Johnny Manziel signs his rookie contract


Believe it or not, Johnny Manziel has managed to do something with no drama whatsoever.

He signed his rookie contract.

The Browns just announced the first-round quarterback had signed his four-year contract.

In the old days, the negotiations might have become a sideshow, a distraction, the kind of thing that could take on a life of its own.

It almost makes you wistful for the old days.

44 responses to “Johnny Manziel signs his rookie contract

  1. Get ready for ESPN and NFL Network to provide us with exactly how he held the pen, the height of his chair at the time of the signing, and if any of these factors will help or hurt his chances of starting.

  2. Bridgewater superbowl mvp??? My daughters hands are bigger than his, and she only 2! He wouldn’t be able to throw a 20 yard pass in the swirling wind at first energy stadium downtown Cleveland let alone in Minnesota without a dome for 2 years!

  3. I’m just glad the Browns were able to outbid the Vikings for Manziel and not get stuck with Bustwater.

    Small hands Teddy had no business going in the 1st round anyway.

  4. It makes me long for the new days when the pay system makes more sense.

    To make money in the NFL, it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how lucky you are and if you play well you probably get better odds but not necessarily.

  5. sandersmarcus10 says:
    Jun 17, 2014 12:35 PM
    And if they would have gotten Bridgewater and the Vikes got Manziel you would be saying something totally different smh


    Noway … !

    There’s plenty of clown music in Green Bay to carryover the entire NFC North, without Manziel being in this division.

    So glad the Vikings didn’t draft this drama queen.

    While Manziel is busy partying, Bridgewater is on the practice field, and has his head in the playbook.

    Be honest …

    What work ethic would you rather have as your future QB … ?

  6. I love these guys posting about how great Bridgewater will be, same guys who posted about how great Ponder was going to be. Let them play some games, if not 2-3 years worth of games, before you decide their overall greatness.

  7. Sorry Cleveland. You’ve had a tough few decades and I don’t see Johnny Football changing that course for you.
    I remember disliking Tebow because of all the media attention he received but at least he was a genuine guy with his heart in the game, just not the talent. Manziel is just a party, money and image diva and I just can’t see him putting in the time it will take to be a quality QB in the NFL despite having some talent. Maybe things came easy to him in college but I think he’s in for a rude awakening and it looks like he’ll find out pretty quickly if he’s your starter.

  8. Bridgewater isn’t playing his swiss cheese Conference U.S.A schedule and defenses anymore. Although it can be argued that N.F.C North defenses are just as bad. The bad news is that he doesn’t get to play against his own team outside of practice. Amazing how only one division in an entire conference plays defense…

  9. Stop it. It’s not Teddy Bridgewater vs. Manziel. It’s Manziel vs. the NFL that he has vowed to wreck.

    Love him or hate’em, the guy is a cartoon. Anyone who can look at his image and not laugh … does not get the joke.

  10. How did this turn into a contest between the browns and Vikings. They don’t even play eachother that often.

  11. Browns beat MIN to Gilbert. Beat them again to Johnny. MIN settled for TB. End of story.

  12. The Browns didn’t beat the Vikings to Gilbert. The Vikings traded that pick to Cleveland. Do you think they would have done that if they were worried about losing Gilbert?

    Both Manziel and Bridgewater can be good, but I like the guy who was considered the consensus #1 overall pick until his pro day didn’t go well because he left his glove at home.

  13. Just let the Viking trolls have their fun. Complaining won’t shut them up. Only thing that will is a) Bridgewater’s inevitable failure or b) a new controversy in a future draft.

    Up until this past first round, it was always Redksin fans chiming in on how bad the Browns regret not taking RGIII. Looks like both options applied to that scenario

  14. At ARs Tiny Hands: MIN traded that pick on the condition that the Browns not take JG. Farmer told MIN he wouldn’t. Then he did. I know this because I know someone who was in the War Room on draft night. So again: Browns beat you to JG. Beat you to Johnny. Beat you during the regular season. Lesson over. Class dismissed.

  15. MIN had another offer for the pick, called up CLE and said your guy is about to go off the board if you don’t trade with us. Don’t take our guy and we can swap picks. MIN got thier guy plus a little, and CLE got there guy. 3rd team missed on Gilbert, case closed.

  16. Cleveland did beat Min to Gilbert because Spielman thought the Browns were going after a QB there and thought he could “Trent Richardson” them again. It backfired horribly.

  17. This isn’t a Vikes v. Browns thing. It’s some loser with too much time on his hands masquerading as a Vikings fan hoping embarrass the MN fanbase. I guess that’s important to people who don’t get enough attention in real life.

    Anyway, go Browns and go Vikings. Would be great to see both of those teams make some noise in their respective divisions/conferences.

  18. That ever so frequent pose of his says all you need to know about the diva. Can’t wait to see how he handles all the press when he starts playing with real football players and flounders.

  19. #noexcuses

    Too many times guys hold out and say that’s why they never started, they were too far behind (BQ)

    No excuses. it’s put up or shut up time.

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