Kyle Orton doesn’t report for minicamp


As quarterback Kyle Orton missed workouts this offseason, coach Jason Garrett has maintained that he expected the veteran to report for the team’s three-day mandatory minicamp.

The reports from Orton’s side were just as consistent about Orton wanting to retire, which means he would not be present this week. Garrett’s expectations lost out to Orton’s resolve on Tuesday.

The Cowboys website confirms that Orton did not report for work as his teammates started minicamp one day after skipping his physical. Orton stands to lose nearly $70,000 in fines as a result of skipping minicamp and he would have to repay more than $3 million from his signing bonus if he does decide to retire rather than play for the Cowboys this season.

The next date to watch with Orton is the start of training camp. If the Cowboys haven’t worked something out with him by then, it would seem highly unlikely that he’ll be backing up Tony Romo this season.

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  1. Notice how this never happens to Teddy Bridgewater?

    The soon to be best QB in the NFL.

    Mark my words.

    He will win multiple Lombardi’s with the Vikings.

  2. So who is currently 3rd on the Cowboys QB depth chart? If he’s not passable–and if this plays out the way it looks like it’s headed–the ‘Boys could be in some trouble.

  3. There has been a huge lack of communication here between coach Garrett, and his backup QB. They should know and need to know Orton’s plans before the draft and during free agency.

    It’s the kind of thing a head coach and former NFL QB should be able to figure out. Garrett looks bad here IMO.

  4. $3-plus million to stand around and hold a clipboard for a 6-10 team and he turns it down? This guy must either be really, really wealthy or just plain crazy.

  5. Ask Bears fans how important a solid #2 QB is. They’ve seen both sides of the equation on that the last few years.

  6. This isn’t making any sense. Why wouldn’t Orton have picked up the phone and told Garrett and the Cowboys exactly what he was doing?

    This is a guy who would have had an excellent chance to start in KC (that was pre-Alex Smith where Matt Cassell was the only competition) but signed to be the Cowboys backup behind a guy who rarely is hurt. He was obviously content to stand around with a clipboard at that point. What exactly has changed? Does he truly want out of the game? Or is he hoping to get a shot at starting someplace else if he can manage to sever ties with Dallas?

  7. I think he did. The Cowboys just didn’t like what he told them, so they covered their ears and started go, “Blah, blah, blah, blah”

  8. But, if he gets cut, still gets to keep his pay from the Cowboys, and then signs with another team… then it suddenly all makes sense, doesn’t it?

  9. This was so idiotic. He could have come, threw balls in the dirt, got cut and been allowed to keep his signing bonus. Now he is going to have to pay that money back.

  10. The Bears got a Kyle Orton that could win. In Denver the guy was horrible, he would get you great stats as soon as you were down by 20… When Tebow came in Orton asked to be traded because he is a starter in this league. That annoys me a bit cause he played in KC but has had no problem being a backup since.. Stay classy Kyle.

  11. He wants to be cut so he does not have to pay the $3 million. Simple he will show up last week of training camp out of shape and look to be cut.

  12. The facts we have make little sense. If he wants to retire, then he should file his paperwork. Why is subjecting himself to these fines in what amounts to holdout? He’s in line to receive a handsome fee if he shows up.

    Is he hoping to be released by the team so he can keep his signing bonus? That’s the only thing that makes sense at this point.

  13. One thing left out is the $3million was a reworked deal last year to help with cap space. He was to get it as normal salary and would not have had to pay it back. He was being nice and reworked his deal to help them.

    Now he is getting screwed in his mind. I do not blame him, he may “owe $3 million” but owes them nothing.

    If he has to pay it you can bet few agents will ever do a deal like that again.

  14. The kicker out of all this and miscimmunication so to speak is that Garrett and Orton have the same agent.


  15. Orton clearly feels its worth paying millions not to live in Texas. I think we can all agree with that sentiment.

  16. There isn’t a miscommunication here. He told them months ago that he intends to retire. With Romo’s back issue and not having someone on the roster that knew the offense, they were doing everything possible to try to get him to come back.

    If they find that Weeden has picked up the offense enough, they’ll make a move at that point. They brought Kitna back last year after Romo was hurt since he knew the offense. It wasn’t because he was good/in game shape.

  17. There’s no secret here, the Cowboys would like to have Orton back, but if he doesn’t want to play, they are going to make him pay back $3M in signing bonus that he’s already received, they’re not going to cut him and allow him to pocket the money…and for once I agree with Jerry!

  18. Hey Jerruh, Vince Young is available. Just think of the crap you could sell….better than Manziel!

    Cowboy fans deserve Jerruh Jones.

  19. Way too much talk about Orton. You would think you were discussing a starting QB or something.Wait til training camp.

  20. It’s like when a girl tries to make you break up with her so YOU’RE the jerk. Haha.

    No, I think it’s smart of Orton to try and get them to cut him. He’s 31, he’s made money. It’s time to think about retirement. He likes being in the football setting but doesn’t want to keep taking hits. He knows he’s going to have to play 8 games when Romo likely goes down. Why damage your body permanently on the back half of your career?

    Let them waive you, just know that no other team will pick you up after that…

  21. if any of u think Dallas will cut him and let him walk away with free money u r delusional. and for those that say paying this money back is worth it to not live n Texas or they wouldn’t want to live in Texas answer this have u even ever been to Texas and would u be able to locate it on a map

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