar. Nothing Johnny has done so far has been as obnoxious as that.

  27. At First i thought that Quinn was just being a HATER but then i read some more and realized that what he said about the kids looking up to Johnny football. Im a black man in Jacksonville who has a 7 yr old who plays pop warner football who wears NUMBER 2 and wants to play QB bc of Manziel….Dawg these kids REALLY DO follow his EVERY MOVE. okay with having fun but incorporate some the POSITIVE things to the mix….AND THIS ISNT the first time a QB has come to the leauge with “so much” “other stuff” MIKE VICK WAS the same way TRUST ME he didnt party as much but he damn sure wasnt studying….After he gets humbles by the NFL he’ll grow and turn out to be pretty good

  28. who cares what a overrated dame washout has to say? what manziel chooses to do on his time is his business. when he get arrested then you can talk but until then just shut up loser. all your charitable works really helped you on the field didn’t it? you suck so just go away already.

  29. He’s acting like Haslam is totally unaware of Manziel’s body of work heretofore.

    I’m a Steelers fan and I love to watch this kid play.

    He’s incredibly gifted but the question has always been: Will his style of play transfer to the NFL and does he really want to be a top-shelf player or merely a celebrity?

    But let’s not act like the Browns–and Haslam–didn’t know what they were buying.

    You’re getting Manziel the ball player and the entire Johnny Football aura. For better or for worse.

  30. 1. How many kids are on PFT/Instagram/Twitter? If we’re talking about teens then they have been exposed to much worse.

    2. Hey Brady, Johnny has attended functions for kids and given them encouragement. If you weren’t so focused on the negative you would have seen that headline.

    3. Since when has one’s job been given the lattitude to say what an employee can do once he’s off the clock . As long as he is not breaking any laws or company policies, its no big deal. There isnt even any evidence to this point that his activities are affecting his job performance.

    4. Why take advice from a guy that blows and probably should be out of football. His opinion holds no weight.

    Im a Browns fan that wanted Teddy B, but the hate has got to stop. All the people judging his every move come off as jealous and resentful of his celebrity. If he goes out and actually does something to hurt his teammates or this organization then let him have it. You dont see Brees, Manning etc out partying because they, like most of us, are married with kids. Johnny is not. He’s a 21 year old single millionaire. Let his nuts breathe a little bit. I literally hope he cant hear all of this nonsense because he’s on his money phone. He’s not missing anything important.

  31. You know…I was ready to quickly say “who cares what Brady Quinn has to say?”, but again I came away impressed by his comments on the subject. Like his thoughts about players needing to really listen and watch out for other players in distress, it hits home that Brady Quinn just gets it.

    It’s too bad he couldn’t raise his play regardless of the years his career was mishandled by Browns coaches and owners early on. He would have been interesting to listen to in interviews.

  32. Yeah it’s much more honorable and setting a better example for youngsters to hold out of training camp squabbling over money and miss your shot at a starting job.

    I’d rather my QB party in Vegas than dress in drag at his sister’s wedding, or grab his yacht buddies’ crotches. Go back to insignificance Quinn.

  33. Good point Brady, however you are a tad bit older and past your prime so it’s easy to say.
    Let the kid learn from his own mistakes, the vets and media. You can only claim the dumb a$$ card once.

  34. Brady Quinn needs to mind his own garden. What does the owner think? hahah he’s too busy protecting his hide from federal prosecution. That’s hardly someone’s approval you really strive to earn. Johnny hasn’t done anything illegal. Go away Brady, fade in to the mist and dissapear faster than your playing career. Your takes are bogus.

  35. Everybody listen to Brady Quinn…he did everything right to be a successful quarterback for the Browns, Broncos, Chiefs, Seahawks, Jets, Rams…..

  36. Brady Quinn is entitled to his opinion, and in that same spirit I’m inclined to give him a pass on this one, just as I’m so inclined to with Johnny football. While he has a point about Manziel’s “youthful exuberance” it is ill advised to make a habit of trying to emulate the private lives of most professional athletes in my estimation. Charles Barkley probably never spoke truer words when he said he is not a roll model.

  37. Whaaaat? But lots of people who will never be good NFL QB’s would act like Manziel….so whats the problem? He’s just having some fun and he’s young. So no good NFL QB’s have ever or will ever also be relatable to a regular guy, what does that really mean? I bet nothing. I bet he’ll end up just like all the other people who go to Vegas for fun right after getting a new job. That is, not a good NFL QB.

  38. Teach your kid how to act and right from wrong. Teach him that he shouldn’t look up to football players outside of their play on the field. Spend some time teaching him about life instead of babysitting him with video games and dvd’s. Don’t blame Manziel dawg…

  39. Manziel could handle himself better, but I’d say he can also handle himself a lot worse.

    If the guy wins, nobody will care. If he doesn’t, I hope he understands what he has in store. We shall see.

  40. Hey Quinn, don’t be a hypocrite, you partied just as much as a rookie, difference is no one cared where, or what you did at that time, and Johnny gets into better parties with celebrities. It’s pretty obvious, this is a jealousy thing, since you failed miserably in the NFL, pretty sure you and steeler fans will be hoping Manziel breaks his leg, or sucks as bad as you did, because of your own insecurities. Johnny Cleveland will lead the browns to the first NFL championship for the browns, keep hating and watch the magic.

  41. I’m shocked this turned into a Quinn bashing. (not really) The man just voiced his opinion like everybody here.

    I happen to think he’s right and he won’t be the first, second or third to say the same thing. OK Quinn was not very good. I get it, but takes nothing away from his statement.

    He just said what every successful NFL QB is thinking and what every high school and college coach just told his QB not to do.

    Stop blaming the media and blame Johnny for his actions. He’s a media wet dream. There is always something. Sports media gets paid by having stuff to write or show. He gives them plenty.

    As a certain political party likes to say, “he built it all by himself”. He will learn what humility feels like in front of a full stadium and millions on TV. Sitting in that draft, green room, taught him nothing. Think about look on LeBron’s face 10x after the Spurs beating. I can’t wait.

  42. For someone who respects good role models, he didn’t feel that way about Tim Tebow when Tim got the nod to start in Denver rather than him. He looked like a jealous school girl back then. It’s not like Manziel is smoking crack with a call girl and toting a gun. Manziel’s still young and wants to have a little fun.

  43. This is the guy that showed leadership his rookie year by holding out on the team that drafted him and no showing camp then running to the media that his poor play was due to his offensive coordinator not liking him (just prior to giving that team a “start me or trade me” ultimatum).

    This is also the guy who blamed his poor play in Denver on the Broncos fans and questioned Tim Tebow’s Christianity in GQ magazine.

    I’m pretty sure in there somewhere was a physical altercation with one of his team mates in Cleveland and an incident of homaphobia outside of a bar in Ohio as well.

    Looking at Quinn’s behavior outside of football compared to Manziel I’m pretty sure GM’s and coaches would prefer Manziel.

  44. Uhh, Manziel is from a family of hucksters/charlatans/robbers. They don’t care about anything other than themselves. (do a search on deadspin – they had an AMAZING story on his family last summer)

    The kid can play football, but Tebow II will not ever be an NFL player. I understand youthful exuberance and that – but he just doesn’t care. He has more money from his contract that any of us will ever earn + his family’s money. He simply doesn’t care anymore – he doesn’t have to. He did something on his own that was brilliant (amazing college QB), but he’s young/stupid, just like the rest of us were – it’s just he has millions upon millions waiting him when he fails. Manziel emits everything I DON’T want on my team as a person.

    Again, hit up deadspin and search for the story on his family – he makes a TON more sense in reading it.

  45. Everyone has an opinion about about Johns character flaws, and the overwhelming majority are negative opinions. He seems like a spoiled, self centered tool to me, but whatever. I can’t think of a more befitting home than the factory of sadness.

  46. I feel guilty. Should I actually chastise Brady Quinn for commenting on a Brown’s starting QB? Does he leave room for his own shortcomings? That’s right he’s trying to make a name for himself as a broadcaster. #LOSER

  47. Quinn and Brunell are some bitter QBs. They hate every quarterback in the leagues. Then again,most of the talking heads on TV are too positive or jive,so I guess you need some bad guys to balance it out. I will give credit to Quinn outside of his professional life,he does run a foundation that helps homeless vets.

  48. Didn’t Joe Namath say something to the effect of “it’s downright un-American for a young guy not to have a good time.”?

  49. While I see the point of not liking the message, why bag on the messenger? Like it or not, he may be correct. Many years ago, this Charger fan saw the same amount of talent by a QB fresh out of college who was drafted number two, and or could of been number one. Yeah, the Chargers should of traded up and got Peyton, but it could of went either way. On draft day, Peyton asked for a playbook, the soon to become the biggest number two draft bust (We Charger fans cannot speak his name to this day) in NFL history went to Vegas and then a less than stellar NFL career.
    Which one will Johnny Football become? His handlers should have some better advice for him.

  50. It’s not uncommon having ‘has beens’ come out to the woodworks to criticize the current player. They want to live their football lives over through the young guy. Soon in a few years, Manziel may be doing the same. I still remember douchbaggery photos of Quinn and wondering about his focus on the game.

  51. IIRC Brady Quinn didn’t exactly live the squeaky clean life himself, no matter how much Notre Dame (the home university of Jesus himself) tried to portray him as Mr. Perfect. Unfortunately for the Browns and their beleaguered fans, he was just as imperfect if not more so as their starting QB.

    Of course, after he washed out in Cleveland, he was able to parlay his ND credentials into a few years of thoroughly undistinguished backup duty under coaches who valued “pedigree” over actual NFL ability.

    Now, desperate for attention, trying to be relevant, he’s opening his big yap and trying to stir the pot, doing his best to ruin the best chance Cleveland has had to have a competent QB since his woeful tenure.

    Memo to BQ: You were a bust in the NFL and you’re never going to be anything else. Your “legendary” days at Notre Dame are long in the past. Find yourself something relevant to do.

  52. These 2 have something in common…sweating in the green room as they slip in the draft. Brady face it you suck as a QB in the NFL your 15 Min is over…go away

  53. Every week it seems Johnny gets a little more outrageous in his off-field antics. And we’ve not seen him take a single NFL snap. He’s going to have to tear it up from the start, or he’s going put his team and Browns fans in a very difficult spot. Tick tock tick tock….soon we find out what’s behind curtain #3.

  54. Quinn gave the same message to Brandon WE DONE who , quite unfortunately, followed Braddus’s example both off, and on, the field. This created a disaster of biblical proportions!

    Let’ s hope that Manziel matures to the Peyton Manning model on, and off, the field! ( And let WE DONE and Quinn continue to follow each other’s example. Losers!

  55. There was a guy similar to Manziel in stature Tim Tebow. the polar opposite in every way and He too was a number one pick and he as with this spoiled boy will make a million and then disappeared into the lore of College Football.
    Manziel will be lucky for a bit and he has a we bit of talent but when a 350lb linemen and a 245 linebacker Sanwhich him a few times he will spend a lot of time in the trainers room.
    As far a Brady goes he is looking for a ESPN job announcing curling, because no one cares what he thinks about anything….

  56. My problem is that anyone would bother to spend the time talking to Brady Quinn.

  57. Living in Cleveland I think its funny coming from Brady who was doing commercials for Subway while being a second string QB. Brady came out of college being the poster boy, golden boy, pretty boy from Notre Dame who was nothing but complete bust who has bounced to six teams in the NFL. A player who falls into the Tim Tebow & Matt Leinart category of QBs whos flash faded once they hit the field and actually had to play. Brady go away

  58. Wasn’t Brady Quinn’s only NFL highlight of note being him still sitting back in the green room on the second day of the draft wondering if someone was gonna call him? Seriously, SHUT UP and see what Johnny can do out on the field first before you worry about him being the face of the franchise.

  59. Brady Quinn, really? A guy who had a terrible slide in the draft, televised for everyone to witness. The Browns save his humiliation and pick him. His appreciation to the browns and their fans? He holds out of training camp for $$$ and gets so far behind he loses his chance to be the leader and QB. At least Johnny has been present putting in his time and by the way signed a contract significantly less than you signed. Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me. You had a chance to make you opinions matter in Cleveland and decided a few $$$ was more important. No Browns fan cares what he thinks. Nothing to see here.

  60. Manziel has said all the right things so far and looks to be developing his skill set at the OTA’s and mini-camps. He’s still a kid and finding his own way, making his own footprints. Who are we to tell him how to live his life off the field?? If (big if) he produces on the field and doesn’t let his off-field life impact that, let him live. We would all be saying the same thing to those who try to tell us how to live ours. If he fails, he gets cut. It’s not like the Browns bet the farm or traded a ton of picks to move up and draft him.

  61. This coming from Quinn who couldn’t even make the OSU squad. The only reason he wound up at Notre Dame was due to his family’s connection with the church in Columbus.

    Quinn who held out for money, bashes gay men while sitting outside said bar and oogling those same men, and spent more time modeling for an unknown audience on the internet. That Brady Quinn? Smhhh.

    Quinn’s only accomplishment was stealing money from several NFL teams.

  62. We all mature at different speeds and it is doubtful those in need of maturity would recognize words to learn by from another…if Johnny Football is anything, its smart. He will get eventually…in his own time. Is his actions the beginnings of a problem? Or “boys being boys” ? Only time will tell.

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