Browns have seen enough from Earl Bennett


The Browns might not have Josh Gordon for the year, but they’ve begun sifting through the imported replacements.

The team announced they’ve terminated the contract of wide receiver Earl Bennett.

They signed Bennett a month ago, but apparently saw enough in a short time to know he wasn’t going to be of help.

Bennett had been occasionally productive with the Bears, but was a salary cap casualty this offseason.

39 responses to “Browns have seen enough from Earl Bennett

  1. Wow. He must be injured or really out of shape. I thought he was a good pickup for them.

    That being said, if you can’t stick as a WR on the Browns as they currently stand, it may be time to look at new career options.

  2. Johnny “Vegas” has got to be wondering what he has gotten himself in to.

    I’ll bet he’s regretting that draft day phone call he made already.

  3. No, don’t sit Johnny Football this year. If he really is all that and a bag of chips, put him out there with the WRs they’ve got and see if he can make the offense work anyway.

    That’s what franchise QBs do, right?

  4. The Browns are looking to change a culture and are only looking for players that have the right attitude and toughness. Bennett being cut says that they believe that already have better in camp.

  5. forget Johnny Football for a minute and think of the larger picture.

    Since Cleveland got a team again in 1999, 19 different men have started at QB for them.

    There have been 15 seasons since football returned to Cleveland in 1999.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum was the Colts with Peyton playing every game from 1998 through 2010.

    Also, in those 15 seasons, the Browns had 7 head coaches and are on number 8 now for their 16th season since returning to Cleveland.

    One coach for every two years… 19 starting QB’s in 15 seasons…

    Oh, new owners, new president and G.M.’s too, high turnover.

    is it any wonder the team keeps struggling?

    I’m NOT a Browns fan or a Johnny Football fan, but I’m not rooting against him.

    If he fails, folks will say, “see I told you he wouldn’t make it, was overrated etc..”

    A LOT of QB’s over the past 15 yrs have NOT made it in Cleveland.

    Many of them would have made it on different teams that were more stable and better run.

    I mean, one may not become “The Factory of Sadness” that easily… it took WORK, over years and years for that moniker to be applicable…

    Steelers (no I’m NOT a Steelers fan, I’m a Bears fan) only 3 head coaches since the time of Moses or something…


  6. He sucked for the Bears vs his salary. He was on tap to be amongst the top 30 paid WRs in the league this year. Jerry Angelo overpaid Earl when Johnny Knox got hurt Good riddance. Bet he wishes he took that pay cut now.

  7. Not to fear Cleveland fans. The Packers have an abundance of WR’s and there most definitely be some decent talent hitting the waiver wire at some point. I would bet your best options are making a trade before the first couple preseason games rather than wait for roster cuts to claim a couple WR’s. They need to be in camp to pick up the system.

  8. Jerry Angelo is one of my all time favorites with the Bears. He made soooooo many contract and draft mistakes. Of course I’m not a Bears fan.
    Go Pack Go !!!

  9. Honestly wouldn’t dedicate one of my five receiver slots on my roster to a possession with pedestrian attributes either. Would rather take my chances on a young buck with upside potential, and scour the wire at final cuts. Watkins busted for grass 2 years ago at Clemson. (insert definition of insanity…) Had glaring hole at corner and took best player available. Williams was gone. We’ll take Buffalo’s first next year…

  10. Not a Browns fan, but I am a NFL fan and I hope the Browns do well. I hope Manziel (if he plays) does well. That being said, they have a pretty tough schedule right out of the box. Don’t be surprised at a 0-3 start and a 5-11 season. Gonna be a tough year, but if the pieces start to fall into place, next year. . . .

  11. For a WR-poor team to cut Bennett says either he really can’t play anymore — and he was reasonably productive in Chi — or the Browns don’t know what they’re doing. Toss-up there.

  12. We’re at that wonderful stage where the Browns begin to find out that signing virtually everyone is nice and makes for good PR, but then you have to actually see them on the field.

    I’ll mark the Browns and their not ready for prime time players down for 6 wins this year, one more than the Bengals.

  13. I’m a Bears fan and not a fan of Earl Bennett. I thought he was a below average WR who received too much credit from the fan base. Obviously two NFL franchises now agree with me.

  14. The Browns have a great receiving core, Gordon, Cameron, Hawkins and I hear a couple of the udfa are tearing it up. The Browns are finally back and gonna bring pain to your team soon.. Woooooooo

  15. Surprising. Earl was a stalwart (when healthy) for the Bears when the Bears had no “top of the NFL WR tandem…” let alone someone to block for their QB. On occasion, was very much a Bobby Engram on 3rd down for Chicago.

    Earl refusing a pay cut from the Bears and go to another team was inevitable this season. Other than an injury factor (read concussion), I cannot think of any reason why to give up on him so soon.

    Chips down: No one in Chicago could call him, “unprofessional.”

  16. Look I am a Pats fan I live in New England. I would like to see Cleveland be more competitive. I want them to see start Hoyer Cleveland went 3-0 in games he started. I am not for throwing Manzie under the fire right away. Can point to San Diego a while back they drafted first took Eli, traded for Phillip Rivers, and let one of the best QB of this generation go to New Orleans. I am sorry I do not find the AFC North a brutal division, none of the teams in that division scare me So I think there first few games are win able. The Josh Gordon thing is a downer but why wasnt weed illegal when Ricky Williams played he didnt want to. As for Josh he is probably the most talented Wide Receiver next to megatron. As for Earl dont think letting him go was that bad of a move. I would kick myself more for letting Little go off to Oakland. Austin should be serviceable, Cameron is good. How high his ceiling is I dont know but hes a real good tight end. Andy Reid pointed out an odd stat, there are more undrafted players on NFL rosters than 1st round picks. I like the move for Tate, he should help out whoever plays QB. Id guess most of the people that liked Earl where Bears fans, he was like the 4th option on that team. I cant see them not in the mix for the division, only one team in this division is making the playoffs. Cinncinati is a jeckel and hyde team you might get their A game and they can beat anybody, you might get a team that couldnt beat a college team, the Ravens overpaid for Flacco, yes he is a super bowl winning QB but so wasnt Trent Dilfer for the Ravens. Pittsburgh shouldnt have let Wallace go he can stretech the field and as far as their D goes it is old.

  17. Bennett was an okay receiver for the Bears. Mainly because pre-Brandon Marshall, Cutler had no choice but to throw the ball to Bennett or Forte each game.

    I think Bennett really hit is stride in special teams for the Bears. He must have lost a step or two because he production as receiver really dropped last year and now the Browns don’t even want him.

  18. Bennett was a good receiver with the Bears who benefitted from having worked with Jay Cutler in college at Vanderbilt. Once Marshall came in and Alshon proved he was a #2, the money Bennett had coming was too much for a 3rd option, let alone a 4th option of Wilson takes off like the Bears expect he will. Hence the pay cut request in an effort to retain him and likely placate Cutler.

    I wish him well but unfortunately he plays a position where being fast and jumping high, both traits of the younger players, is valued and necessary.

  19. this is the reason the brown are a buncha slug-losers and have no shot in all the world to get any better:
    having watched earl Bennett play for the bears, where they have as good a bunch of WR as there in the NFL, Bennett had a hard time getting throws. he’s a big strong guy who can catch the ball in a crowd, and is very tough to bring down.
    earl bennet will catch on somewhere with a team that has some sense.. and thrive

  20. For all the Browns haters, relax. Now that Bennet is a FA again, maybe your team will pick him up and prove the Browns wrong.

    Haters should be happy at the circus in Cleveland, surely they will prove how “knowledgable” you are.

    Who knows, maybe the Bears will re-sign him. However, in Ray we trust!

  21. This is kind of shocking. As a Bears fan, I always liked Bennett’s game- good route runner, tough to bring down in the open field, good hands, can contribute to special teams and a good locker room guy. Nothing spectacular but if you need a solid slot guy, you can do a lot worse than Earl Bennett. I wonder what the heck happened there. I know his brother recently and somewhat tragically died.

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