Colin Kaepernick knows why teammates might stay away


Colin Kaepernick would love to have all his guys there for minicamp this week.

But having just been through a contract negotiation of his own, he understands why guard Alex Boone and tight end Vernon Davis might not be there.

“I would love to see all of our players there, but at the same time, they have to do what’s best for them and make their own decisions,” Kaepernick said, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group. “I’ve talked to both and I’m not going to speak on another person’s situation but I support them and they’re great people.

“They’re grown men, so you can’t say what they should or shouldn’t do. That’s their right. But I know all our players support each other and everybody would love to have them.”

Now that Kaepernick’s got his, it’s important for him not to come off as heavy handed when asking for attendance, lest he lose some of the support he has within the locker room.

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  1. I think the fact that he took such a team friendly deal should actually give him the proper soap box to call these guys to attention. He potentially left millions on the table and guys who are already making a good chunk of change are holding out for more. Drew Brees and Joe Flacco definitely shouldn’t be calling guys out for holding out for more money, but Kaep has that right in my opinion.

  2. This guy will not WIN a SB….his attitude is self-centered and his ego causes him to come off as….too insecure! Can’t take the heat from fans and media….too sensitive and it showed last year!

    IMO, he will be in the conversations, but always a bridesmaid. At least he got paid!

    So did Romo and a host of other QB’s (Matt Ryan, Matt Schuab & RG III)

    Can’t wait for them to prove me wrong!

  3. Ya, especially when the 49ers raided the cap kitty bank to overpay Kaepernick by a wide margin.

    The demise of the 49ers isn’t going to come from their current roster, it will come when they can’t afford to pay their current roster to keep it intact.

  4. Kap had his own contract renegotiated with a substantial raise, so he is in no position to badmouth others for wanting their contracts renegotiated.

  5. If I was one of those Billionaire owners, I would pay those greedy players 50k a year and make them buy their own insurance! We’ve got to teach all of them a lesson! I don’t care if most of these players have broken bodies and are out of the league by 30. More money for the owners! Woohoo

  6. I hope he’s not referring to either Vernon Davis or Aldon Smith as “grown men”. Both have proven themselves to be anything but.

  7. You say “now that he’s got his,” as though it puts him in a difficult position. But, the way he “got his,” by leaving a lot of money on the table, in part no doubt to help the team sign the others, gives him much credibility. Nuance. Nuance. Don’t fight it, work with it.

  8. good thing for dolphin fans is they do not have to hear about mike wallace being grossly overpaid, kap now holds that tag.

  9. Why would the players honor the contracts when the team can cut them at any time?

    The avg. NFL career is 3 years, the best players only play 12-15 years.. these players need to make enough money to last them another 50-60 years.

    I’d love to see those guys in there helping the niners get better, but at the same time.. the team will get rid of them the second they dont think they need them. Loyalty to a team is nice, but its a business, every player needs to do what’s best for them and their family first.

  10. I much prefer that both sides honor their contracts. Seeing that they can’t always do so, the players need to be both smarter and nobler. They need to make sure in print their money will be guaranteed, even if they are injured, traded or dropped from the squad. Case in point, Vernon Davis signed a huge contract, probably tops at the time among TEs, and with most of the money paid out in the first two years. That’s the arrangement Vernon and his agent wanted. Now that he’s 30, he’s trying to pressure the 49ers for more. Doesn’t get my sympathy.

    Alex Boone, I am on the fence with. He deserves much more than the small contract he signed as a reserve tackle/guard. Now that he has become one of the best in the league and only getting better, he should be paid more. A lucrative extension would be appropriate. Nonetheless, he and his agent did indeed sign a 4 year deal.

  11. Die hard Hawks fan: But I cannot believe that a lot of you think Kap is being greedy or over payed. He took a very team friendly contract, which I was very surprised by, 13 million, is really nothing, unless he hits the bonuses that are written in to it. I respected him for doing that. So, yes, I think he does have the right to speak up about VD holding out. He took less money, instead of trying to break the bank, which apparently VD wants to do!………..GO HAWKS!

  12. Same goes for Marshawn Lynch. He received most of his $30 million over the first two years and has a $7.5 million/yr average. But because he’s in the part of the contract where he earns $5.5 mil/yr this season and next he wants a new deal. The Seahawks are stupid if they give in to that. Let him retire if he doesn’t want that money.

  13. He took a team friendly deal because he knew that the chances of success outside of San Fran is slim. 49ers knew that too.

    It’s not like he can go play in any system. He is a terrible passer. These other qb’s who are negotiating can play elsewhere.

  14. This just in: Lynch will report to camp today. As I stated earlier, I knew he would. He is known for not showing at minis. And I did not think that he or any other Hawk would hold out for more money. I hope that plays out, but I just cant see any of the current team holding out, they are “All about the action”!!………………………..GO HAWKS!!

  15. There are a lot of distractions on that 49ers squad prior to the season opener. Harbaugh is going to have a time getting the team focused with all the hoopla.

    Is it fair to wonder if the 49ers might have a tougher season than would have been expected?

    These guys were one tipped ball away from the Super Bowl last year, and yes I think they’d have handed Denver their asses just like Seattle did.

    But if Aldon Smith does not show, and Vernon Davis is unhappy. Thats two big players and both the offense and the defense sufers appreciably.

    Add to that the presumption that the FO isn’t playing well in the sandbox together.

    In the NFC West that could really hurt. If they were in any othe NFC division maybe not so much. Although the road through the playoffs would be a tough one no matter what division they were in.

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