Eric Wright not at minicamp, retiring from NFL

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Tight end Vernon Davis and guard Alex Boone are skipping 49ers minicamp out of dissatisfaction with their current contracts.

Cornerback Eric Wright makes it three veteran 49ers not in attendance for this week’s practices, but his reason for staying away is a bit different than his teammates. Coach Jim Harbaugh said, via Matt Maiocco of, that Wright is contemplating retirement after seven seasons in the NFL.

If he does retire, it would cap a stark career turnarounds for the veteran. Wright signed a five-year, $37.5 million deal in Tampa before the 2012 season, then served a four-game suspension and played poorly for the Buccaneers that season. They traded him to the 49ers for a conditional draft pick last offseason, but a failed physical quashed the deal and Wright eventually signed with San Francisco after being released by the Bucs.

Wright wound up playing seven games for the 49ers, but saw limited action and was inactive for their NFC Championship Game loss to the Seahawks. His retirement would be a hit to the team’s depth at corner, but one they could likely survive if the rest of the group is sound.

UPDATE 5:48 p.m. ET: According to multiple reports, Wright has decided to retire.

20 responses to “Eric Wright not at minicamp, retiring from NFL

  1. Dude showed some promise for the Browns for about a season then just lost interest it seemed and got smoked every single game. Sounds like an awful waste of talent but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  2. I guess they are working toward half the team on strike.. these headlines aren’t surprising anymore. There is dysfunction from the GM/Harbaugh all the way down. I would be really concerned as a fan that they may drop quite far in the division standings.

  3. Chris Culliver is a decent football player, but can’t be described as “sound”.

  4. I remember when Santa Clara signed this guy, and the SC49er fans were talking about what a bargain it was.

    You get what you pay for I guess.

  5. Loved Eric Wright coming out of UNLV, but it’s unfortunate he never lived up to expectations for the Browns or even Detroit. Can’t understand why at 28 he’d rather retire than earn an NFL paycheck – even if it is as a depth guy.

    Good luck in the real world, kid. Hope you were smart with that cash.

  6. I’m not really worried about this one, he never really has lived up to his potential. I do still find it hilarious that the seatrolls are always so worried about what happens with the niners. And senoreno, you couldn’t have said it better

  7. Is Santa Clara still trying to trade their coach like they did with Cleveland earlier? Maybe they can trade Harbaugh for a TE, DB, and OL?

  8. Injury causing this? Sorry to see someone at 28 with potential leave a team, but perhaps he saw that he was not going to be starting or even suiting up and decided that wasn’t for him? I often wonder if the teams don’t tell some of their veterans that they may not make the final roster cut and the vet decides to retire rather than go through the work they know it would take to even have a shot at staying……

  9. That’s an upgrade for the Niners. Dude got absolutely smoked by the Seahawks “pedestrian” receivers.

    That team is falling apart because they lack character from the top down. But hey, at least their coach gives entertaining press conferences and does an excellent clown impersonation on the sidelines.

    If you can’t win, may as well be entertaining, I guess.

  10. He did nothing while here in Tampa so trading him turned out to be an even better move than at first glance.

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