Marshawn Lynch shows up for mandatory minicamp


Veteran running back Marshawn Lynch would like a “small token of appreciation” from the Seahawks.

He is apparently not willing to fork over 70,000 tokens to prove his point.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Lynch has arrived for the team’s mandatory minicamp.

While it’s reasonable for him to want a raise, it’s far from a certainty that the Seahawks are inclined to give him one.

Especially at a time when they’re looking to work in some younger options, when it isn’t economically viable for him to threaten retirement, he lacked leverage.

So he’s there, all about that action.

36 responses to “Marshawn Lynch shows up for mandatory minicamp

  1. Just makes Vernon Davis look even worse, given that Lynch’s team won the superbowl and VD’s team has been on the cusp. Just shows you Davis thinks that window of opportunity is closing fast on the Santa Clara 49ers, and not even the gazelle-like strides of Kaeperdink are going to escape it shutting.

  2. Did he show up intoxicated like his two DUI charges present he does?

    Or did he take any PEDs like over half the team has taken?

    This man should be locked up.

  3. He’ll practice, he’ll play, and he’ll go hard because that’s who he is. But they should still pay the man.

  4. This is how you do it. State your case & go about your business. Not talking about his “brand” or any crap like that. Hope he gets his $$$.

  5. Well, so much for that large number of media reports saying he wasn’t gonna be there.

    After all, Vernon told you he would be at camp.

    Maybe next time you media folk should just call Lynch and ask him. Oh, wait…

  6. Ok, Lynch, who wants to pay you more, good thing you woke up. The RB market is indistinguishable from the busted real estate market.

  7. He looks like an old woman in that pic.. I’d never tell him that though, skittles or no skittles dude is an absolute beast.

  8. .. as expected . The man never said a peep about skipping minicamp , and he always skips OTA’s . I’m sure he’d like some financial token of appreciation and probably realizes this could be his last year with the team with Michael waiting in the wings and RW needing to get paid next year .

  9. This is very disappointing for all the Seahawks haters. They’ve been counting on turmoil and discontentment and salary cap difficulties all offseason. And nothing has happened. All they’ve done this off season is get better. And where’s all the PED suspensons they’ve been spewing on and on about? Nothing here either. Nothing since Bruce Irvin a year ago. This is really going against the narative. What is going on here?

  10. Hmmm….let’s see. Paid employee shows for mandatory events with employer. Yeah, that’s generally how this works. And he wants a raise for coming to work. Not!

  11. All about the action boss, so how about this action: swap the final 2 years of Lynch’s contract. Lynch gets $2M more guaranteed this season, and his cap figure drops next season to a level that makes keeping him a real possibility. I never believed Lynch would miss mini-camp; that’s not his way. He’s been a rock for the Seahawks & this “good faith” decision on Lynch’s part should encourage the Seahawks front office to come up with a contract arrangement that better reflects his impact on the team.

  12. Marshawn is a beast, but the Hawks aren’t paying him another penny. The Hawks will gradually up the workloads of Michael and Turbin, and Lynch could potentially be gone next year when Wilson and Wagner get paid and they need to save the cap space. That will likely depend on how dependable Michael proves to be.

    With that said, I hope he has a great year and gets one more contract somewhere, he’s a hell of a back.

  13. Marshawn, is not all about the Benjamin’s but he does have his pride. He has worked his butt off for the team the last three years and deserves a little recognition for services rendered.

  14. Wow the Hawk fans are a little insecure. Where in the article did it mention anything about the 49ers?

  15. oreo51 says:
    Jun 17, 2014 4:33 PM
    Marshawn, is not all about the Benjamin’s but he does have his pride. He has worked his butt off for the team the last three years and deserves a little recognition for services rendered.
    He got a $30 million dollar contract, front-loaded. Now that the rich part of the contract is over, he wants more. So, I think he has gotten much more than “a little recognition for services rendered.” He is the 5th highest paid RB in the league, without ever having captured the rushing title.

    But having said that, he did show up to camp, he is outstanding, he’s a HUGE piece of the team, and he is being a team player. I do think that is worth a little extra, but I just don’t think that he or the fans should somehow imply he didn’t get very much money. He got a lot of money!

  16. They appreciate him. They just cannot afford him. With players like Malcolm Smith, K. J. Wright, Cliff Avril, James Carpenter, Byron Maxwell, and Jermaine Kearse eligible for free agency after 2014 and more starters eligible after 2015, they may cut him just like they cut Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, and Sidney Rice. They may then try bringing him back with a home town discount if he wants to remain a Seahawk.

  17. Not one inch of contraction from the press. pundits are feckless.
    Pay the Beast.
    Tell Vernon he can have a raise just as soon as he learns to hold on to the ball after Bam Bam Kam hits him. And someone please tell Vern to stop crying like a biotch on the sideline.

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