Mike Zimmer on quarterback decision: It won’t be for a while


All signs in Minnesota point toward Matt Cassel as the starting quarterback when the Vikings kick off the 2014 season, but the Vikings aren’t in any hurry to make that an official designation.

Coach Mike Zimmer said Tuesday that the competition between Cassel, first-round pick Teddy Bridgewater and Christian Ponder will continue into training camp. Zimmer said he wants to make sure there is a “legitimate” shot for each man to make his best case before narrowing down the reps on the way to naming a starter. The closest thing Zimmer offered for a timeline was that “it won’t be for a while.”

“The thing that I want to guard against most is rushing into a decision where we make a decision quickly as opposed to making the correct decision,” Zimmer said, via USA Today. “So, our main focus now is making the correct decision, not so much for the fans or the media or anybody else on this football team. And that’s really in regards to all the positions, not just the quarterback position.”

Unless there’s a major change in thinking between now and the start of camp, you’d expect Cassel to be under center for the first snap of the summer and that the big decision for the Vikings will be how much rope to give him before Bridgewater moves up to the first team. The longer it takes to name a starter, the likelier it will seem that Bridgewater’s day is coming sooner rather than later.

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  1. Mike Zimmer = The Next Bill Bellichick who doesn’t cheat.

    Teddy Bridgewater = The next Aaron Rodgers that stays healthy and doesn’t do yoga.

    The Minnesota Vikings = the next Dynasty.

    The Return to Domiance Begins….


  2. It’s just like lifting weights…in the first few weeks, you gain immensely, then you start to plateau.

    Cassel and Hoyer have plateaued. Teddy B and J Football = Week 1 starters.

  3. Only if the Vikings had a TT then they wouldn’t be in this situation.

    The pack drafts for success and has for a long time. 2 of the best QBs this past century and they have 2 lombardis to show for it.

    And did you see the strength and depth of the team when arod went down? Man the backup QBs they have in place, its just mind boggling.

    The Vikes will be lucky to develop someone into backup worthy status of the pack.

  4. Atta boy Mike, you run the show!
    It’s refreshing to have a new HC who knows how to be a professional to the media and at the same time true to his vision.
    Zimmer is building something very special in Minnesota, a winner!

  5. With the 7th pick in the 2005 NFL draft, the MN Vikings select, Troy Williamson

    With the 18th pick in the 2005 NFL draft, the MN Vikings select, Erasmus James

    With the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL draft, the GB Packers select, Aaron Rodgers

  6. What a joke this team is.

    The Chicago Cubs have gone over 100 years without winning a title, but that’s nothing compared to what’s in store for the Minnesota Vikings.

  7. Matt Cassel will be a solid starter who will have his ups and downs, just like last year. Bridgewater will no doubt look fantastic in practice and preseason games, but the coaches will be smart enough to let him sit and watch until Cassel gets hurt or the season goes south. Which is unlikely.

  8. All of you Viking haters and turd bay trolls are full of it up to your eyeballs. You WILL BE eating your words, probably about the same time the turd bay “players” are sitting down to turn on their TV’s to watch the Vikings in the playoffs. SKOL VIKINGS!!

  9. Ponder will win the “competition” if he is given a fair share of the reps. He beat out Cassel last season for the vikings starting job.

    Cassel couldn’t start at USC but he might start for the vikings.

    Hidden Hands Bridgewater doesn’t stand much of a chance. Yet he needs lots of reps because he is a rookie and has to learn.

    Unfortunately, giving significant reps to Hidden Hands will hurt the vikings chances of improving to 6 wins.

  10. Besides having the same size hands, another thing Aaron Rodgers and Teddy Bridgewater have in common is that each was expected to be the first pick in the draft but inexplicably dropped, and each should have been the first pick in the draft.

  11. Of course they can’t name a starting quarterback. You have Akili Smith 2.0 as your first rounder. Christian “couldn’t put it all together” ponder and matt “was only good under the patriots” cassell

  12. Larry, Moe and Curly vying to hand the ball off to AP. Whoopee. It’ll be a cold day in you know where before this organization wins a title. Should that day ever come, though, it’ll be the same day they’re at least 12 world titles short of Green Bay. Titletown has that designation for a reason, despite the failed attempts of all you Vikings loser fans to post comments to the contrary. Minnesota is the place former Packers greats go to die – e.g. Favre, Jennings, Longwell, etc.

  13. I’m afraid it will be yet another year of revolving QB’s in Minnie. As they say, when you have three QB’s, you have no QB’s. In a few years, we will look back at the 2014 QB draft class as very poor.

  14. Hahaha… Packer fans. ‘Nuff said.

    You can already smell their fear… and it’s not even time for pre-season yet. 😉

    I love when they reference the 2013 season, in which they started more quarterbacks than the “QB Carousel” in Minnesota.
    But, it’s way too much to expect someone from Wisconsin to be logical, rational… etc.

  15. The Minnesota Vikings will never win an NFL Championship. Not the way they’ve been structured in the past, and certainly not the way they are today.
    Not with the gutless decision making that starts at the very top and reverberates through the entire organization.

    Laughable coaching choices. Know nothing fans. Poor drafts that have gained them a rabble of talentless players.

    This has nothing to do with yoga pants or small gloves to fit tiny hands.

    You need to start from the ground up to build something special.
    You need to instill a cult of winning. An attitude to do whatever it takes to move the team forward.
    Everybody pulling in the same direction. Everybody pitching in for the common goal.
    End zone!

    Some people might refer to this as brainwashing, while others will say, it’s just the Green Bay Packer way.

  16. That’s the PC speak. Looking at their QB roster I can’t see anyone but Bridgewater week 1. If Cassel is really the best QB they have, then the losing dynasty Spielman has worked so hard for will continue.

  17. I think the ‘small hands’ crowd is projecting their own inadequacies onto Bridgewater. If you get my drift.

  18. Bridgewater was confused when Zimmer introduced him to the rest of team. He tried not to take it personally.

    Zimmer said: “He will earn his place like everyone else. Being new, he will likely need some help. Before he takes the field, let’s give him a big hand.”

  19. And it could always be worse, we get a new play pen while our little sisters to the east are taking “stock” donations again to renovate the outhouse for the 100th straight year!

  20. Zimmer is smart enough to know they have to see the quarterbacks under game conditions before making any decisions. This is a silly discussion to have in the off-season. Teddy will get his shot…when he is ready.

  21. Cause: The Packers are nothing more than a bunch of girls that sell souvenir stock certificates to improve an outhouse.

    Effect: the Vikings are “owned” by a team of girls with tremendous marketing skills.

    How does that make you feel, to have your team dominated by a team that is described as something lower than your own insults? Do you see where I am going with this? I am trying to understand your logic path. Very curious.

  22. Then again, people probably said the same thing about the Flynn/Jackson/Wilson QB battle. Not saying Bridgewater is Wilson, but nobody gave Wilson a real shot to win the job. All he did was tie Manning’s rookie record of 26 TD passes and was a final-minute defensive collapse away from winning two road playoff games.

    If Bridgewater starts to get sharp in training camp and preseason, he could absolutely take the job. It’s not like he played in one of these goofy spread systems in college. He played a pro-style West Coast offense, read defenses, and called his own plays at the line. He seems like a sharp, guy, hard worker, and quick study. 31-year old Cassel is probably as good as he’s ever going to be, and yes he was solid in 2008, 2010, and tore up a weak Philly D last year. But have we forgotten all of his other games?

  23. Packers are an 0-16 team without Rodgers. With him, they are at best one & done in playoffs. At BEST.

    Now that we’ve seen how soft he is (broken bone on a routine dropback), GB’s inevitable downfall to perennial cellar-dwellers is a given.

  24. stevent92 says:
    Jun 17, 2014 7:52 PM
    Packers are an 0-16 team without Rodgers. With him, they are at best one & done in playoffs. At BEST.

    Now that we’ve seen how soft he is (broken bone on a routine dropback), GB’s inevitable downfall to perennial cellar-dwellers is a given.


    Actually, the Vikings couldn’t even beat the Packers without Rodgers.

    So, the Packers, at worst, would be 1-14-1 without rodgers.

    And they’d still be better than the 0-16 Vikings if they didn’t have peterson.

  25. With the pathetic qbs that have returned from a last place team and yet a 1st rounder cant get the nod shows the coach has little faith already. I guess that panic at the combine has followed bridgewater to Minnesota or maybe his gloves didn’t.

  26. Zimmer is right in that he doesn’t have to make a decision anytime soon however waiting will do nothing to improve the 3 QB’s he already has on his roster. The answer is another QB on somebody else’s roster but the pride of the GM wouldn’t allow him to make that move.

    Ponder is in his last year in the NFL. After the Vikings don’t offer him a contract at the end of the year, I doubt he is even worth the #3 spot on the other 31 teams. Cassel is a joke and the worst part of the joke is that the Vikings actually gave him a raise, based on what? Last year?

    Bridgewater is a bust waiting to happen, the only question is when do the Vikings throw him to the wolves (ala Josh Freeman)? But when they do and it true Viking fashion, he starts to choke, then the Viking fans will be ready with some sort of excuse.

  27. Gotta hand it to pack queff fans, they are up’ing their trash talk from their usual “No superbowls” and we have “11 championships” (8 of which are meaningless mind you). Its nice to see there are a few brain cells between here and chicago. Anyways, hope your summer of sub par fishing and warmer winters treat you well over there.. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I saw some rode kill of off 94 just east of the MN border if any of you want to turn in into a hat or scarf like you guys love to do. Stay classy over there!

  28. lots of comments on his hands. well they have been measured and compared they are an entire 1/8 th of an inch shorter than arron rogers. lol I guess he’ll never make it as a QB

  29. And they’d still be better than the 0-16 Vikings if they didn’t have peterson.
    Vikings went 2-1 without Peterson last year.

  30. lots of comments on his hands. well they have been measured and compared they are an entire 1/8 th of an inch shorter than arron rogers. lol I guess he’ll never make it as a QB

    I like how you posters like to perpetuate a lie. You might want to look up the size again instead of following the lead of your fellow unknowing posters. Bridgewater’s hands are so small and in comparison to Rodgers they look like Tyrion Lannister’s.

  31. Cordarelle Patterson may have slipped on a glove that was laying on the floor in the locker room. His status is unknown.

    They were pretty sure it was a glove belonging to Bridgewater. They aren’t certain if the glove caused the injury or not, but they think it had a small hand in it.

  32. Rodgers’ hands measured 10-1/8 inches from thumb tip to pinky tip, second-largest of the quarterbacks at the 2005 draft combine, and close to Favres’ at 10-3/8″. Any information different than this is incorrect. Why in the world it says on some sites that his hands measure 9-3/8″ is beyond me. My hands are 9-3/4″. I have shaken Rodgers’ hand. His are noticeably larger. You can stop now and we’ll stop kicking you in the balls. Your choice. Please make a note of it. Thank you.

  33. Stellar, The way you are talking i’m not sure kicking was the word you were looking for? Again, you are the punchline.

  34. Viking fans know whoever hands th ball off to AP with the least amount of mistakes will start. People who run this site are more interested in those who can incite others than true fans of a particular team. Until this changes , the place will remain a joke…….

  35. Why is it necessary to name a starter now? The media tries to force things on teams and coaches.
    Once they name on then they will try to start some controversy. Cassel will most probably start. It certainly won’t be Ponder. Again why the question to the HC Zimmer now?

  36. Here’s the way it REALLY IS. The college ball is bigger than the NFL football. IN 3 YEARS at Louisville, Bridgewater threw for about 11,000 yards, (a 3,667 yard per season avg.), and an average 68% completion rate. That’s in, what, a 12 game season? These stats are nothing short of phenomenal. So I hate to burst all the turd bay fans’ bubbles, but THAT DOESN’T sound to me like his hands OR THEIR SIZE were or will be a factor in his future performance. TB5’s game film, and subsequent NFL OTA reels, definitively support the expectations the Viking organization has for him. News flash! He will not only live up to those expectations, but exceed them and become the franchise QB Minnesota, and their fans, have been waiting on for so long. Bank on it. And HE WON’T have to ride the pine for 3 years before HIS legacy begins, either. The Minnesota Vikings will win the NFC North in 2014, while Shaaron Rodgers and company watch the playoffs from their sofas at home. Put that in your pipe and smoke on it, turd bay trolls.

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