Carroll says Seahawks expected Lynch to show


When a report emerged last week that the Seahawks didn’t expect running back Marshawn Lynch to show up for a mandatory minicamp, we were told by a well-placed source in the organization that the Seahawks expected Lynch to be there and that they hadn’t heard anything to the contrary.

On Tuesday, after Lynch reported for the three-day event, another well-placed source in the organization has declared that it was never an issue.

“We expected him to be here and he’s here,” coach Pete Carroll told reporters.

Carroll also painted a picture of a relationship that hardly seems to be fractured.

“I’ve talked to [Lynch] a number of times and everybody at some time or another has been in contact with him,” Carroll said.  “He’s made it very easy on us to do that.  We have a great relationship, he’s got a great relationship with our club and his teammates and our coaches and all that.  We have rested him a lot in the offseason.  He takes a big pounding during the year.  It takes him a long time to get his body back to where he doesn’t feel the rigors of the season that’s passed.  In this case, it’s unique, but he’s a unique player and he has a unique role on our football team. S o we have to do what we have to do to take care of him.  You won’t see him get the ball a lot in preseason, we’ll work all the way toward that opening day, see if we can get him right for then and that’s what’s most important.”

Carroll also downplayed the idea that Lynch has asked for a new contract.

“There’s nothing in our conversations about the business side of it that we’ll talk about,” Carroll said.  “There’s no reason to.”

Technically, Carroll is correct, because teams can’t negotiate directly with players who are represented by agents.  Even though Lynch showed up, there’s reason to believe he wants something from the team for his role in helping the franchise to its first Super Bowl win.  For now, though, Lynch doesn’t seem to be inclined to do anything about it.

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  1. Sea puppies must have been handing out free PEDS. Teddy Bridgewater will bring down the puppies in January on his route to the first rookie QB winning the Super Bowl. #teddyisthesavior

  2. Who else is already sick of Seahawks stories?

    One win in a billion years. Get over it.

  3. Said last week he would show for the mandatory OTA’s. His point has been made and his agent probably already has gotten an idea as to what, if any, the Seahawk’s are willing to talk about an extension/bonus. My guess is that he has been told to talk to the team next year after they get done talking with Russell and a few of the other guys that they have to deal with. After that, and based on Salary Cap issues, they may want to do an extension. Until then, holding pat……

    Go Hawks!

  4. He’ll show. Then the media will turn to the next non story. Can’t wait for next season, Seahawks looking deep

  5. Leave it to the media to make a story out of jack diddly. I don’t know who started this obnoxious rumor, but that’s something you should face significant scrutiny for doing.

  6. So many Seahawk fans (including myself) have said Beast Mode will show up and this hold out/retirement talk is all media speculation. He hasn’t been at OTA’s since 2011 but shows up in shape and ready to play.

    Pete Carroll limits him and keeps him fresh with Wednesday practices off year after year and every year stories start to leak that he may be hurt. Sports writers should be required to do some level of research before reporting or before you know it there are a million Manish Mehta’s with 20,00 anonymous sources

  7. Notice the contrast between the Seahawks and Niners? Team…unity…us…trust they’ve been preaching it for 4 years now. When are the so-called media insiders going to learn? Seattle does things differently. It’s a recipe for success.

  8. “Even though Lynch showed up, there’s reason to believe he wants something from the team for his role in helping the franchise to its first Super Bowl win.”

    We were also repeatedly told that there was reason to believe that he wouldn’t show up to camp. Anybody notice how that worked out?

  9. Last week Profootballtalk created a rumor that Lynch: (1) feels unappreciated by the Seahawks; (2) is going to contest his existing contract and; (3) will not attend the phase 3 ota’s. You guys were wrong on all points and now you try to backslide and say that your well placed sources told you that as far as they knew there was no indication to think that Lynch would not show up at training camp. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites.

  10. Obviously there was some things behind the scenes, but these anonymous sources that create a mountain out of a mole hole are pathetic. What’s worse is some of you that lack critical thinking skills and buy everything that is being sold.

  11. Can’t be bothered with either team on account of the west coast just being a little too soft overall for my liking, but man are Seahawk fans ever obsessed with the Niners. Understandable I suppose, hard to act like you’ve been there before when you haven’t.

  12. armchairqb says:
    Who else is already sick of Seahawks stories?

    One win in a billion years. Get over it.
    Haha, you’d better get used to it pal. It will take the rest of the NFL at least 2 years to catch up to the Seahawks.

  13. Thing is they signed many has-beens this offseason and there are many unhappy and mis-contents in Sleepless. They wont even make final 4 this year..mark it!

  14. The Seahawks want to wait and see if the RB trend continues downward before the throw a truckload of money his way. I would bet his number of carries this year is lower as they work towards a committee approach

  15. It’s always humorous when a team finally wins the Super bowl and their fans, who of all people should know how difficult it is to win, then start yapping about how they are going to win the next ten or so. Unless you’re cheating (read Patriots), no matter how good a team is it is damn near impossible to repeat, that is just how competitive the NFL is and one of the many great thing about it. Enjoy your success but don’t start yapping about the next win before the season even gets under way.

  16. We yap about 2 in a row because we know how far ahead of the rest of the NFL the Seahawks are. Only an injury to Russell Wilson can derail 2 in a row.

    And the best part is the rest of the league dosent have a clue how we’re doing it yet.

  17. Marshawn’s carries will go down to about 14-15 carrys a game. Michael and Turbin are just too good to sit on the sidelines anymore. If there was no Lynch, Michael would have been the beast of burden, Michael is that good.

  18. beastmode5150 says:
    Jun 18, 2014 1:28 AM

    Where is Santa Clara?

    Within distance of the garlic smell that comes from Gilroy.

    Note to folks from inside The City who plan on venturing to the ‘burbs for the games: If you get to Salinas, you’ve gone too far, and need to turn around.

  19. I like Beast Mode

    really like him dissing POTUS… wish more would move beyond the office and disregard/disrespect this “man”

    and, wouldn’t you minimize time spent w/ stinky Pete?

    Lynch will be OK… Seahawks have one more year before they have to pay enough players where they break up

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