Eagles’ receivers coach: I never had a problem with DeSean Jackson

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Whatever the reasons were that the Eagles cut receiver DeSean Jackson, his position coach says there were no problems between the two of them.

Eagles receivers coach Bob Bicknell says he and Jackson got along just fine last season, Bicknell’s first year in Philadelphia.

“All I can say is I’ve never had a problem with DeSean Jackson,” Bicknell said, via CSNPhilly.com. “I enjoyed coaching him. I enjoyed the year I had with him. . . . I wish him nothing but the best. He did everything I asked him to do, and I really enjoyed being around him.”

Bicknell and Jackson yelled at each other on the sideline and had to be separated by players during a game in December, but Bicknell said that was a non-issue.

“Honestly, I don’t really remember too much about the situation,” Bicknell said. “It’s not something that really was carried very long. It’s something I think does happen time to time, but I had no problem with DeSean whatsoever.”

Bicknell may not have had a problem with Jackson, but Chip Kelly didn’t want Jackson around anymore. And as Jackson found out the hard way, Kelly calls the shots in Philadelphia.

47 responses to “Eagles’ receivers coach: I never had a problem with DeSean Jackson

  1. Kelly will regret unloading Jackson for sure as they play the Washington Redskins twice this season. Kelly has a lot of power for winning last season but if that does not continue he will be blamed for dumping Jackson and hurting the offense.

  2. And the Obsession over DJAX continues. saying it again, it only takes common sense to see that it’s kelly’s offense that gave Jackson the best stats of his life. Cooper, and Lesean McCoy…all had their best year. Foles arm and accuracy played a role.

    Eagles offense added even more speed. Mclain and Matthews are sub .45 guys and have great hands… Don’t get me started about Sproles.

    As for the skins, they have been hyped up and they’re buying in, of all people, the redskin should know that you can’t buy a championship. Let’s remind them of Deon Sanders, Bruce, the famous Albert Hanesworth, Donovan Mcnabb, Jeremiah Trotter in his prime, the one year wonder safety from st Louis… and now Jackson.
    Hope you remember that Garcon is your best receiver and it will remain that way. The only guarantee that Jackson brings to DC is he’ll be a headache in year two. Mark these words.

  3. For the record, ALL of the Eagles personnel are trained to say they “never had a problem with Desean Jackson”

    Makes sense, admitting anything at this point would only add fire to this endless media obsession.

  4. Never had a problem with him thats good, Wonder how many people are going to turn this into saying hes still a diva, the hate is real out here I see.

  5. Bicknell never had a problem with him, unless you count that problem that we all saw Bicknell having with him on TV.

  6. Jackson is gone,whatever the reason for him being gone doesn’t change the fact he is gone,can we plz move on,he has.

  7. DeSean, as good as he is, became a liability. That simple. If an offensive minded coach gets rid of one of his best offensive weapons, there was a reason for it.

  8. The less you paid attention to Djax’s whole package, the better you think he is.

    If you watch football on the Red Zone channel or Sportscenter/NFL Total Access, you think he is a top tier WR. If you watch the eagles, you know you have a part-time player. When a D focuses on Djax- he is gone from the game. When he feels like it, he dogs a season. If you don’t know, you don’t know. But it’s as real and factual as his 2013 stat line, and more important imo. And in Chip’s opinion too, we see.

    And for the “you liked him when he was on your team I bet” naysayers…His part-time heroics and playmaking were certainly enough for me to buy his jersey. His team being mine made me cheer for him. But let’s be honest- I cheered for Mike Vick for the same reason, and he still is what he is too.

  9. Someone pull the stats for Jackson vs. Dallas (NFC East Title Game) and New Orleans (Playoff Game) prior to Keenan Allen getting hurt.

    Then ask why Chip Kelly released him.

  10. all i know is the eagles got roasted for trading mcnabb to the skins. they were going to regret it for years, etc. ..but the eagles were right; mcnabb was two years past done.

    i also know that each year about this time, d.c. is being enthralled by its new acquisition that will finally turn around the franchise….

    the one other thing i know about this redskins team; unless desean plays defense, it doesn;’t matter.

  11. The saying goes if you have haters your doing something right. People who think kelly wasn’t smart for dumping desean either aren’t smart enough to understand why he did it or are just a hater. Desean is a guy who got nearly 50% of his yards against under .500 teams. A guy that averaged 57 yards during the post season. A guy who didn’t block nor wanted to block. And if you got inside the redzone you mine as well take him off the field. Kelly wasn’t about to pay a guy 10 million dollars a year to be a one trick pony that he couldn’t count on in the redzone or the playoffs. It’s a simple as that. Yea he had 1,300 yards but thats also a product of the offense as much as it was desean. How people don’t understand that is somewhat head scratching.

  12. I will never get people’s confusion on this issue. If DeSean is making 3-4 million a year, he is still on the Eagles.

    When you are making (or chirping about holding out for) a contract that averages 8 figures annually, you need to be the total package and that includes the off-the-field stuff and the way you handle yourself in the locker room.

    DeSean has shown he is clearly a 7 figure guy, but the Eagles made (I think) the wise choice to cut bait when he wasn’t going to be happy unless he was made an 8 figure guy.

    DeSean…if you want to get paid solely on talent and nothing else, you should have practiced basketball instead…Maybe even baseball…But powers that be will never pay you a long term contract >$10M annual with your attitude and off-field crap.

  13. He is a Redskins player now. Let’s focus on more puff pieces by teammates who haven’t met Jackson or have only met him briefly in the lockerroom telling us what a great person DJax is.

    Better yet, let’s talk more about RGIII and that great logo/brand he has. I hear he’s 100% healthy this year unlike last year when he declared himself 100% healthy.

    Also, everything bad that happened was Shanahan’s fault and everything good was due to RGIII.

  14. Kelly will regret unloading Jackson for sure as they play the Washington Redskins twice this season

    Ummm does he play defense too?

  15. Parcells, Johnson & Gibbs knew how to coach around difficult players.

    But I’m sure Chip Kelly has it all figured out after one year.

  16. Bottom line: Chip Kelly’s enormous ego makes him think that he can “win with any fast guys” because his system — not the players — are what is important. Honestly, he reminds me of Steve Spurrier when he brought his “offensive genius” to the pros.

    Philly had a good season last year but it wasn’t just because of Chip Kelly’s system…they really did have talent and Jackson was one piece of that.

    If Chip has another 10 win season without Jackson, perhaps he’ll earn a whole new level of props. For now, I think the jury is still out on him…

  17. MeSean is like the little dog who is constantly yapping. When you come home from work he meets you at the door, tail wagging like crazy but when you reach down to pet him he runs to the treat cabinet. And if you don’t get him a treat fast enough he lies down on the floor and whines.

    Nobody wants that.

  18. When will people realize that Desean was released mostly for money reasons. I am sure his locker room etiquette had a part in it, but he is being paid like a top 5 WR, and he is not one.

    With the Eagles releasing him this year they can absorb his entire cap hit for this season. It’s better to do that this season when they have a bunch of cap space because next year they need to negotiate long term deals for Foles (megabucks if he can come close to last years), Fletcher Cox, Brandon Boykin, and Kendricks. That’s just from the 2012 class, and doesn’t include any other FA or expiring contract they want to renew.

    I don’t think anyone would say that the Eagles were a better team the day they released Desean, but it will make them a better team, for longer, 2015 and beyond.

  19. One doesn’t give away a caliber type player like they did.

    Nothing good is happening or will happen.

    Coaches are now involved commenting and watch it will continue
    to be a topic of discussion in spring training and will only increase when the offense in Philly sputters or the Redakins offense excels.

    Sorry folks this is not going away.

  20. Who cares hes gone, not in Philly anymore. There are alot of Divas in the NFL that do much worse than Jackson did and are still with teams. It was a money thing plain and simple, they didnt think he was worth $12M a year.

  21. Huge difference between McNabb & D Jax one was old and the other is a young speedster! Eagles were right about McNabb but not this time…..Regrets are upon you!

  22. jackn2482 says:
    Jun 17, 2014 8:15 AM
    DeSean, as good as he is, became a liability. That simple.

    I think he will be more of a liability for the Eagles this year, playing them twice.

  23. If Bicknell wants to hang in Philly, the correct answer for any DJaccs question is either what he said above – or even better, a simple “no comment.”

  24. Someone made a point that DJax was loafing it when it came to hurrying back to the line of scrimmage to snap the ball. If in fact this is the case, what those who lament the loss of DJax fail to understand is that under this offense, it is more critical to tax the defense through speeding it up between plays than through stretching the defense with a speedy receiver. That, combined with the outrageous salary, unending drama, and message to the rest of the players is why he was released.

    Football is a team sport. Yes, it is regrettable when a talented player in his prime must be let go. But if the decision leads better TEAM cohesion and performance, it must be made. Plus, the guy’s been replaced by a slew of weapons.

  25. Why would losing Jackson haunt the eagles. They fired Andy Reid and became exciting and made the playoffs Kellys first year.

    The Bears with Hester and the Eagles with Jackson have won the same number of super bowls with them and both are gone.

    Jackson was exciting but not the missing piece of any superbowl team

    and he does have alligator arms across the middle he don’t like to get hit and he will be hit a lot in week 3

  26. This is for the Eagles fans who claim the Skins try to buy a Championship does the 2011 Dream Team Season ring a bell?

  27. Jeff Laurie will give Chip 20 years if he keeps up his current winning ways!!
    E A G L E S EAGLES!!
    Have FUN with me-sean Washington!! Djack was and is a punk! He may even be a gansta punk, who cares, have fun, like I said!

  28. lesean came out this week and made comments along the lines of chip getting rid of desean was a good thing, because it put the entire roster on notice that not matter who you are, if you’re not on board with the teams path then you’re gone. when multiple leaders on a team don’t back up a star after he is cut in his prime, you know there was a strong reason for it. losing desean will hurt, but howie fill find guys with talent, and chip will find ways for them to thrive in his system. the offense will be better this year than it was last year. wouldn’t mind them going out and taking a flyer on brandon flowers just to add some veteran talent to the secondary which is pretty young and the obvious weak spot of the team. other than that the birds will win the division again this year, less because of how good they are but more because of how bad nthe rest of the division is.

  29. Go back and look at the declining numbers Jackson produced 3 years prior to Kelly arrival. Not very good are they. Kelly’s offense made Jackson not the other way around. Same way for Riley Cooper. Jackson is a good receiver with limitations. He is small, doesn’t block, and can be knocked over with a feather. He won’t be missed.

  30. As I read these comments I see alot of Eagles fans are still trying to rationalize why Chip Kelly cut their best wideout, who had his best season of his career last season, and also give up in the process one of the absolute best kick and punt returners in the game, and the team that picked him up didnt have a #2 wr, and had the worst special teams in the league last year , and by the way the team is in the same division as you, the Eagles fans will realize what they are missing when they play the Skins next year and they cant role the coverage to one side of the field and blitz all day…

  31. Here’s some stats for ya. Career high 82 passes for a career high 1,332 yards with 9 touchdowns. Last I checked Andy Reid didn’t run the ball half as much then Chip and Jackson got his stats but, and here’s the BUT!!! He failed to gain more than 60 receiving yards in five of the Eagles last six games, and was held without a catch in the first 3 quarters of the playoff game until Keenan Lewis was hurt. Our #1 STUD reciever finished with 3 catches for 53 yards… not by any means numbers that warrant 10-12 million a year!!! In Chip we trust! You Washington fans will discover it soon enough, the only thing you know is he’s scorched your team time and time again, but that wasn’t his skill it was more your defense sucks, and last I checked it hasn’t gotten much better. Go Birds!

  32. You can talk all you want about the Redskins getting Desean but the real question is what was the motive in cutting him. He was you’re most productive receiver and you’re coach let him go. Honestly this is why the eagles have never won a Super Bowl because egos always get in the way. Every year y’all talk about how the redskins are trash and y’all always troll us but last time I checked we won not one, not two but THREE (count em) superbowls and that’s in any era if y’all want to succeed as a respectable franchise do what’s best and put you’re egos aside. That is all. Have a nice day

  33. i love how philly fan can’t stop hating on Djax. I don’t hear any hyping your team on the upcoming season, just hating on Djax. also bringing up past mistakes by the Redskins, nobody is bragging on Nick Foles, or praising that Sanchez move. why not?

    remember Philly fan all those division titles you’ve amassed don’t equal one Lombardi

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