Harry Reid won’t attend Washington games until name changes

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The Washington NFL team has used a good-cop/bad-cop approach, sort of, to Senator Harry Reid’s ongoing opposition to the franchise’s name.  The bad-cop strategy entailed hatching a retreat-and-declare-victory Twitter hashtag debacle aimed at exposing Reid to intense public support for the name.   The good-cop idea was to invite him to attend a game, presumably so that he could witness that the name is used in a manner that honors, not denigrates, Native Americans and their culture.

Via the Washington Post, Reid predictably has declined the offer until the team changes its “offensive name.”

In his letter to team President Bruce Allen, dated June 12, Reid says “I will not stand idly by while a professional sports team promotes a racial slur as a team name and disparages the American people.”

That sentiment invites criticism over his past position of, well, standing idly by.  Which in turn fuels one of the knee-jerk arguments raised by the supporters of the name — where has the opposition been for the past 80 years?

The answer, of course, is that times have changed.  Language has changed.  People have changed.  Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer made the argument last year that the debate isn’t about political correctness but about shifts in the vernacular that aren’t the result of agendas or biases or a master plan to overhaul the process of naming sports teams but a simple exercise in that which was and that which no longer is socially acceptable.

The opposition to the name has become more than acceptable.  It’s becoming mainstream, as evidenced by the treatment recently given to the issue by HBO’s John Oliver, who crafted a commercial of his own to demonstrate that the time has come to change the name.

141 responses to “Harry Reid won’t attend Washington games until name changes

  1. This tired old fart shouldn’t be goin to games w/the state this country is in anyways.

  2. Good! But will he attend a Spurs basketball game? Clearly they are against animal rights as they implore people to drive metal spikes into the ribs of horses to make them run faster.

  3. This debate is not new contrary to posters on here. Native Americans finally have outlets to be heard. This goes backs decades.

    Do you really think a racist george Marshall would give a rats about native Americans complaining about the team name in 1950?

    It will change. They finally have momentum.

  4. The argument that opposition is new is laughable. There have been protests going on for over 30 years, including a case which went to the Supreme Court in 92 and was dismissed because the Natives who brought it were found to be too old at the time of the filing to bring the suit.

    This has been a slur for quite some time. Before the advent and popularity of the internet however it was far more difficult to mobilize action against the name. It will change, sooner rather than later.

  5. Wow – what will the Redskins do without Harold Reid in his luxury box filling up his Depends undergarments?

    Grandstander. The guy is 857 years old — but only now does he (claim to) get bent about a harmless name.

  6. I say good, I wouldn’t want this confused old boob there anyway, redskins is wrong, but releasing 5 terrorists is ok?? Way to pick the easy fight Harry

  7. I don’t know which has more sleeze on them Harry Or Daniel, but both are smucks & I wish both would just go away!! After hearing either one of them talk, I usually need a shower!!

  8. I wouldn’t allow him to attend until he explains how he amassed all of his net worth once he became a public servant. who cares what he thinks. He was called a “loser” in an earlier post. if someone would dig into his records you could come up with more apt adjectives.

  9. oh yeah and pretty soon they will be telling you who to like and who not to like.

    oh wait a minute they already do this

    isn’t this a free country aren’t you entitled not to like someone

    nope those days are gone you have to like who they tell you

    so its a free country but its not

    correct you are only free if you like who you are told to like

  10. So the excuse for not thinking it was a racist name before is “times change”? That’s all you have?

  11. If he put forth this much effort into fixing the country, rather than changing the Senate rules just to help his side, we might be in a better place. And I am not a republican, I am just smart enough to know that everything is cyclic. So changing things that directly benefit you today, will ultimately bolster the other side soon enough when the numbers shift. Then Harry will be on top of the soap box crying foul about the Senate rules. Although, that would mean he is still around, and I really cant imagine this dude getting re-elected again. He is the epitome of what is wrong with todays politician. Politics has made him a millionaire in the name of helping the people he elected, all the while his state is in shambles. Since Harry is speaking so freely about the “changing of the times”, I say this is a good time to start discussing the changing of the eligibility of politicians. Term limits sounds like a really good idea. And we should go back ot the days of part time politicians who also held real jobs and didnt get paid 100’s of thousands of dollars a year….

  12. Many more people hope that Harry Reid won’t attend anything in Washington,DC and stays back in Nevada where he belongs.

  13. All I can imagine is Snyder doing his impression of Kevin Bacon in Animal House, “No need to panic! Everything is fine!”

  14. I won’t go to the game because the team name disparages the Native American people. But I’m not going to do anything to make reparations for the land that we took from them.

    Same as that other word we don’t like. You shouldn’t use it because it’s a “bad” word. My job as a senator is done. No I won’t do anything about paying reparations to descendants of slaves.

    I am a champion of the people. I won’t let anyone call you names.

  15. Since times have changed, language has changed, and people have changed, how about we change the definition of a word that hasn’t been actively used as a “racial slur” in decades?

  16. Wow what a tragedy or is it because Reid is such a jerk that Synder no longer offers freebies to him and the other leeches on his staff

    Now if he threatened to go to every game ….now that might work

  17. Even more reason to go now. The NFL was looking at reasons to get fans to go to games. This is a BIG step in the right direction.

  18. Harry Reid is a bane to democracy so anything he says should be immediately discounted and he should go away for good….among the worst ever!

  19. If he was a real football fan, He should have stopped attending Redskins games years ago

    no one wanted to watch that pathetic franchise anyways

  20. Wow, great strategy there. Somebody tell him that he’s doing them a favor by not showing up. If he really wants to threaten them he should tell them he will show up to every game until they change their name. What a goofball.

    I don’t care about the NFC but I hope they keep the name. This is just silly.

  21. The name will not change if politicians don’t like the name. It will not change if Native American groups don’t like the name. It will not change if other owners don’t like the name. It will not change if Goodell doesn’t like the name.

    It will change promptly after the players go on strike over the name’s racist connotations. The only thing that matters to billionaires is money. Hit them in the pocketbook and watch their convictions change.

  22. Now if only the “Senate” would change its name to “Redskins,” maybe he won’t ever attend those sessions again as well…

  23. We can only hope that Harry Reid decides to never show up in D.C. ever again… PERIOD! America would be a better place without this smuck!

  24. Twitter really should have a sign-up feature for daily tweets on what the public should and should not be offended by.

    If only social media had existed 2 or 3 decades ago, it wouldn’t have taken folks like Bob Costas and Harry Reid nearly so long to become properly outraged over the grave injustice of a football team’s name.

  25. Saves Snyder a ton of money by not having to pay cleaning crews overtime trying to scrub away that peculiar slime he oozes.

  26. Harry Reid says the name “disparages the American people”. Really Harry? I didn’t realize I was so “disparaged”. Thanks for enlightening me and please stay at home, we don’t want you at the game.

  27. Regardless of whether the name should be changed, I don’t thnk Reid is ruffling any feathers by promising to stay away. Even his most ardent supporters don’t care if he attends a football game, unless it means getting him out of the house for a few hours.

  28. Has anyone alive still ever used the name Redskin in a derogatory manner? Yeah, me neither.

  29. Now if he really left Washington that would be a cause millions of Americans would be behind.

  30. Reid ought to look at the US Government treatment of Indians and either give them their land back and/or properly pay them for it !!!

  31. Oh Harry, your so funny!! Did you really think that would make a difference?

    I’ve said this before on previous posts and I’ll say it again now…The Washington Redskins shouldn’t even consider changing the name until the Native American high schools change their nickname from Redskins.

  32. Look, for what’s Harry Reid has done, I’d bring him in to the stadium for the best game of the year, put him on the 50 yard line in the club section, shower him with crab cakes, craft beer, and cheerleaders. Then I’d make have the camera put on him with the announcement: “And now Redskins fans, please turn your attention to the man who wants to change the name of your football team.” I think that would go great.

  33. Yes, I’m sure the Redskins faithful are deeply missing the loss of Harry Reid in the stands. His polite clapping from the skybox will be sorely missed.

    What a passive-aggressive jerk.

  34. $100 bucks says he doesn’t pay for his seat in a luxury box anyway. The majority of these are owned by Large Corporations, Big Law Firms and Lobbyist Groups… I am sure he is getting the ol’ Will Call Ticket.

    For the record, while I do understand the name can be offensive to some, but all of Congress is far more offensive!!

  35. I’m a giants fan and with this information I’m going to try to get the giants to change name to the red skins so this dirt bag never goes to my teams game either. Lucky red skins

  36. Another 20 years, we’ll all look back on this and laugh, and laugh, and laugh at how stupid it was to make such a huge deal about changing a team’s name from this obviously racist term.

    And more than half of those anonymously clinging to it now, will claim you were always for changing it, because…you know, racist.

  37. Man, that must REALLY affect the bottom line. Way to make such a heroic stand!

  38. He won’t attend.

    At least until Little Danny makes a significant campaign contribution. Reid is always interested in that.

  39. Any of you people who support these Native American names are ignorant. Do you know why it’s really an issue? Imagine if this team were named the Washington Negros or the Washington Mexicans.. It would be a cold day in hell before those names would be allowed to stand, but because Native Americans aren’t as big of an ethnic group it is viewed as acceptable to be prejudices towards them.

  40. REID is just the type of career criminal this countries denizens need to start imprisoning for crimes against humanity. Where does this wind bag get his gall?!

  41. The local college mascot where I live was the Indians beginning in the early 30’s. Under pressure from the NCAA there was a movement to change the name. The school held a naming contest to pick another name. Thousands of people participated.

    The name was changed. The new name is actually better. No one even talks about the old name. It’s a dead issue.

    I really don’t care if Snyder agrees to change the name or not. It has racist connotations to lots of people, though, and a new name – a better name – perhaps selected by the fans themselves would bring this issue to a halt.

  42. Harry, You just gave them one more reason not to change the name. Please look around at all the fires you need to put out before you get involved in the NFL. Everything you meddle in is broken. Go Away.

  43. And in other news, strangely, every team in the NFL has petitioned the league to change their name to the Redskins.

  44. if you want the name to stay, fine. but please stop claiming it isn’t a slur when the dictionary shows that it is, that it wasn’t a slur when historical documents show that it was, and that it isn’t offensive to native americans when plenty have come forward to say it is.
    in other words, please take ownership of wanting the name to stay despite it being a slur.

  45. Now if this old windbag would drop out of Washington this country would be a better place. The best place this man can go to serve this country is to go home and take the Fool-in-Thief with him.

  46. It’s unreal how “right” most comments and likes are on this board. No idea what that means but it seems 99% of the people on here are in agreement that “nothing should be done about anything less important than “.

  47. They mentioned Krauthammer and his mention that this is related to changes in the vernacular. That really could be a good point, I mean when is the last time you really heard people using Redskins as a slur was long ago.

    So I have 2 questions; 1. Since it isn’t used that way, maybe it shouldn’t be considered a slur now. 2. So what people are saying is that when it was a slur, the name was okay, but now that it isn’t used that way it isn’t?

    That doesn’t make much sense to me.

  48. I didn’t realize the dictionary said it was offensive. That just might change my mind, or mean we should update the dictionary.

  49. Reed is a loser and a criminal. Having worked on The Hill I unfortunately watched him and his cronies fleece the nation. Maybe he should be closing our border to the south where now it coming out that this year alone over 100,000 kids have crossed the border and amnesty for over 14 million and rising will cost us taxpayers in the trillions to provide free medical, housing and schooling. This will bankrupt the nation that’s already bankrupted. As a Ravens fan, I now support the Redskins too.

  50. “The answer, of course, is that times have changed. Language has changed. People have changed.”

    Kinda like the original reason for the 14th Amendment? Why don’t you work on THAT for
    us Harry?

  51. good maybe he can stay at work and do some of the things he promised us Americans he would do when elected, because changing the name of a nfl team isn’t the senates job

  52. I’m offended every time I hear a politician lie which is when they open their mouth. Wake up America and vote these fools out.

  53. Gee, after trying to get Bundy off his ranch so he and his son Rory could grab the land to sell/give it to China to put up solar panels in a company Rory Ried is a lawyer for, this is the guy who wants the name to change to appeal to Native Americans while he wants to give land originally theirs to China???

  54. Does anyone here agree with ANYTHING Harry Reid has mumbled in the last decade or so? Probably not. His endorsement of this white liberal guilt play to derail the proud Redskins name is all you need to know about the entire matter. Anything Reid is for, the public should run from – and this is no different.

  55. Golly gee, how terrible for the Redskins! The players must be devastated.. Alas and alack…

  56. I think all liberals should stay away from Redskin games until the name is changed. I might consider going to a few games myself if this happened.

  57. If Reid was an Eagles fan like me we would of without question pelted him with snow balls !!!

  58. No longer socially acceptable. Hummmm? I wonder where that came from? It’s not wrong, but a slur because it is no longer socially acceptable.

    So somebody went to all of the American Indian people and told them get with the times because all of the names that you have been calling your selves is no longer acceptable and your making America look bad with your primitive life styles.

    To really believe that American Indians didn’t have a voice until now is totally ignorant and more of a backhanded slur than any name you could call them.

    What they never had a voice in is direct communication with the very government that has kept the oppression and disenfranchisement in place for centuries.

    The real racists are using the name Washington Football Redskins as a diversionary tactic to hide that fact and an appeasement to stay that way.

    They won’t improve the conditions, but we will stop people from embarrassing you in the social media reminding us by that name alone that we don’t really give a rats behind about the real issues.

    Harry Reid standing idly by. What a joke from a consummate pretender.

    Go somewhere and sit down before you fall down and can’t get up!!

  59. Im stunned. How can he hurt us this way.? I don’t think I will ever get over this hurtful gesture. But maybe he could give his ticket to The Nazi Pelosi. This is exactly why they call leftist Liberals mental patients on the prowl. Can you just imagine the mind set of this imbecile? Worst of all, he believes his own SH7T

  60. Since he is a politician…Does anyone know the name of the person that Harry received his free tickets from?

  61. LOL…the redskins and their fans should take this as a big positive. I’m sure they would rather not have an actual living/breathing piece of human garbage attend their game.

  62. bigal1952 says:Jun 17, 2014 2:36 PM

    Harry Reid says the name “disparages the American people”. Really Harry? I didn’t realize I was so “disparaged”. Thanks for enlightening me and please stay at home, we don’t want you at the game.

    The name Harry Reid disparages the American poeple

  63. “I think that first of all, you have to make a decision whether you consider it offensive or not, and frankly, the members of my tribe, the vast majority, don’t find it offensive,” Green said. “I’ve been a Redskins fan for years and to be honest with you, I would be offended if they did change it.”

    “And I think what you have to do is look at where the term Redskin was originated. There’s some that give the term Redskins a negative connotation to indicate that it was created by the white man, to offend the Indians. But in reality, the term Redskins came from the Indians. And they referred to themselves often times, in treaty negotiations and meetings with the early settlers, as Redskins.

    “So it’s not a term that the white man created. It’s actually a term that the Indians themselves created. I just think we have people in this country that try and gin up problems that don’t exist.”

    “Now, our investigation into the term goes back pretty far – to 1608 – when John Smith was traveling from Jamestown to meet with the Indian people, and he remarked in his diary that when they’re born, they’re as white as we are. It’s only as they age that their skin darkens.

    “And we believe that that was a reason for that. We use a bug repellent, for lack of a better term, that was made up of animal fat and the dye of the Puccoon plant. And coincidentally, the Puccoon dye, when it’s crushed and dyed, is red. And so for years, the Indian people were rubbing this red dye into their skin. And some of the other early settlers remarked that their skin turns red. So, was that a comment meant to denigrate the Indian people? I don’t think so. I don’t think the name was created by George Preston Marshall to be offensive.”

    “And if you look at the logo, there’s nothing offensive about the logo. I think one of the great things about the logo is that it’s an Eastern Indian, and they didn’t go to the full warhead headdress and things. It was never intended to be offensive. I think that sometimes, we’re a little too touchy in our society these days.”

  64. We are slowly getting dragged back into a war in Iraq…but Harry Reid is more concerned about a stupid football team’s name. Granted the name is offensive, but the newfound indignation from our elected officials about a name that has been around for over 80 years is a bit disingenuous.

    It creates a demon they can safely exorcise…a cause that has no real downside…and a way to keep voters from looking at the terrible job they are doing in carying out their oaths of office.

    Harry Reid is a few years late to arrive to the cause. Politicians never truly lead. They pander to our vote and the latest “cause celebre”….

    Next will be Reid’s fearless denunciation of the Westboro Bapist Chuch……

  65. And Harry Reid is well within his right to voice his opinion and act upon it.

    He is NOT within his right to force HIS OPINION on anyone else and force them to act upon it.

  66. and I’m w/in my rights to voice mine… though libs seem to hate free speech or opinions not in line with their agenda

    IMO, Reid is a piece of crap!

    This whole situation is offensive. This supposed issue has been mostly fabricated to distract the public and serve as air cover for an ineffective president and congress and is politically based (note the partisanship; 50 senators and not one Republican). Worse, the lies and level of sheer ignorance and antiAmerican thought and behavior is astounding. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves.

    To begin, Redskins is not a slur, nor in it meant to conjure up a derogatory image. The name was chosen by Native Americans for a team coached by a Native American to honor Native Americans. Polls of actual Native Americans show vastly more (well over 90%) Native Americans approve of the name than the few (almost all Native Americans put forward as opposition are politically motivated by casino interests tied to democratic politicians). Now the hypocrisy, there are many names right w/in the NFL that are based on poor images (Vikings, Buccs, Raiders – do you understand that Vikings were thieves and killers)), Redskins is not one of these.

    The disturbing part and scary part for our countries future is how gullible some are to false media slants and attempts by the politically motivated to tell others how they should feel and to create a controversy and issue that is simply not there. Though some may try to paint this as not politics it is strictly politics, and bad partisan politics at that.

    Native Americans are probably the most wronged group in our country and they deserve real help (not this casino nonsense where guys like this Halbritter tool can benefit). Native Americans should be outraged at this attempt by liberals and politicals to use them, and to, in fact, attempt to erase Native American images from the public. As said, vastly (over 90% Native Americans do not have any problem the the name, if fact, there are many, not one or two, schools in Native American areas that use this very name). The Redskins name was created and brough forth by Native Americans. The name refers to war paint laden warriors and promotes a positive image; the name, as created and used for the most part was not used to talk about skin color, and even when it was, it was not in a derogatory fashion. To even think a sports team would use its name to slur a people is so far beyond absurd it is incomprehensible. It is offensive that politicians think people are this dumb.. though many apparantly are. And to Mike G from Mike and Mike…a show I watch and like… of course you would not use name to refer to Native Americans… as that is not what the name is…. your argument actually supports the keep the name argument, as it is not used to slur anyone. It is time for Native Americans to stand up, demand real help, denounce this political sham and support the Redskins. Speak for yourselves and DO NOT allow the libs to use you for their purpose and vacate your existence in the process. Get onboard and actively fight the libs… demand real help. I am all Redskins fans are on your side, we are proud of the association and the image.

    We should all be alarmed by the left preying on ignorance and destroying the freedoms that made America great (and yes, I acknowledge that the far right is also a problem, but they are not as outright devious or unAmerican in approach). I hope this absurdity is a tipping point in what I call “the war on libs”. This past election, and the consequences of that election, should illustrate for all, not just Republicans, the danger of doing things for appearances and not understanding qualifications or issues for yourselves. We need to overlook our politics and divergent issues and make better decisions w/o race and similar things being “the” issue.

    I have been a Redskins fan for over 40 years (yes I’m old), I am a very opinionated person, but I have never ever used, associated, or heard Redskins used in a derogatory fashion referring to people. I take great pride in my team and our name and I will not let ignorant “clowns” tell me different because it suits their purpose.

    As a country, we are losing our way… our freedoms and the values that made this country are going fast…. we are not doing well… as I said, let this nonsense be a tipping point in the war against PC and political crap… and let’s all (Democrats and Republicans alike) begin to see the danger in how the liberal group w/in the Democratic party operates.

    Long live Native Americans! Long live the Redskins!


    Hail to the Redskins!

  67. and clowns like Reid are not there to voice their opinion, they are there to represent the people and do what is right for our country…. guys like Reid do not understand this, or do not care as long as they can fool enough ignorant partisans to elect them

  68. In his letter to team President Bruce Allen, dated June 12, Reid says “I will not stand idly by while a professional sports team promotes a racial slur as a team name and disparages the American people.”

    “As they have for the past 70 years and we just now care.”

  69. Unfortunately, I think the powers that be will eventually railroad the Redskins into changing their name.
    That said…..in the meantime….
    Harry, I REALLY doubt that anyone will notice that you didnt show.

  70. Hail to the Redskins!

    To those feigning opposition to the name and the honoring Native Americans, may the bird of paradise fly over your head………………… and take a huge sheeeet!

  71. What a shameless lieing hypocrite.
    Maybe he’ll do us all a really big favor, and stop attending the Senate, too.

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